Thursday, July 30, 2009

Packing Up for Vegas

This weekend we are heading to Las Vegas for Hubs' brother and brother's fiance's combination Bachelor and Bachelorette party. (What a sentence!) Hubs has been planning and working on this for months so while it will be lots of fun, he will be on his game to make sure everything works smoothly.

Today I am packing for this trip, and I find myself wondering what to bring for going out...we'll be going out both Friday and Saturday nights--Friday with everyone guys and girls, Saturday we split up and I'll be heading to the girl's night. I know things are more dressy and glitzy so probably no jeans....I actually have a few dresses and fun tops that I am contemplating, but obviously this will be different from my normal weekend wear!

Can anyone offer any Vegas dressing suggestions?

One thing I am thinking of...

Banana Monogram Draped Dress

I bought this dress in a Monogram sale about a month ago thinking it was Vegas-y. Its champagne and has a draped skirt and criss-cross bodice. Its really unusual and I really want to wear it, though my sister has said that its too dressy for Vegas Bachelorette partying....what do you think?

My sister lent me a leopard print black and white dress that is sort of Vegas only, and I have afew dressy tank tops, but not sure what to wear with them.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Help!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New JCrew Fall Items

Hi everyone!

Well I am back from a great great weekend in Boston. Pretty good weather, great Red Sox time, great family time, and a great feeling as I went around our future home city.

More on that later, but I wanted to compile all the new JCrew items I have spotted in the last week. This is a long post, some blurry pics but wanted to get some brief reviews out there! One overall note is that I think that JCrew's sizing is getting a bit back on track. I found that many of my regular sizes were fitting as opposed to having to size down a lot.

Pointelle Stripe V-Neck Cardigan, $88.
This cardigan is a blend fabric and the colors appeared in that summer-blah range. I thought the crystal buttons were pretty, but this cardigan didn't do anything for me. A couple of pics to get a look at the Dusty Blossom color.

French Terry Tie-Neck Pullover, $55.
The latest in French Terry is here. I'm Popeye the Sailloooor Man, I think? OK the smile in this pic is cause I know this top is semi-ridiculous, but I think its kind of cute. I can be almost certain it will go on sale, and who knows, I might pick it up. I would describe this like the puff sleeve slub shirt that they had this spring--the puff sleeves were like a silk twill, the tie on this sweatshirt is very similar.

Cashmere VNeck.
I wanted to take some pictures of how this sweater is fitting and hitting this year. The colors are really pretty. Note that the VNeck is a bit higher and has a thinner trimming than last year. This is a size Medium.

Note the length is about hip, not too long or short.

Here's the neckline detail.

Silk Frances Cami, $88.
I tried this in a retail-only gray and white print. Tried on my size, 8 on top. The neck trim is more standup and structured than the Victoria, but the ruffles down the front are more flat. I liked the print a lot.

Closeup of the ruffles and neckline.

Super close up! Woo!

Perfect Fit Striped Tee, $34.
Cute stripey tee with little ribbon epaulets on the shoulder. This is the classic perfect fit long sleeve tee styling, but with a nice stripe. Also came in Navy and a Dusty Rose color, this is the Gray in a Large. (I feel like I need a Large in Perfect Fit each time)

Detail Shot.

Stretch Wool Schoolboy Blazer, $188.
Tried this in an 8, maybe might have liked to try a 6 tall for a more fitted look, but this one was nice. The dark color looks a bit like a suit jacket, I think this blazer would look better in light gray or a butterscotch.

Detail of the colors and gold buttons.

Downtown Field Jacket in Mossy Brown. $148.
OK, I must be a sucker for masculine jackets cause I like this one too! Love the feel of the surdy canvas, and also that the size on this one was not crazy. This is a Medium, and you can use the snaps to make the waist more fitted.


Side views of waist tabs.

Endless summer Cardigan, $89.50.
Love the length of this cardigan, but not sure about the fit, I think you want it to fit real close, but this medium might be a bit snug.

Thick trim on the hem.

Velvet Eden Blazer, $148.
I tried both the 8 and the 6 in this, They are just different options--the 8 was more roomy, the 6 was almost a shrunken fit. This is the Dusty Blossom, I actually thought this was copper cause it is darker than what I thought the blossom would be. Overall the fit is much better on me than the Ecole, I love the buttons and the peplum is nice. Took a lot of pics cause I know people are interested.

