Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Style Relection...Sporty Girl vs. Preppy Girl

So, after (nearly) a month with no shopping, I have found that the world didn't end and also I still have tags on things in my closet! Such an awakening. Its made me think about how I often find myself reaching for the same "old reliable" pieces that make up the Liz uniform...pieces that no matter what I have just bought, I can count on to be on my mind when I select an outfit for the day.

I have this contant fashion struggle, I think from being an East Coaster, between being preppy classic or sporty girl. On a given day, would I rather rock a Patagonia fleece or a cardigan belted with ballet flats? THIS IS MY BATTLE WITHIN. And I can guarantee that if I am wearing the cardigan, I look around and wish I was the girl in the fleece. And if I am that girl in the fleece, I look around and wish I was wearing a silk tank and blazer. For me, I have been thinking about the list of items that are always at my fingertips as I get dressed that fall into my Sporty Girl or Preppy Girl motif....

I suppose this one almost goes without sayin in 2009, but because of my office situation I can wear jeans almost any day I want, and even when I worked at Corporate Headquarters, my bosses were in jeans 4 days a week. I have loved discoverig new pairs and old favorites over the past couple of years, but I can clearly say that my jeans style is dark, boot or flare, and comfortable. I always pick the darkest blue wash and shy away from whiskering. This probably makes all my jeans look the same, but to me there are so many small differences that make just one pair "right" for a given day.

My sister teases me that if its chilly, I will probably be rocking a fleece or down vest. The beauty of the vest is it often solves this Sporty/Preppy problem for me by allowing a cute sweater to peek out beneath its sportiness. I interchange a Marmot black fleece vest and a JCrew navy down vest in my rotation here.

Red Sox Hat:
This may polarize some readers of the Yankee persuasion, but my standard navy Red Sox hat is definitely on this list. I have worked on its fading for 6 years now and think I have it close to right. It works with any color, including black which I often combine. It covers a bad hair day or a ponytail. It declares my team love. Definitely in on the outfit on a sporty day.

Rainbow Flip Flops:
These I picked up from the west coast...the best flip flops ever created. I have had the same pair since the first year we moved here in 2003. Mine are a double layer tan leather and they have perfectly molded to my feet and are SO COMFORTABLE. Plus, they go with anything. Plus, I will hopefully wear these for years. Not suitable for work--only Sporty Girl days.

Other Sporty Girl Favorites:
Converse All Stars!
Hunter(ess) Boots
JCrew Men's Sweatpants

For better or for worse, I love the simplicity of turtlenecks. Perhaps, to a fault. Perhaps, too much. Perhaps my friends have called me out for it with an eye-roll. I think it is a pattern that has stuck with me since high school, when I used to wear a white cotton LL Bean turtleneck under any given sweater, to wearing black turtlenecks when I was heavier, to now I just hate being cold. I have tried to cut back on the Tnecks...just a bit.
Scoopneck/Graphic Tees:

Button Down Polo Oxfords:
Even if it hangs in my closet for months, the yellow striped Polo Oxford I have has magic every time I put it on. As soon as I button it up I think, WHY don't I wear this more often? Why don't I have 4 more colors? Its so comfortable! And classic! And put together! I love wearing the casual classic with a pencil skirt, or dressed up with bermudas or capris.

A Whole Lotta White and Ivory:
My love of pearls has tranlated into loving the simple look of a white or ivory top with jeans or a dark pant. Certainly not rocket science, but as I get dressed this clean and simple formula has become the ormula instead of the exception.

Pointy-Toed Basic Pumps:
Shoe trends have been coming and going recently...peeptoes, round toes, strappy edgy pumps. But my shoe taste has been pretty consistent for years--basic leather pointy pumps with a medium heel. And a few more unusual colors have been my favorites--I had a gray suede pair that I wore into the ground along with the original JCrew cognac pumps and a pair of Cole Haan perforated white pairs I found on Saks clearance.

Pearl Earrings:
ALWAYS always in my ears. I feel like my face is incomplete without them.

