Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Pant: Linen Beach Pant from JCrew

So in my week of all things summer, I wanted to pass along another item I liked from the JCrew summer rollout.

I tried on the Linen Beach Pant, in City Fit, size 10, Mineral Gray. These are $69.50 in stores and online, found here.

I really like the City fit the best of JCrew fits, and I liked these a lot. They have a nice comfy wider leg, a great flare on the bottom for flip flop wearing, and a nice waistband that has elastic as well as a drawstring. However, they have a welt pocket on the back and front pockets as well, so they are a bit more tailored than just pull on pants.

I really liked these--I don't love wearing shorts, but these will be great going from beach to dinner with a tank or cardigan this summer. I love the color and these aren't too sheer.

Of course they will wrinkle as linen does, but I think that is ok for pants such as these.

These were nearly sold out in all colors in one store I went to over Memorial Day Weekend, another had a few--these seem to be popular! Really comfortable and somewhat reasonable price. I brought these home as I think they will fit in to my summer lifestyle.

What do you think? Have you tried these on? Like them for yourself?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looking forward...

Continuing my week of summer longing...Can't wait for summer movies season!

Tastes of Summer

I LOVE to eat. It's true, no matter that overall I have been trying to eat better, I have to admit that I am the kind of girl who is always thinking of her next meal. For example, tonight my dad is in town and we are meeting him for dinner, so I was just about to look up the restaurant menu to see what might be deeelicious. Come on, you can't tell me you haven't done that!

Around this time of year, the tasty treats start ramping up for the summer season. In the last week, I have gotten to have two of my all time favorite summer foods...peaches and grilled corn on the cob.

When I went into the Safeway on Monday, I could smell the peaches right away. And as soon as I got close enough to touch them, I knew it wasn't a fakeout--the peaches were ripe and fragrant. I used restraint and bought 5, which I have already finished--I've got to go back! My favorite way to eat peaches is dripping over the sink or sliced with Cheerios and cold milk. And no, Hubs didn't get any--he's not as much of a fan of the "pitted fruits". hehe.

Similar experience with the corn--saw it, had to have it that day, no matter that it was a weekday and grilling corn is a bit of a project. But SO worth it! You peel back the husks, leaving them intact, take off the silks, rewrap the corn in its husk, then soak all ears for 30 minutes in cold water. I usually put them in a big pan with a plate to weigh them down in the water. Once they have soaked, they will be more moist and not completely char. We grill them for 25-30 minutes, turning them occaisionally. Scrumptious! The carmelization on the corn makes the flavor really stand out. I can't wait for our next batch!

What are your favorite summer foods? Have you been able to treat yourself yet?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Jcrew Ochre Ikat Skirt

Over the weekend, I visited a couple of JCrew stores, but I didn't see too much that I had to have or even needed to photograph--I think some of the items are still on their way to the store.

One item I really liked was the new Ochre Ikat pencil skirt, pictured below...

Item number 16062, $88. I have on a size 10 here. I like that there are pockets but they are built into the front instead of the side seams, so they lie flat. I love the colors of peach, ochre, yellow, and ivory together. Not sure what I would wear with this but I think the fabric is really pretty. The SA said there was a retail-only cardigan but it sold out in the same print.

Anyone seen this skirt? Like it? Buy it? Weigh in!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You know you are a TV addict when...

All of the shows are ending for the season and you decide to leave the TV on for the last 15 minutes of that new FOX show GLEE, even though you had no intention of watching it at all. And then the next morning you are updating your iTunes settings to download the Glee cast version of "Don't Stop Believin'".

And then you listen to it on repeat all morning.

Anyone else watch this last night? I see that this song is number 3 on Top 100 iTunes Downloads, so they must have done something right.

Thanks for the info on the Nordstrom's sale! Anyone heading there today? What did you find?

PS Go Kris!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can Anyone Confirm...?

I was doing some research for work and I saw on a website that the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is this week, starting tomorrow? But I can't find anything on the site.

Does anyone know? This definitely needs to be factored into the weeks' plans!

Thanks in advance for info!

PS. Last year Ms Mer and I attempted to walk to the sale at lunchtime for a shopping lunch break. Turns out the 10 minute walk was actually like a 23 minute walk. We will not attempt that for lunch again!

Deal of the Week...

Ok, so did I mention I am on a dress kick? After today I am doing a full review and keeping just the favorites. But I think I have a new favorite!

Last night I received this Lilly Pulitzer Sienna Medallion dress from Rue La La last night. Rue La La is an invitation shopping site, and though they have "boutiques" every day, this is the first time I have ordered from them. I had actually seen this dress last summer at a Lilly boutique, In the Pink, on the east coast. I couldn't handle the $328 price tag (cough!) but I loved the colors and feel of the dress. When it showed up on the Lilly Rue La La boutique for $70 I was pumped and made my first order. If anyone wants an invitation to Rue La La, let me know and I can try and send you one--there are many boutiques, for example today was Cole Haan.