Ribbon-front Top, $88.
Tried on in a 6 since there was no 8 in the store. A bit small at that size, no zipper. Felt Charlotte Yorky but in a good way. The ribbon is stitched on and a bit sheer.

Closeup of applique...

Thats my first rundown! Have you seen any of these items? What do you think? I used my Rewards card for the patterned Frances cami, I have loved the Victoria blouses and the patterned one is distinctive. They were still unpacking the new arrivals at my store, so I will keep you posted as more come out.

Any questions, thoughts?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

JCrew Goldwyn Dress

I wanted to post a quick review of the JCrew Goldwyn Dress in case anyone sees in it the Final Sale or a popback. I had originally not really noticed this dress or dismissed it as having a sort of Simba/Cowardly Lion mane thing going on with the detailing.

Then I saw it in person as my mom had ordered it, and I finally found it on sale last week and decided to risk the Final sale (ugh) to give it a go. I am really glad I did!

I ordered the size 10. This dress is on sale for $99.99 down from a retail price of $185. Item number is item 15190. It is flax linen material with metallic and satiny trim. The metallic ribbon makes up the bottom layer of knots on the bodice and the straps, and a wheat colored satin is the top layer of knots. Its very pretty in person! Fitted bodice, full skirt, POCKETS, knee length, fully lined with a pleated little flounce at the hem underneath. Runs true to size.

Front view...sorry for the wrinkles I wore it right out of the box and took this shot after dinner.

Bodice detail and ribbony straps...

Back view of criss cross back (and my hair looking a little crazy). Plus hands in pockets!

I wore this out last night with a navy cardigan and Almond Juliet heels. I think it would also look great with brown into fall.

Anyone else seen or tried this dress? What are your thoughts? I hope I get to weat it again soon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Commitment: Its Official

Well this blog has certainly helped me learn about myself and also how great it can be to have an online community (thanks! :) ) and so I am hoping it can also help me be accountable for a big personal project.

Thats right, I am officially committing to the 2009 Women's HALF (note the big HALF) Marathon in October. So far my longest run is 6.5 miles, but I hope I can work my way up in my training. The past weeks I have been trying to go from 3 to 4 runs or at least 3 runs and another workout. The Marathon is here in SF, so I just today bought my ticket to return for the race from Boston which means no matter what I am coming back for the run! I am doing the race with 2 of my best friends--one training here in SF, one in Cincinnati, so we are trying to help either stay motivated.

I may post from time to time on here about how its going, just to keep myself honest. I would love any tips from other runners! This is a huge undertaking for me and I ony hope I can finish the race. Until now I have been sort of hedging on whether or not I am realllly going to do the race. Today I am saying--I'm gonna do it!

Hope its OK to have a few running posts. Thanks for being so positive here, everyone!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Place

This has been a crazy few days--a sad goodbye to my coworkers in Santa Barbara, a late night drive back Friday, a busy weekend with girlfriends which was great, and now finishing work in the next 48 hours. This weekend I am off to Boston for a quick trip to look at homes but more importantly to sit right over there on that wall in the picture for Green Monster Seats this Saturday! My dad won the tickets and so my fam will be taking in the game from way up high and I can't week. Next weekend we will be off to Vegas (more on that later) and then only a short while before I head to the east coast for good. Things will be hectic in the next days but I will try to keep you all posted.

Everyone have a good weekend? Where's your happy place this summer?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saved by the... Drive

Hello all!

Well this morning I got up early for my last drive to my company headquarters in Santa Barbara. Besides being sad to make this last trip, I was also miss some shopping opportunities this morning.

This turned out to be lucky, since I need to COOL IT with the shopping lately, but there was a Rebecca Minkoff sale on and a Final Sale for many brands on Rue La La, both starting this morning as I was in the midst my 5 hours of personal singalong on the road.

For example, if I had been near a computer, this might have been mine:

Tory Burch Edyn Dress, on Rue La La today.

This was on sale again today, I first tried to get it during the first sale, it sold out. Then I thought I glimpsed one on sale on, order got cancelled. Now its OFFICIALLY not meant to be.

Or perhaps I would have ordered this...

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch in tan, from

Rebecca Minkoff was a funny brand for me. I had never heard of it, then one day I saw a bag in a blog post, went to the Purse Forum site, and instantly I had to have one of her bags. Like, right now. Thats actually the way I work a lot on high ticket items, I become obsessed until I get something. Its, um a little dangerous.

