Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Outfit of Tonight: Red Sox Game

Sporty LizPoms! This outfit is a perfect example of how I can go from preppy/feminine to sporty all in one day. This evening we were heading to a Red Sox game and I knew the temps were getting chilly! Had to "bundle up"...

Sweater: M+O Mixed Gauge Cowl Neck, seen here.
Jeans: Gap Long and Leans (my casual jeans)
Shoes: ASICS sneaks
Hat: Favorite
Bag: Old Herve Chapelier tote from NYC days.
Jacket: LL Bean Breton Riding Jacket, seen here.

A note on this jacket...since we are still waiting for all of our belongings to arrive, I needed a jacket but didn't want to duplicate anything I have. I have always admired Burberry and Barbour quilted coats , but could never swing that price for a casual coat. I need something that looks good with jeans and a scarf but could get wet (not leather) and really keep some chill out. I found this one at LLBean and the fit is pretty good (one complaint..the arms are too wide, may see if that could be tailored?) but I sized down to a Small to get a fitted look. It has snaps at the vents and waist, and good pockets. Its lined with Thinsulate and really has kept the wind out. Sort of Equestrian/Motor styling. Retails for $139.

I kept warm and we had a great night, even though the Red Sox couldn't come all the way back. Goodnight all!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Outfit of the Other Day

For better or for worse, I have a blurry way to take pics while in our temporary apartment...this depressing hallway has a nearly full-length mirror, while the apartment does not.

In this outfit:
Shirt: Jcrew Contrast-Stitch Perfect Shirt
Skirt: JCrew Ikat Print Pencil Skirt
Shoes: Blanched Almond Juliet from JCrew
Belt: JCrew
Earrings: BR Hexagon Floral Gold
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Morning After in Brown

I loved this outfit! More soon....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rugby by Ralph Lauren Sweaters, and Others

So I am continuing to look for a job in the Boston area, but we did find an apartment--I am so excited! Its a great place in a cute area and will be accessible to fun all over the city. As I have had some free time in between emailing resumes, I have been taking walks and window shopping on Newbury Street which is not a bad way to spend the day! I hope you all don't mind that I have been exploring great finds in other stores.

Yesterday I visited Rugby by Ralph Lauren, which is such a fun preppy explosion store. One of my favorite things about the brand is the style and visual merchandising of their stores--its like you are at Hogwarts or the lounge at a Prep School...crown molding, vintage pennants and photos of sports teams, its so much fun. The clothes are colorful and while some are over the top, they have great classic country club looks with fun color mixed in.

Here's an example of the tempting displays of some wool sweaters all stacked up....

Here I am in the Shetland Shawl Collar sweater, seen here online, in a Large. I do feel like the sweaters are a bit "shrunken" sometimes, so I size up. They are a bit short, but I love this one. Also, while sometimes Rugby is expensive, some of their pieces are very reasonably priced. This sweater is $89.50 and 100% shetland wool. Pretty competitive to JCrew and others for a cozy heavy sweater. (Apologize for the combo with the gray skirt and black pumps, it was what I had on)

Cute leather equestrian detail. This sweater comes in Ivory, Purple, Navy, Gray, Orange, and a Brown Heather.

Here's the Wool Suede Side Patch Turtleneck. Here it is online. This is a fine 100% wool, it also comes in black, and is also $89.50. The Ivory is a bit see-through, but a nice long and lean fit. This is a Large on me as well. I miggghhhht try the Medium in the black, but I thought this is a fun twist on a wool turtleneck.

Quilted Suede shoulder patches.

I really recommend checking out Rugby for fun preppy additions to your closet. They often have sales too that are fun to look through. Another note...they have these amazing knit merino leggings that are super cozy and cute...check them out. I have tried on a few leggings recently but I can't really figure out if I want cropped or full length, how I would wear them...but I have been trying some out.

Speaking of that, I found an equestrian pair of leggings with suede knee patches at Zara for $39.50 that were cute. I also found a pretty tunic-length cashmere vneck and their cashmere there is $89...really a deal....beautiful neutrals and very soft, good fit. I found it was true to size.

There's my window shopping report! What do you think? Have you been to Rugby? Do you like their look?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Checking out Ann Taylor

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to shop my closet and also visit new stores to add some dimension to my wardrobe. I want to make sure I mix in different brands, styles--it always makes me like my wardrobe more when I have unique styles represented.

Recently I popped into Ann Taylor because I saw some signage in the window advertising a "Whole New Ann". I was intrigued to see a new style from them. Their clothes are still very classic and feminine, but I liked things I saw in the store. I go through cycles with Ann Taylor--sometimes its too stuffy for me, other times I like the femininity. I think overall the Fall and Winter fit better in my style.

Here are a few blurry snaps from my visit....

First, the Silk Structured Ruffle Top, which is now on sale for 39.99 online. I know we all talk about "how many ruffles can we have??" but this top had really good shape and fit. Not too short or long, really pretty fabric, and structured details. Click here to see it online....

Closeup: Open neckline and pretty pleating....

I liked the feminine shape and style of this Textured Wool Jacket. It is here for $195, funnel neck, blouson sleeves a bit, princess seaming in a pretty navy color. If this goes on sale, I think it could be a really cool buy...wear it with pencil skirt, or even skinny jeans.