Other Preppy Classic Girl Favorites:
Navy Pinstripe Trousers
Tory Burch Flats
Fitted Blazers
Neutral Scarves
Scoopneck Anything

I know I am leaving stuff off this list, but its been neat to remember my true style and learn to stick to it in this month where I have been shopping my closet. As I looked through the new clothes that still had the tags on, I realized that perhaps some of them hadn't been true to the favorites I rely on. For example, the Rolling Ruffles tank which I bought to be more "fun" ended up going back--I just kept feeling haphazard and bulky in it even though I had bought it for its cool "style".

Do you have more than one "style"? What are your alwaysfavorites? Do you have a signature piece? A signature color you wear all the time? I would love to hear what you know is true about your style!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Look: Haberdashery Shirt

Wanted to provide a quick look at the striped pleat neck short sleeve Haberdashery shirt.

I tried on the 8, which fit pretty well except I felt it pulled a bit on the buttons...but I didn't try on the next size.

I think this shirt would be great with a pencil skirt, but its a little "polished" for my current casual work wardrobe. Something about short sleeved blouses also makes me feel like camp or that Victorian look. Not sure this will be on my list but I do love the neckline detail!

I do like that JCrew has these very specific fun office shirts currently, and in a sleeve that will work for spring and summer.

Have you seen these shirts? What do you think? How would you style it?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

JCrew White Tee RoundUp

I really love a basic white tee shirt and jeans--its almost my uniform, though often its covered with a cardigan or a jacket here in SF.

On my recent trip to a B&M, I realized I hadn't really been trying on JCrew''s basic Ts recently--I had been focusing on bigger pieces. I decided to take a little time to try on various Tshirts as they are such an important staple during spring and summer.

The first is the Ruffle Henley Painter Tee, which I tried on in Aqua (no white in my size). I tried on the Medium in this, as the was very thin and see thru, I was afraid it would be kinda clingy. Its seen here online, where it looks effortlessly cute. Its too flimsy for me, especially at $39.50. This is a pass for me.

Next up, the Slub Cotton Ripple Ruffle Scoopneck Tee. I loved the way the layers around the neckline were a bit champagne on this white tee. But the scoop was very deeply scooped on this one, a Medium. It had great length and texture. I was intrigued, but I wondered if it was just too big? Medium here...

And then I tried the small, which fit better in this one...(with and without tank)

This one is the Slub Cotton Ruffled Scoopneck Tee. Sorry, is this boring? haha. This one is seen here. This one is thinner and slubbier.The ruffles are pretty flat, not as fluffed up as they are online. Honestly now I can't remember if this was a small or medium! I think Medium, it ran more true to size, it wasn't too big.

And lastly, the Ruffly VNeck Retail Tee... this one is a bit baggy and I just like the scoop line better. Here it is in a medium.

What do you all think of these tees? Have you seen them in stores?

I like the Ripple Scoop the most I think, I have my eye on it for a sale. I think the Warm Blush in this would be really pretty too.

Tell me your thoughts...whats your favorite tee this Spring?

Dear Kara,

Please take it down a notch. Less talking. Thank you.

Love, roses, and puppy dog tails,

Monday, March 23, 2009

Before and After...

Soooooo. A while back I posted about getting the nerve to cut my hair. I had all sorts of inspirations, ideas, hope, etc but not enough courage.

Well call me the Cowardly Lion with the mane--here's before....

...and here's After (taken in the dark with Photo Booth)

Once I have better photos I will post again--I took this about 24 hours after the cut and blowout so it had flattened out a bit. Thanks all for your encouragement back then...finally got the guts (and a friend to encourage) to do it this weekend! Its Betty Draper inspired so when its full I have kinda a bouncy 60s thing going on, and tomorrow I am doing to try it all wavy and messy.

Thanks again for your help getting to the "new me!"

From the Dressing Room...Military Jacket

From my recent trip to JCrew--I keep thinking about the boyfriend military jacket.

All others besides the XS are too boxy, and not for full price...but this is really something I think I would wear a lot. Since SF is never really "hot", I imagine I will need a jacket of some sort all through spring and even summer. This one could work with a scarf, or loosely over a tee. This time I tried it on with a skinny belt, and I like the look.

Now to have it go on sale! Here it is in green...

Here's the gray...

This is one of the things I have in mind to look for in April, hopefully at a discounted price.

What do you think of this style? Anyone purchased this jacket?

Thanks for your input!