So a few months ago I got my first RM bag, a Morning After Bag in Dark Brown, on half off from Its so pretty, holds so much, and the leather is great. People have been asking about this bag, so I wanted to post a bit about it. I really love it--even though I usually like more light, whisky browns, the dark brown has been a great color, and it has an adorable blue and ivory striped lining. It holds a lot and slouches to fit. Both handles stay on my shoulder comfortably (!!) and I can find things easily in it. The gold harware is not too glitzy.

Here's a pic of it right out of the box:

Ha! Notice the JCrew box under my desk, I'm terrible.

And you all saw the bag in action in my recent post:

Anyway, I am happy I missed these sales, money stayed in my pocket for the day, and I can revel in some things I already have that I love (or ones on their way)....

Did anyone shop these sales today? Any more questions about the RM bag? Does anyone need an invitation to or Rue La La?

have a great evening!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale--PreSale Trip

So I finally had time to visit my local Nordstrom and view the Pre-Sale rooms for the Anniversary Sale this weekend. Ever since I had heard about it last week I had been itching to go check it out. I wasn't able to try everything, but hopefully I can shed light on a few things and also get the excitement going for FALL!

Each floor of my store had a curtained off area with pre-sale merchandise. If you were interested in something, you could request your size and try it on. If you wanted to purchase, you could place your order, and depending on the item, you can pick it up the 14th or it will be shipped to you. In this way you avoid some of the sale craziness when the sale actually begins on Thursday (although it was pretty crazy in there Sunday too!)

First thing is the Suzi Chin.Maggy Boutique Ruffle Front Dress. $78.90 during sale, after will be $118. I thought this looked like a total copy of the JCrew Michelle dress from last year. This Nordstrom dress is pull on style, and a stretchy poly/wool blend. Wasn't right for me, sort of hung on me. See below...this turned out to be a pass.

Next, they have an all-weather Burberry coat in the sale this year. Its a Swing style//A-Line coat, with a detachable hood and a zip out wool liner for warmth. Really great coat. I tried on the 8 here, but it was a bit wide for me, maybe I should have tried the 6? Not sure. This is on sale for $459.90 down from normal price of $695. Not in my budget right now, but a great investment piece.

Wool lining over Novacheck.

And now...the LizPoms leather jacket roundup. I have never had a leather jacket, but I am interested in one for fall this year, I can picture wearing it almost like a blazer with a pencil skirt or with jeans and a scarf. I tried a few one for comparison purposes....

First, Halogen merlot leather jacket. This has a cropped fit and a ribbed hem to be sort of a shrunken motorcycle fit. This one is $149.90 on the sale. The merlot color is pretty, but a little red for me. Really think this will be a great seller. The leather for me was not my favorite, but great little jacket. Pics below are size Medium.

Next, the Bernardo leather jacket. This one was more cognac, so of course my favorite color. But it was a bit more boxy in the shape, wider in the body and shorter length. Great detailing. This one was $179.90 during the sale. Pics below are a Medium.

You can see the color and details--a bit lighter in color.

Little fit issue with the shoulders/waist/bust fitting differently.

Lastly, the Caslong Distressed Brown Leather Jacket. This one is a bit longer and leaner, but a distressed darker leather. Nice seaming to it. This one is $149.90. First pic is the Medium, other pics are when I tried a small.

With scarf pretending its fall.

Scarf, open with bag.

I picked this Caslon jacket! I think it is nice enough to have a polished look, but the leather is really nice and love the distressed look. I am picturing wearing with my Ochre pencil skirt from last year and an ivory sweater. yay!

Other snaps from the accessories area. There were 100% Cashmere scarves in solids and stripes for $49.90. These were side and long, almost wraps, in a sweatery knit.

Cognac bag alert!

Miles of watches...

Pretty display of pashmina-y scarves.

I also placed a preorder for some Spanx and Hanky panky thongs (4 for $45). Very exciting, I know. Overall I liked browsing the sale early and I am excited to find both basics and a fun addition to my wardrobe in the leather jacket. Woo! Oh, the shoes and boots are nice but I steered clear for budget and craziness reasons. Some GORGEOUS Frye tall cognac boots.

Has anyone else been to the sale? Any purchases? What are you looking forward to?
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