Monday, February 2, 2009

Review: Faille Maisey Jacket

In the interest of giving everything a try, I decided to try on the Faille Maisey jacket when I was in a store this weekend.

I feared the jacket would be too short and too hourglassy shaped--feared a Little House on the Prairie effect. BUt once off the hanger, I was surprised how much I liked this piece.

Once again I sized down to a 6 in this jacket, as I wanted it to be fitted with just a tee or a tank. The fit was really nice, a fitted shape either buttoned or not, and I think it would be a great spring jacket. The material, a faille or slightly ridged sheeny fabric, had nice heft and shape.

Length: this jacket hit me at the top of the hip. I would love it to be an inch or 2 longer, but it wasn't too "cropped"

Sleeves: Came to the top of my wrist, a real long sleeve, which I appreciated.

Buttons: Liked the tortoisey buttons on this Champagne color, and the jacket looked nice both buttoned or unbuttoned.

Fit: I sized down to get this fit, a size 6 when I wear an 8 on top most of the time. I liked the pleated flouncing below the waistline--created a nice visual shape.

Price: $148--I will wait for this one and I am intrigued by the Charcoal color. Will wait for a sale!


  1. nothing special..catch it on sale.

  2. Thanks for posting the photos JLiz. I always like the shot where you are giving that cute smile, the last photo in this set.

    Appreciate the IRL pix.

  3. Liz, thanks for the review, I think this jacket looks really cute on you. If it looks that good on me, I would definitely pick it up, on sale, too.

    Interesting, 2 other bloggers also recommended sizing down for this jacket. Did you find there is adequate room across the upper back/shoulder/arm areas when sizing down?

    BTW, did your store carry all 3 colors? If so, will you review them, please? I'm most interested in the dusty rose and am wondering if it looks as pretty as depicted online.

  4. Kind of plain looking. I wouldn't give it a second glance. The chino cooper jacket out this fall had the cute back detailing at least.

  5. I love this jacket. The only question that I have is about the material. Is it something that wrinkles easily like the chino material?

  6. I also wonder about the material...It seemed a little less than cooperative when I saw it in the store.

    OT - I was wondering if you could tell me the Item # of the Tiered ruffle skirt from the look book you recieved with your rewards card. I am very interested in preordering that skirt and need the item # to do so. Thank you so much! My e-mail address is

  7. Thanks for posting pics & a review. This is a pass for me since I'm not loving the pleats but it does look cute on you. I like the slate & charcoal colors too. Have a nice day!

  8. Thanks for the photos. I was really curious about this jacket. I like the color you tried on, but it will be a pass for me.


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