Crewcuts: Prettiest Dress Ever Seen

Just a quick look at the prettiest dress I have ever seen...from Crewcuts. A friend and I were out looking for a gift for her friend's daughter, and came upon this in the sale section. It was like an ivory silk painted with BEAUTIFUL oranges, pinks, yellows, greens. Of course, any person who has been an actual parent would probably tell us this is not a practical dress for a 6 year old, we thought it was precious.

LOOK at this pretty print. JCrew, make this into a pencil skirt! Or a pillow! ANYTHING!

What do you think?! Sigh...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Budget Find: Target Merona Elizabeth Wedge

On my trip to Target this evening for exciting purchases such as toilet paper and soap, I cruised by the shoe section--a habit I have had since college when I first visited a Target.

Ever since the Isaac Mizrahi line ended, I have had a hard time finding anything, but tonight I saw a shoe with great potential, the Merona Elizabeth Metallic Wedge.

I snapped a couple of pics, but you can also see more info here.

Retails for $24.99. These had a slight platform, a real sturdy wedge, and felt pretty comfortable on, I had to squeeze into the 8 for the try on--there was no 8.5 but I noticed that they felt nice on the foot.

I think these could really be a great spring neutral shoe--cute with jeans, skirts, even capris or work pants.

What do you guys think? I thought this was a nice find! I am keeping them in mind for April!

Zebra Tee in Emeryville

So, because Emeryville is a new store, they had stock of the Zebra tee--call if you are interested! For you all and my own laughs, I tried on the medium.

Its actually cute, but not my style:) The fabric is definitely thicker than other tees, but it is sized similar to the other applique tees. Hits at hip, slim fit. I mean, look at my face here hahaha...

Closeup of my buddy the Zebra...

What do you think?

New JCrew Jacket

Hi all, the next item I wanted to post about is this new Cotton Linen Metallic Jacket. I don't know the proper name for it, but the item number was 11482 and it retails for $148. 73% cotton, 24% linen.

It had a slight ruching around the collar, similar to the Issy Jacket, and the Metallic threads gave a small sheen, I wouldn't say it was "glittery"

I tried on the size 6 in this jacket so that it would be fitted at the shoulders and since I knew I would wear only a light tee underneath it. The jacket length hit between a couple inches about the waistband of my jeans. IT had a slight a-line shape but I wouldn't say it was swingy, just flattering...

The sleeves hit just beyond my elbow and were straight instead of belled, I liked the shape this created...

The fabric had a great texture and feel to it: had heft but not scratchy. The buttons were a nice matte gold that matched the dressiness of the jacket. There were darts/seaming in the front to shape the A-Line that were flattering.

Unbuttoned, the jacket sort of fell away from the body, but had a real fun look. I think this would also look great with a pencil skirt or capris. The key for me was that although it was gold, the jacket read as a neutral as opposed to a gold piece.

I liked this jacket, but I wouldn't spend full price on it as I am not sure how it would fit into my daily wardrobe. For me the Cocktail Crocodile Jacket is higher on my list.

What do you think of this jacket? Questions? Have you seen this jacket?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New JCrew Line Spotted in New Emeryville Store

Hello all, I visited the new Emeryville store this evening to check it out. I found the new store clean, bright, spacious, and well-staffed. The SAs were eager to help, knowledgeable about the merch, good experience. I tried on many items, which I will post about soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to mention the most notable thing I saw in the store tonight. As I walked around, I noticed a few shirts that I hadn't seen or or heard about, sort of Anthropologie looking. Then I noticed the label, marked "JCrew Vintage Closet":

Here's the shirt that I brought into the dressing room, had sort of a prairie/frilly/feminine thing going on. This was a gray blue but there was also a white on white version...

Here is the size 6 on me (I prob could have worn the 8), I popped the collar cause otherwise I felt a little Laura Ingalls Wilder...


Here's the only other Vintage Closet top I saw, a cute white eyeletty tank:

I asked an SA about it and she said its a new line that they are getting cause they are a new store. Not sure how far this line will expand or if there will be many more items, but I found it REALLY interesting to see a new "personality" coming out of JCrew. I think these ventures can really help the brand reach different people. I like the idea! While I didn't love the shirt I tried on, I think the white tank could be really cute, I might try that next time I am in store.