Last pick was the Perfect Pump, seen here for $155. This is a really nice shoe. Moderate heel, beautiful colors. Great shape and comfortable toe. Below is my foot in the Aubergine patent, which is a gorgeous red/deep brown.

Here is a gray suede version, so pretty...

Overall, I really like the Ann Taylor website too--the styling seems really fresh, the photos are big and show a lot of the product. For example, here's a long merino cardigan shot. By the way--many of the sweaters are $30 off right now so this $90 sweater is $60.

Love to see new brands doing pretty things! What do you think of Ann Taylor recently? Have you seen or tried any items? How do you mix different brands together?

Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Quick Updates

Hello readers! Look, two posts in one week! Hopefully I am on my way back to a routine.

I just wanted to post a few quick updates...

Running--I have been keeping up with running 3-4 times a week in training for the big Half Marathon and my longest distance is now 10 miles!!! Woohoo! Hubs and I did it last Monday...it was a real slow pace but we kept running the whole way. I felt so proud and now I truly feel like I can do the Half Marathon...just have to build my strength until then! I am doing the race with two best friends and now we are starting to talk about details of the race weekend...which is making me nervous! But I am so excited and can't believe that a year ago I could not even run a mile. I wish I had tried this years ago, though I don't think I was really ready to go for it then. Wish me luck as I keep training!

Martin + Osa Promo Code--M+O has been having some crazy good promotions. Every time I turn around they are running a new code or event! Right now they are running a Friends and Family event through 9/20 and is good for 30% off any purchase when you enter this code at Checkout: 99400044. I recently ordered a pair of the Slim FIt jeans that were in the Sale Section, just to try...and I really like them! I went with the bigger of the two sizes I am usually between and while they have a little room at the waist, they fit in the knees and legs where the leg is Slim...I also got the sweater I posted about last week and can't wait to wear it!

Coats--So, in the flurry of packing, we had to pack 2 suitcases for stuff through October, and the rest went in the moving van. Well, I very smartly packed a Patagonia rain jacket in case of rain, but strangely I didn't pack ANY other coat for the next month. And um, Fall is definitely here. I want to buy a fall coat that doesn't double up something already in my wardrobe so when my coats arrive it will supplement what I have. I was thinking a shorter, maybe quilted type coat? Or just something thats not a long wool coat. Do you have any suggestions? I can't have it break the bank. Please post ideas of a nice warm layer!

Thanks everyone...hope everyone is having a peaceful day today and a happy weekend.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New JCrew Try-Ons

I give up, I've just been a terrible blogger! So sorry, reader friends--part of the trouble with moving is that I no longer have my own laptop (OH how I miss it so) and we are waiting until October to have all our apartment/home stuff delivered, so my desktop is over a month away. Sharing Hub's laptop is tricky...for some reason he doesn't understand my wanting to read blogs all evening on it when he wants to read important Current Event articles...hmmm.

BUT! We are at last in the Boston area in our temporary apartment that we will be in for the next month. It felt so good to take the suitcases out of the trunk of the car! Even though I having been living out of an assortment of totes like a bag lady, I haven't given up my shopping...at least window shopping!

I wanted to show you a few things I have tried on recently at JCrew...

Merino Flowery Ruffle Sweater...I believe this was $88. I tried a Medium.

Actual long sleeves! Also came in black, dusty blossom...I love the 100% merino but not a home run for me, so I passed.

Dream Ruffle Cardigan...Tried in Medium.
Sleeves a bit shorter, and the cardigan was a bit too short on me as well...this one not a keeper for me.

Closeup of the pleated ruffle...

Hit closer to the waist..have to wear a longer shirt underneath...

Next, a blazer which I believe is the Wool Twill Nouvell Jacket. A really nice sort of flannel tweedy jacket at $198. I tried a 6 over just a Tshirt and it was nice...but again, too pricey--I know I could find something similar at Gap or something. Nice long and lean fit...

Closeup of the fabric...very soft!

New tuxedo tunic...this was a Shadow Blue Grey. I tried in a Medium with a belt. The SA suggested leggings (not sure I am ready to go there yet). It was cool ,also came in white and a light french blue.

Meh--more coal mining color. I have that! :)


Next, the Wool Pleated Silk Chimera Jacket, retails for $248. I tried it in a 6 in both the Charcoal and the Dusty Blossom.

I thought this fit true to size, and I really liked that the fit was a bit better this year. There is nice seaming to make the jacket have room in the bust but be more fitted at the waist. I tried the charcoal with the gray captain tee, and the dusty blossom with the rooster tee. The jacket is really nice, but I wouldn't be able to spend $248...hoping for a sweet sale in about December ha!

Dusty Blossom...hits right between the waist and hip...not too short!

Gorgeous pleating...

Note the seaming...

OK next up...my neverending pursuit of wearing men's shirts in a chic way. I really want a smart red check one, but they didn't have any size Smalls in my store...I tried on the light blue gingham. I really like this! Have to keep experimenting and look for a sale! So cute!

Here I tried it with the new Chanel-type pique jacket with the gold buttons...

Kinda fun, huh? :)

Here's a look at the jacket on the hanger...

Here's a look at what I was wearing for my shopping day...

I promise to have more soon! What do you think of the new arrivals? Do you have any questions for me? Have you tried any of this on?
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