This dress is more of an a-line shape than the JCrew ones, which I feel more comfortable in. Its also a bit longer which I like as well. The dress is an ivory cotton with bright blue embroidery.

Here's a closeup of the pattern. You can't tell from far away, but its little fish and shells. Its subtle beachiness.

I really like this dress and I recommend looking for deals on Lilly dresses. Her looks are really preppy, but they have great color and a bright summery feeling.

I'm excited about this deal! Do you belong to any invitation-only shopping sites? Do you like them? What kinds of scores have you had from there?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer is almost here...

This weekend in the bay area it was hot. HOT. Real hot.

Its hard to take the heat here for some people, with no AC and a year full of foggy damp days. But to me, it heralds the arrival of SUMMER! And I love that feeling of longer nights, warmth on your skin, sun on your face.

For me, I can't wait for our summer trip to the east coast to see friends, family, and the beach. Only about 5 weeks until cocktail hour on the beach with this as the view...

What are you looking forward to most about this summer? Trips planned? Time off? Relaxing? Favorite ice cream stand?

Have a great week all, look forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

JCrew Sale Dresses

Yes, I am on a dress kick. I ordered two dresses on sale from JCrew last week. They are both the same style, different fabrics. I had in mind a casual summer wedding or a bridal/baby shower, or a fun night out in good weather!

I ordered both of these dresses in a size 10 for two reasons--a bit more length and to make sure to be able to wear a strapless bra with them. I had tried on an 8 in one of them before and it fit fine but was too short. The dresses below are slightly longer, but they still are falling on the short end of my comfort level. A few of you have been asking about my height--I am almost 5'9", with a long torso and stubbier legs (blah).

Disclaimer: Please ignore my weird photo setup, funny pose, chubby knees, and need for a haircut and more of a tan in these pictures.

First up, the Metallic Linen Strapless Dress. I really like the fabric of this--its like a dressy chunky linen weave. The metallic is not too sparkly at all. Hits about 2 inches above my knee--wish it was about an inch and a half longer :) I added a brown leather belt as they have it styled in the catalog, you can find it online for $99.99 here. Also...these dresses have pockets!

Check out a closeup on the bodice and pleating.

Next up, the Linen Constellation Strapless Dress. Same exact cut I think, fabric a bit lighter. You can find it online here for $99.99. Again, wish it was slightly longer. I really like the bright and cheery red and pink color combo of this one, its a bit different for me but a fun change.

Closeup of the pattern.

The jury is out on these, I like them both but am going to think about it. For some reason, even though the dresses fit all right, I get a "big person in a little dress" vibe from strapless dresses on me lately, which may just be a complex I have. I really like that they are cute and feminine and great for summer, so I am hanging on to them to make a decision.

Have you seen these dresses in person? Tried them on? What did you think? Any other JCrew dresses you have your eye on?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get your Remote Controls Ready...

So in an unprecedented evening of couchpotatoing, there is some great great TV ahead for tonight. Lets have a rundown shall we?

7PM: East Coast Feed of Real Housewives of NYC Reunion Part I (DVR)
8PM: American Idol Top 3 Performance
8PM: 2 Hour Biggest Loser Finale
9PM: Fringe Finale on Fox
10PM: Second Hour of RHNYC Reunion (IS this possible?) (DVR)

As I prepared the DVR this morning, I think even it was thinking "are you serious?" which is pretty much what Hubs said to me as he rolled his eyes. I know, I really should get out more. But I love TV like an art form. And then now I just realized the Red Sox are playing the Angels on the west coast so I could be watching them on MLB.TV while I am already juggling all these shows. I'm crazy.

I can't believe so many series are ending this week and next. What are you all watching these days? Favorite shows? What are you planning on watching this summer?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Banana Republic Dressing my room

A little over a week ago I decided that I wanted to try and find some cute dresses--I would like to have a better dress "collection" to rely on and enhance my wardrobe. I saw that BR had some dresses on sale, so I decided to use a coupon code and order many dresses and sizes and try them on at home. I often try the Tall sizes as they add some length and fit my long torso a bit better. I thought I would pass along some pics and reviews in case any of you are interested in using the current "BRSAVE" code (view website for details).

First up, the Abstract Print Dress in a 10Tall.
Online and in pictures, this looks like a bright deep orange, though the color is "Sarong Red" and let me tell you its red. Like, Coca Cola red. Red like lipstick. I hardly ever wear red and so it seems a little bold on me. I like the fit of the dress, but the color scares me a bit.

This dress is $79.99 now and worth a look. I think it could look pretty with a brown belt or turquoise jewelry. I kept this one to think about, but I am not sure....