Really liked visiting Emeryville! What do you think about "Vintage Closet"? Have you seen any of these items? Sound off!

In the Works: 2 JCrews in 2 Days

Hello all, just checking in quickly to let you know I have big plans for the next couple days: I will visit 2 JCrew stores in 2 Days. Hubs is on a business trip, so my evenings are free for silly activities. First up I a planning on checking out the new Emeryville store that opened this week, then tomorrow (I think) I will be visiting the Walnut Creek store as the manager let me know all their new stuff will be on the floor that day.

I'll be armed with my $25 gift card (off of $150) and 15% off coupon. I am not allowed to buy anything unless its an exchange for a lower price on something! Must remind myself, haha.

I am planning on taking some pics and notes of what I see and will be posting them later on. Have any of you seen new arrivals in stores? Has anyone visited Emeryville yet?

Please stop back and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol Running Diary

Stream of consciousness thoughts from Tuesday Night American Idol...

Randy Travis' teeth are so fake, and his gaze is just a little too intense.

Go Michael Sarver, country is in your wheelhouse. Crazy Harmonica player. Hubs says: "whether or not the judges say its good, he's clearly in his element."

Allison sounds good--I like her. Little scratchy...Hubs says: "I think she's owning this one."

Kris--I'm always scared when they are sitting on the stool. Questionable. Hubs says: "I mean, that was good...I wanna fall ASLEEP, but good"

Lil--wasn't sure about her style and that song, I really like Lil but I wasn't sure about the connection with the song.

Adam--you scare me. Too much staring into camera and screaming. I was really wondering what the judges could POSSIBLY say. Simon, voice of reason. Randy--shameless plugging. SHAMELESS. Hubs says: "I gotta give him credit, that was messed up though"

Scott--similar to last week, I hope he makes it one more week because his performances really do intrigue me. Seems to have tried to tame the curl in his hair....

Alexis--I like her. Hubs says, when she said she was gonna dirty it up..."I mean, if I had my phone, and I was typing in her number, and I heard her say the word 'dirty', I would stop dialing"

Danny--looks like the Michelin man in that jacket. Hubs says: "What the hell is up with that jacket, he looks like a house in that thing, I can't even concentrate on his performance."

Anoop Dawg--LOVE YOU ANOOP. Hubs says: "solid."

Megan--Hair and makeup looked AMAZING tonight, even with the flu--dress not sure about. Hubs says: "Her boobs are really on display...probably will get some flu sympathy points...her performance was just so-so for me."

There you have it folks, right from our couch to you. Stay tuned tomorrow for the LOST recap--its back!

Did you watch Idol last night? What did you think? Please weigh in!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Favorite: Michelle Merino Cardigan

This winter, there were two great Merino cardigans that JCrew released, Portland and Michelle, that had similar shapes but different feels. I have realized that people seem to fall into fandom of either the Portland or the Michelle, depending in personal preferences.

For me, I find myself being a Michelle fan. The merino is thinner than the Portland, but I like the way the cardigan falls...it comes down to mid hip (not as long as the Library cardi, but lower than the hip), and for me the thinker trim makes it lie much better on me. I like that when buttoned its almost like a longer VNeck, but unbuttoned or belted it has a nice line to it.

Right now some of these are $29.99 or $39.99, and over the past month I have picked up both a Blushy Champagne and the Citron yellow...really great layering color that hopefully will carry me through the cool summer here.

Blush Champagne:

Citron yellow:

For me size-wise--I buy a small in these and they fit slimly but I wouldn't want them baggy. I am a 6-8 in JCrew tops these days...for me I don't want any pulling at the buttons but I also want the sweater fitted in the shoulder and upper arm.

I think both will go well with navy, jeans, and white pants as the weather warms up. I also think they look really sleek with a skirt.

Do you have Michelle (or Portland) cardigan? What colors? What do you wear them with?

Preppy Spotting at TJMaxx

Just a quick update....

My mom reported that she was at a TJMaxx in Connecticut this weekend and they had Lilly Pulitzer clothing out on the rack, she found a halter and tunic top for cheap. The salesperson there said there was lots more Lilly in the back, as well as some Vineyard Vines that was going to be put out this week.

