Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Outfit of the Day: Tuesday February 24, 2009

Getting the hang of this!

Of course, I didn't plan this last night..I SHOULD have, but I didn't. This came together this morning as the clock was ticking. I realized that I should have written everything that was in the outfits previously, so I will start today:

JCrew Wool Twill Academy Pant ( Love these) in Navy
JCrew Sun-Bleached Applique Crinkle Flower Ringspun Tee (New, longest name ever)
JCrew Dream Open Cardigan (Great for Layering, and WARM!)
Converse All Star Slip-on, for commuting
Jessica Simpson Waldorf Pump in Brown/Wine, bought at Nordstrom
Martin and Osa Herringbone Scarf
Don't Actually Own that Bag...
..and my own daily jewelry

A few of you asked about yesterday's outfit, which I will put down here:

JCrew Straight Denim Skirt from 08
Martin + Osa Men's Tattersall Shirt in Small
JCrew Jeans Belt in...Cognacy color?
JCrew Gray Ribbed Tights
Hunter Huntress Boots in Hunter Green

More to come today! Have a good one!


  1. Hi Liz, congrats on your recent outfits. Actually I'm getting curious about the whole Polyvore thing. Initially I thought that it was for people with really a passion and a talent for creating outfits, like FFM, and not for people like me (I mean, I love fashion but I couldn't "create" anything). But recently I was looking at a way to wear the many clothes that are in my closet and that I end up never wearing (many of which are still with their tags after a year or two). I don't really need to prepare my outfit on a daily basis because I have stopped working to raise my daughter, so most of the times I wear my "playground basics". But it would be nice to wear something more pulled off sometimes. Now, the problem is that when I'm in the mood, I don't know where to start and I can't even think because my daughter needs my attention constantly (she's almost 2, difficult age). So Polyvore could be a good exercice. I'm curious: how long did it take to "get the hang of it" and what about the clothes that are staples in your closet but are old and not necessarly by a brand on Polyvore? What do you do? Do you substitute them with similar-looking pieces of the current season that you find on Polyvore?

  2. Hi Liz! I'm so sorry for the delay on this, but I just saw your comment on my blog (Chez Megan) about the necklace I was wearing in one of the photos. I posted a comment on that posting about it, but it's an Anthropologie necklace. It's no longer on the site, but it's been on sale in my local store (at $29 down from $42). It also came in a light pink and olive-y green. There's a similar necklace on their site right now called the Hawthorn in case you don't have luck with mine. Hope that helps!


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