Monday, February 23, 2009

Outfit of the Day: Monday Feb 23, 2009

OK, I think I am getting into the swing of things!

I wanted to wear my Men's shirt from Martin + Osa, and I realized it was going to be rainy (again), so I thought it might be cute with my Hunter boots. Here it is in Polyvore:

And here is a view in the mirror:

Sorry, I have to take these pics at work and I know its not ideal (at all), but the mirror is big enough to take a photo in. I like the shirt, very comfortable!

One thing I struggle with is the whole winter/skirt issue. Should I wear tights every time? Should they match the outfit, be dark? I need to crack the code. I like the gray ribbed tights, but sometimes I feel like they sort of "stand out" too much, being light in color.

What do you wear with skirts in the winter?


  1. Love this look! You're making me want to go out and buy a men's shirt!

    I always wear tights in the winter. My winter skin color is WAY too pale to be exposing to the rest of the world. Don't want to blind everyone, ya know? :) I usually lean toward the opaque look, but my favorite is the ribbed, sweater tights or the kind with some sort of design (argyle, herringbone, etc). Target sells a bunch of cute styles!

  2. that shirt is great!

    I tend to do tall boots with tights that match the boots, either opaque or a subtle pattern :)

  3. Great topic! I've found some tights I really love: "DKNY Opaque Tights" at Nordstrom-- they say opaque, but really are semi-see-thu when you put them on. I like the black and flannel grey colors. As far as outfit compatibility, I think the black goes with almost any ensemble, as long as you have some kind of dark-ish color going on somewhere else in your outfit. The grey tights seem to work better with a black skirt/dress and black shoes, and a bright color on top.

    I like your outfit! I also think it could look good with black tights (a la the tights I mentioned above -- I think the denim skirt is dark enough), with high boots that are close to the color of your belt -- either cowboy or city-slicker style. At least this looks good in my head, guess you'd have to Polyvore it or try it IRL to know for sure. ;)

    Hope this gives you some ideas! Rock on!

  4. Thank you for the sweet comment :) I love all of the outfits you put together!

    It's so cool that we live in the same area, I loved your picture of Point Reyes on your other blog, I used to go there all the time or at least stop on my way to Stinson beach.

  5. Nice outfit! What is the skirt?

  6. You inspired me and I tried on some mens shirt today at the store but none fit. The arms are way too big.

  7. Same here, I opt for tights (black, grey, or brown) with knee-high leather boots (Rockport Plainfield) or sometimes cute shoes if I won't be doing lots of walking. I'll even wear a mini skirt if I wear thick tights.


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