I love Lilly's bright colors, but find that I don't see Her clothing very often here on the West Coast..I adore VV belts, polos, and sashes--again, not very much of that here in SF!

I think it would be great to see some VV at low prices, or a cute Lilly dress! Have you spotted any of these brand at TJMaxx or a discount store? What is up with these great finds? Do you wear Lilly or Vineyard Vines?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Favorite Things: Apartment

Since I have not been shopping this month, I have been trying to notice the little things that I love that are already in my closet and apartment.

Today I wanted to show you a little glimpse of one of my favorite ideas that worked out: a little card "headboard" that we have above our bed. Since we moved to California, we've never had a proper headboard, there always seemed to be other furniture that needed to be purchased first, so we have spent the first 5.5 years of marriage without one. About a year ago I decided to change up the bedding for something more vibrant and I picked a bedspread by West Elm in a rusty orange and matching shams from an Anthropolgie sale that worked out swimmingly. Its really bold but I love the happy mood it gives the room.

When we moved into our latest apartment, it had higher ceilings throughout, which I love--but the room seemed to stretch out above the bed as our art was focused on the opposite wall. I had the idea to string a piece of yarn across the width of the two nightstands and hang cute and meaningful cards along it to pull the eye up without something really heavy there and something that was cheap and easy to change out.

Here's a look at the finished product with the bright bedding, I change the cards out from time to time as the seasons change and new ones come in:

And a closeup of the shams and bedspread:

My husband was skeptical of this idea but I think it has grown on him...especially since the whole "headboard" project was free! We have thoughts of either building or buying a headboard soon, but I would love to use this idea in another place in our home.

What are some of your favorite parts of your apartment? Any favorite little projects that have turned out great? I encourage you to post a favorite apartment pic in your blog and let us know about it here!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Product Review: High Heel Flare Jeans

OK, so I am STILL working on picture-taking of outfits. How can I achieve this? This time I got some great help from my partner-in-crime, Ms. Mer. Thats right, the truth is out--Ms. Mer and I are coworkers and hare an office, so the blogging and JCrew obsession really runs all day long.

Today I wanted to post a review of the High Heeled Flare Jean. I recently took a chance on these in the Sale section, and I ordered a size 30 in the Clean Indigo Wash which were on sale for $39.99, item 97106.

I had heard a lot about these jeans--that they were amazing for some and Mom jean to others. One thing I knew about myself is that I tend to like jeans with a higher rise, I hate feeling like when I sit down the jeans slide down too far, and the higher rise fit tends to fit curves a bit better. I clicked "Submit Order" and hoped for the best.

When the jeans arrived, I loved how they were a very deep dark wash, with little fading or whiskering. The stitching was also almost a red-purple, adding to the nice dressy dark look of the jean.

I am sure some of you ladies know that feeling when you are trying jeans on and your leg gets halfway in and you think "oh my god these might fit perfectly", which is so rare that its kind of the highlight of your month of paper-pushing and commuting. These jeans HAD THAT FEELING. They fit like a glove right out of the box, they were like made for me! Angels singing!

I have had this feeling recently with Martin + Osa jeans too, which I also wear in a 30. Most other designer jeans (Seven, Citizen Flare, Paige) though, I am definitely still a 31. Just this note on the sizing as I had worried about what size to order. The jeans are definitely long and for heels-wearing as advertised. And they are definitely higher in the waist--not uncomfortably but the fit is slim at the top, shades of That 70s Show there.

I have worn the jeans twice and they do stretch out a bit over the day. I prob will let these be in the dryer for a bit but air dry the rest of the way, cause I don't want them to shrink, just tighten back up. The denim is a thin stiff denim so it really holds you in without feeling "tight" or constricting. My sister and I agreed that they really make you feel skinny.

Overall, huge thumbs up on these--I think one more thing to mention is that they are different from other standard straight or bootcut jeans in my closet, so a good addition. I am hoping to get the white version for the spring and summer with I think will look great with navy and gold sandals.

Here are some pictures of the jeans:

Front and back...

Flare with heels...(prob about 2.5")

Side view of hem flare...

Do you have these jeans? Have you tried them? Thoughts? Should I go for the white or another wash? Look forward to hearing your opinions....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello, Beauties.