Next, the Tall Ruched Georgette Dress. Size 10Tall.

This was a little big in the bodice, though I liked the twisted straps. However, I got a little ice-skater-costume feeling from this one, or it felt a little young and floaty for me. I love the color, but the style wasn't structured enough for me. Fun dress though! A few left at 89.99 I think. Close up of top:

Next, the silk v-neck pleated dress, shown here in a size 10. I knew when I saw this dress online I would like it--A-line skirt but a fitted bodice with details. This one is still 129.99 online, but i think could be great for a wedding. You'll see I added a pink patent belt to it, I like the idea, have to play with it. Top pleating detail:

Weird full length pic, but it falls to the knee even not in the Tall size. This one is a keeper!

Are you bored yet? Next is the Cotton Sheath Dress in gray, size 10. This is a work dress, its actually more of a black/white weave to achieve gray. I thought this dress was very Mad Men and had a good fit...

I wish it were like an inch and a half longer, but I really like this and think it would be great for work or a weekday evening event. Just have to accessorize! Kept this one too.

Last, the Sleeveless pleated dress. This was a Tall Medium.

Made me feel a bit too hippy and wide. Also had a Ginger Rogers feel that I wasn't ready for. The pleating details were nice and it was a nice comfortable stretchy fabric.

So of course, I go in search of fun dresses, and I settle on two gray ones--ha. Not a lot of color. But I like those two and I am going to think about the red/white one.

What do you think of these dresses and BR lately? Have you tried any of these? What dresses do you love having in your wardrobe?


Dear America,



Allison was way better. I would say her goodbye performance was better than ANY of Danny's performances. I am so sad. This is a travesty.

I hope you understand then, America, if we don't speak for awhile. I need some time to get over this heartache. Probably just the amount of time until Allison's record comes out and takes Danny Gokey's record sales out to a back alley and mops the floor with them.

I just need some space right now, America. I don't want to say or do anything I'll regret.

XOXO, LizPoms

PS. GO Kris

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LOST Thoughts

Before tonight's penultimate Season 5 episode (sob!), I wanted to post a couple thoughts about LOST that I have been stewing on over the past week.

From Doc Jensen's article....
Lost has also shown us that Charlie, Jack, and Ben can play the piano. Why might this be significant? There's a music-based mystery in the Lost matrix that has never been resolved. Recall, if you will, when Charlie swam down to the Looking Glass at the end of season 3 to turn off the jamming device preventing the castaways from communicating with the outside world. He learned from Bonnie — one of the lovely Other ladies that Ben had stationed down there — that the code to shut off the jamming device was harmonic, set to the tune of the Beach Boys' ''Good Vibrations.'' Right before Bonnie died, she said that the code ''was programmed by a musician.'' At the time, these cryptic words inspired a great deal of wild theorizing. Many of us wondered if it wasn't an accident that the Dharma programmer created a code that rock star Charlie would be uniquely qualified to crack. What if the musician behind the Beach Boys puzzle knew Charlie's destiny? But in light of what season 5 has shown us, should we be wondering if this mystery musician was one of the castaways? It's JOpinionated's theory that Faraday himself created the code, leveraging his knowledge of future events as well as his all-access Dharma pass as a member of the Initiative's Black Swan team. It's a nifty theory — it very much echoes my long-held assertion that much of Dharma was created or at least revised with the castaways in mind.

From my own watching...
Something really bothered me about last week's episode and I know its a silly little thing. But when we see Faraday get out of the sub for his return, he is wearing the sinister black jumpsuit of the Swan-hatch-builders, showing the stark difference between he and the regular Dharma peeps. Then, he asks Miles to drive him to the Orchid and his jumpsuit is suddenly teal. Now, this is the scene that echoes the season premiere when he bumps into Dr. Chang down in the pit of magnetic doom, so maybe they had to match that? But it bothers this like a "two different timelines" situation? That might make my mind melt, so I am not sure....

Finally, another Doc Jensen idea...
As we find ourselves almost at the close of season 5, which mysteries do you feel Lost must absolutely resolve during its sixth and final season?

What are your ''non-negotiables'' — the mysteries that Lost NEEDS to resolve. And to make you think even more carefully about this question, I want you to submit only your top three non-negotiables. Please, I would love your input!

I think mine are:

Who/what is Jacob?
Who painted the hatch murals?
Why is Walt special? Was he born on the island?
What are the numbers?
Who is in the cave?
What is the deal with Christian Shephard?
Where is Claire?
What is the Temple? Where is Cindy the flight attendant?
Why did the pilot get eaten by the monster in the pilot?
Why is that first scene when Jack wakes up in the bamboo so creepy?

Oh wait...did I say only 3...? :) Chime in!
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