Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nursery, Almost Done!

I can't believe its nearly Christmas. I can't believe its nearly our due date either!

Time has just flown this fall and early winter as we get ready for the holidays and Baby to arrive. We have been working on our house and the nursery in particular; it feels like our to do list keeps growing but we also have been able to get tons of stuff done together. Finally starting to feel like we live here in our house--amazing that that process has taken nearly 5 months! I still find myself walking around in our place and not believing that we really bought a place, that its really ours.

Of course, much of our energy has been devoted to Baby's room. We have been joking that we will have to spend all our time in there once he arrives since it is by far the most "finished" place in the house! Here are a few pics of how the room has come together...

I feel like it will probably never look this neat and organized again, but I do hope to add more to the walls over time. Just feel happy that everything is up, clothes/blankets are washed, monitor is we just need Baby!

More posts to come this week...
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