So, perhaps these were the root of the shoe dream last night--I received these last week from a Nordstrom order I placed a couple of weeks ago. These are my first pair of Cole Haan shoes and they are so pretty I am afraid to wear them (see earlier post about how I always get my shoes stuck in the one deep crack in the sidewalk). They are gorgeous and HIGH--I think they are about a 4 inch heel with platforms in the front under the toe box. They look great with High Heeled Flare jeans, and skirts.

Here are some closer looks at the shoe details:

These shoes are surprisingly comfortable for being such high heels. I did have to get a size up from the size shoe I have been wearing recently--a 9 instead of my normal 8.5. I had had my eye on a couple versions of this style on Nordstrom.com for months, and when this pair dropped to around $100 down from $275, I decided to order them thinking I could return them if need be. As soon as I took them out of the box, it was love--I adore this color of leather and expect I can wear these year round. I once had a pair of JCrew cognac leather simple pumps that were the greatestshoesIeverowned but sadly they eventually wore out. I am always looking for the next perfect pair and these may be it!

Sale Watch: Nordstrom has a patent leather version on sale for $165.

Details on the style pictured:
Cole Haan "Penny Air" Pump
Color: Luggage Leather
Style: 226677

Rating: Love them! Stay tuned, coming to an outfit near you....

Dear American Idol,

Dear American Idol,

Thank you for filling my evenings with mindless entertainment.

Thank you for making me laugh before a minute was even up by introducing the judges in that ridiculous way.

Thank you for adding crazy features to the stage, like a projection screen between the stage and the judges that the contestants then stand on--so they are standing on themselves (?!)

Thank you for making me dust the cobwebs off my memories of obscure Michael Jackson songs.

But mostly, thank you THANK YOU for giving my husband something to analyze as fiercely as an issue of The Economist. Hearing him say..."Frankly I think Lil' Rounds could be overrated, maybe Jasmin is as good as her" or "not sure about the song choice, I see more blues coming out of him" just provides me with endless giggles and for this I am forever grateful.

Keep it up, I love you AI.
XOXOX, LizPoms

Do you guys watch American Idol? Are you horrified to know that I do? Does anyone else have a husband that pretends not to be in to it but analyzes every minute and then suggests who to vote for? Love to hear your comments!

Edited to add some sweet Hubby quotes:

About Adam: "I mean look at that, its all about the rock look, but there's no substance there...I mean, he thinks he is doing great right now, but I don't like it" (he didn't agree with the judges)

About Megan: "I mean, coming off her video promo piece with her kid, then singing this song about the birds...I mean, she is coming off as completely G-Rated but yet she has tattoos"

About Matt: "Pretty solid"

About Alexis: "I mean this is really good. She's got like a Tina Turner thing goin on..."

I love him.

Shopping Ban Update

So I wanted to post a brief Shopping Ban Update after the first week or so. I know, I know, its only been like 8 days. But its been interesting how removing the possibility of buying has changed my day--I immediately delete promotional emails from my inbox, and I spend way less time trolling JCrew.com looking for some Fall 08 sweater that I "missed out on".

However, I did have a shopping dream last night. This is so embarrassing to admit, but I know it must relate to the shopping ban so thought I would include it here. I feel a bit like Bizkit the Sleepwalking dog, or perhaps its like a time a few years ago when I tried out the South Beach Diet and I had dreams of French baguettes and waffles.

Anyway, there are many parallels for this, but last night I had a dream I was at Nordstrom's shoe department, and were just bins and bins of shoes, including JCrew shoes ( I think this was a bit of Jeremy's mixed into this scene )--Juliets, Lulus, Cognac heels I hadn't seen before. It was sort of like a realistic shoe wonderland.

The sad part of this dream was not that I had the dream at all, although that is a bit mortifying. The sad part is I attacked the shoes with abandon, trying on shoes for what seemed like over an hour and THEN BUYING them even though I knew I wasn't supposed to. I actually had the whole decision making process in my dream of standing by the counter and narrowing down from a stack to my dream maximum of I believe three pairs.

Sadly, I woke up thinking this had really happened.

Even more sadly, I was SAD I didn't have the shoes in hand when I woke up.

I think I have more to learn--3 more weeks of education ahead!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Holding On to a Favorite

I am not sure how many of you all are readers of Domino, but by now the sad news has reached most--Domino's most recent issue was their last :(

I have always loved Domino because I believe it took the Lucky magazine concept and applied it in the best possible way to the home decorating arena. Shopping guides, great ideas, and complete room makeovers in all sorts of home styles. Each month I would devour a new issue and I worked to save every issue so now at least I have a library to refer to when I eventually have a real house of my own!

With Domino gone, I wanted to hold on to all the great work they did by getting their book, Domino: The Book of Decorating. Its a great guide, room by room, of all sorts of decorating ideas, both big and small.

In light of my recent book post, this is what I have been "reading"--flipping through and getting inspiration for updates to the apartment. I love the book! I hope to keep it with my magazine library, which also holds JCrew catalogs and thebestmagazinethatnevermadeit, BluePrint--an AMAZING real-life design mag that combined clothes, products, decorating, and crafts from Martha Stewart--sadly, it only lasted a year or so.

What is your favorite magazine? Did you ready Domino or BluePrint? Anyone else have this book?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

LOST Thursday Review

In the interest of spending more quality time with the things I hold most dear...lets turn to some LOST recapping!

OK. I know I am in the minority--I just can't get behind the Sawliet thing. I mean, really? THIS?

AH! My eyes! I spent last night squirming at these Sawyer and Juliet moments. For me, I just don't see Juliet as a romantic character at all. I love Elizabeth Mitchell and her portrayal of the role, but her as a love interest--I don't get it. Not with Sawyer, not with Jack.

But I really loved seeing Sawyer in his ELEMENT in this episode, very refreshing. I love when we focus on the characters just for a bit. And the moment at the end when Hurley, Kate, and Jack got out of the van....it was so poignant. Almost...sad. And foreboding.

Jeff Jensen's LOST article was really great again this week, all the credit goes to him for the blurbs I loved, which I wanted to pass along in case anyone doesn't have time to read the article:

"I think that 1974 is when/where the castaways were always and immediately supposed to have gone when Ben turned the donkey wheel last season. They didn't because of two mistakes that required elaborate course correction: Locke not turning the wheel, and the Oceanic 6 (plus Desmond and Lapidus) leaving. From there, ''LaFleur'' toggled between separate arcs in separate time frames: 1974, which showed how the Left Behinders came into contact with The Dharma Initiative; and 1977, which revealed that the Left Behinders had seamlessly integrated into Dharma society. We shall deal with each year separately — after this slight digression:

Note how 1974-1977 = the 2005-2008 (the off-Island/Oceanic 6 years) years. I wonder if we can/should tease out that symmetry even further. The Left Behinders' Dharma drama very much echoed the O6's off-Island ordeal, complete with cover-up lie, a dead body to haul around, and a con man-turned-shepherd. (Ben = Sawyer here.)

Moreover: Have you noticed how Season 5 of Lost resembles Season 2 of Lost? Season 2 emphasized the Man of Science/Man of Faith conflict and introduced us to the Dharma Initiative mythology. Season 5: Lots of faith/reason; lots of Dharma. When you consider that Season 4 mirrored Season 3 (split group story lines; a climactic attack on the castaways; similar Coffin/''We've got to go back'' cliffhanger), what you have is a saga that's doubling back on itself.


Does this mean Season 6 will emulate Season 1? And given that we're now dealing with time travel and paradox, might Season 6 literally follow in Season 1's footprints due to some looming reboot of time? Will Season 5 culminate with an event that will alter all of Lost chronology, setting up a Season 6 that will reveal the scope of those alterations by retelling the entire saga from the very beginning?

One final thought: You know my Season 5 = Season 2 theory? Check this out: Episode 5.08 (''LaFleur'') corresponds with episode 2.08 (''Collision''). The final scene of that sophomore season outing? The much-anticipated Island meeting between Jack and his intended love interest, Ana Lucia, which was played out in the form of...an extended, silent gaze across yards of distance. Coincidence?"


Lastly...where was Daniel in Dharma Funland? He can't be spending ALL his time underground in the Orchid, can he?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Joining the Crowd

So. I'm doing it too. I am doing a March Shopping Ban.

I had been thinking for a while that this was something I should do, even before I saw the term "Shopping Ban" cropping up on blogs and the news. For me, I started to realize I had all sorts of clothes that I hadn't even had the chance to wear yet--either because it was too seasonal, or I hadn't taken the time to think of how I would put together an outfit, or because I got a feeling my credit cards were getting ahead of me, which I never want to happen.

I love shopping--not just "getting new stuff", but the activity of seeing whats new in stores, taking a look at how the retail landscape changes, and just being on the lookout for what brands are doing next. Lately online shopping has joined this interest as well in browsing sites, looking for deals, looking for new merchandise, looking to place an order with a great promo code. But I wanted to focus on some other things. I wanted to work out more and step away from my computer. A little bit of a deep breath to catch up and enjoy what I have.

So I'll be on shopping hiatus this month, but I am going to take the time to use the items I have, get outside as the weather gets a bit warmer, and hopefully learn a bit about myself too. Not to worry, there will still be talk about the latest reviews and store sightings, but for now I will be waiting to see if the items are on sale and still appealing after a month. I'll still be posting and I hope you will still be reading! I have a few items that were purchased last week that will still arrive that I will be sure to review. This isn't a huge grand deal for me, more like a learning experience at an appropriate time.

Are any of you trying something similar? Any tips? I'll update everyone on how it goes.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

For some reason I fear I may have already posted about this--Rainy Day Attire.

It has been and plans onn continuing to rain here all week. Something about this is worse than cold, snow, etc to me--its very dreary. I have to say my Huntress boots really put a smile on my face though--there is something fun about knowing NO water will be splashing into my shoes as I tromp along.

The real problem lies not just in the footwear, but in the outfits as a whole. I find myself completely uninspired to plan outfits, accessorize, or think smartly about shopping my closet with the rain is pouring down. Every gray day makes me want to put on the Hunters and a turtleneck and jeans and call it a day. This Kristy-from-the-Babysitters-Club attire is not really advancing my styling work! In fact it makes me feel blah on an otherwise gloomy day.

How do you guys dress for wintry and wet weather? Do you ignore it and dress at your most fabulous? Or do you have a standard foul-weather uniform? Changes shoes from wellies to heels at the office?

Lets share some tips to get through March--it may be in like a lion and out like a lamb, but we can hopefully look put together throughout!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

For Sale, Weekly Exchange: Bella, Molly, Adrian

Hello all,

I have just a few items for the Weekly Exchange and I thought I would post them here with real live pictures. I am cleaning out my closet and just trying to recoup what I paid. I don't want to push merchandise on here, but I thought this way people can see the items--Buy Now! Call Today! Ha, or just post a comment. Thanks all!

NWT Wool Adrian Skirt in Persimmon, size 10
See on Kaboodle here.
A-Line Knee Length Skirt in Wool felt, cute sailor styling with buttons.
Retail Info: Regular $118.00 item 89232

My price: $36 shipped.

Sparkle Tweed Molly Ottoman Jacket, size 10:
See on Kaboodle here.
Hits at Hip. Slight Peplum at waist. Long Sleeves. I bought this on ebay and it doesn't quite fit me, GREAT condition but no tags.

As described: Italian wool with a hint of sparkle. A sculpted shape with a ladylike ruffle and delicately pickstitched edges. Roundcollar. Pockets and shirring at waist seam. Long sleeves. Fully lined. Hits at hip. Import. Dry clean.
Retail Info: $258.00 item 89252

My Price: $49 shipped or make an offer.

NWT, Navy Wool Herringbone Bella Jacket, size 10
See on Kaboodle here.
GREAT Jacket. I love this but doesn't fit me correctly--I tried! (bought on ebay)

As Described: Midweight Scottish wool. Our beautiful Bella has a hand-tucked ruffle collar and a feminine silhouette shaped by the distinctive front yoke. It's an exclusive design in bright hues or classic shades--all of them piped inside with colorful silk details. Classic fit. Standing ruffle collar. Flap pockets. Long sleeves. Functional buttons at cuffs. Interior pocket and tie-silk detail. Fully lined. Hits at hip. Import. Dry clean.

My price: $64 Shipped or make an offer

Sorry to put this on here, just want to pass along to any readers or JCAs that are interested!
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