Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nursery, Almost Done!

I can't believe its nearly Christmas. I can't believe its nearly our due date either!

Time has just flown this fall and early winter as we get ready for the holidays and Baby to arrive. We have been working on our house and the nursery in particular; it feels like our to do list keeps growing but we also have been able to get tons of stuff done together. Finally starting to feel like we live here in our house--amazing that that process has taken nearly 5 months! I still find myself walking around in our place and not believing that we really bought a place, that its really ours.

Of course, much of our energy has been devoted to Baby's room. We have been joking that we will have to spend all our time in there once he arrives since it is by far the most "finished" place in the house! Here are a few pics of how the room has come together...

I feel like it will probably never look this neat and organized again, but I do hope to add more to the walls over time. Just feel happy that everything is up, clothes/blankets are washed, monitor is we just need Baby!

More posts to come this week...

Monday, October 11, 2010

On Getting Bigger...

This weekend, the weather turned cooler and Hubs and I headed out for a afternoon walk. I reached deep into the closet and pulled out my North Face fleece jacket that I haven't worn in a long while.

I reached into the pockets and pulled out a Muni Football pass. Hubs and I got a laugh that the pass was from a 49ers/Eagles game that we went to at Candlestick Park when we lived in SF three years ago and here we were going for a walk on a Sunday when the Eagles were playing in SF...again.

The fleece has been out of the rotation, happily, for a long time now--its a size that I haven't worn since around that game. Just a week or two later three years ago, my sister and I created a family Biggest Loser contest that finally got me in gear to make myself a little bit healthier. I had been working at home for months, basically living a sedentary sorry existence. The friendly family competition motivated me to eat better and start hitting the gym. Christmas morning I won the competition (by a hair) and then I didn't look back and kept exercising and eating better. A year ago next weekend, I ran my first half marathon in SF with 2 best friends and was probably at my healthiest in training for that race and preparing. It was a long road between that Muni pass and that Marathon, but I wanted to make it a change for life and not just a little while.

Well here I am now, 29 weeks pregnant, and once again wearing that fleece that is from my bigger days. Pregnancy has certainly been an adventure in wardrobe for me--wanting to look put together without breaking the bank and trying to realize that huge portions of my closet just simply are not happening right now. Of COURSE I know I am growing for a wonderful reason, but lately I have found myself reaching for my so-called "fat" clothes, which has been a tough feeling for me. The doctor visits, which have increased to every 2 weeks, have me slightly anxiously stepping on the scale. My belly has me back in more dark colors, black Tshirts, stretchy blends, and it has me just a little bit nervous. I have no idea how my body will finish off this pregnancy, and I don't know how I'll do at getting back into shape. I am trying to keep myself moving over the next 12 weeks and eating (pretty) well, (sometimes you just want another taco), and I already hope to return to running lightly in the spring. I think I just worry how easy it is to slide back to those old habits and old cozy big fleeces.

I am sure I am not alone in this concern...I think it has just been small reminders over the past few weeks of how gaining weight affects me, and how regardless of the amazing reason I have this time, the small fear I have of becoming an unhealthy person again. I think I just feel even more determined to live a healthier life for Little One and set a good example for our little family. For now, I am trying to relish the big snuggly coziness of that familiar fleece jacket.

Has anyone else struggled with this? Also just a note--I don't want anyone to read this and worry that I am not eating well for my pregnancy--I am eating many small meals a day, paying attention to my hunger, and eating lots of healthy options, just feeling a little aware of my poundage today!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nursery Inspiration

The combination of a new house and a new baby on the way presented a great delightful and daunting new challenge: designing a nursery!

Even before we knew whether Baby was a boy or a girl, I had fixated on a look I loved--robins egg blue accented with yellow/oranges and browns. Nothing too blue or too green, but something that could feel very fresh, modern, childlike, without having a "theme". I wanted the room to feel like a space I would love to spend time in and that Baby would love to wakeup to and play in--things that right now are only abstract!

I have these images from OhDeeDoh (by the way, a completely addictive section of the Apartment Therapy website) and I constantly go through them for inspiration.

I love these looks and I think they show different ways that the direction could moe towards feminine or more masculine. We love the Ikea Expedit "window seat" and plan to do that in our own room for Baby. I promise to post pics of our real nursery as it comes together in the coming months. Forgive my small baby indulgences on this blog!

Any of you use Apartment Therapy or OhDeeDoh for inspiration? What do your favorite rooms or nurseries look like?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gap Give & Get Promo Finds

Fall is my absolute favorite season for clothes. I look forward to cozy sweaters, boots, and tweeds as summer winds down. Its been really interesting to switch gears this year as I know my body will be growing big time as fall arrives.

I have tried to make a game plan and stick with simple basics because I don't want to spend tons on maternity styles or on things that won't be really versatile for me. I wanted to build a collection of things that will help me feel cute without feeling like I am in a MuuMuu as well as go the distance for a few months. I wanted some leggings, good boots, long sweaters, jeans, black pants, and good fitting tanks and tees to layer.

I have felt pretty lucky to find some great styles at Gap and Old Navy. I haven't shopped at ON in a long while, and Gap has been hit or miss. But both have maternity lines and I even found that a local Gap carries maternity instore, which has been great for trying things on.

Here are a few of my recent favorites, at great deals with either Give & Get or the magical Wednesday 40% off coupons...

Gap City Flat

I had seen these in store a few times and I ordered my regular size in the dark red. When they arrived, I had read up on a few blogs to size up, so I went in and traded them for a size 9 in the in-store only color Bronze. I think these are great, comfortable, portable, and versatile with jeans and leggings too. Highly recommend, especially with a percentage off!

Skinny Stretch 5-Pocket Pants//No-Panel Ponte Pants
These pants have different names in regular and maternity, but I believe they are the same concept. I LOVE these. They are like a heavy thick legging material--opaque, not show through--and they have 5 pocket styling like a jean, but much more comfortable than a jegging since its all stretch. Its a great hybrid so you feel put together and not too much like you are wearing leggings-as-pants. I bought the maternity version after the regular version was hard to find in stores. I am a solid size 10 right now, but the Large was too big, definitely needed the Medium, so you can head toward your smaller size.

Over the past month or so I have gone to Pea in the Pod and "visited" some awesome designer maternity jeans like Joe's and Citizens. While I would love to treat myself to these, they are each about $200--more even than regular designer jeans, ouch! I just can't pay that for something I can't always wear. I'll have to keep an eye out for sales. In the meantime, I found two great pairs:

Old Navy Full Panel Skinny Jeans

These are a thin denim, and $25 in store. Deal! While the panel isn't perfect for me, they are really comfortable and will fit well into boots or keep a slim line with flats and heels. I bought my normal size 10 in these and they fit great right out of the box. I went back to get a second pair since I think these will be great throughout the next few months.

Gap Demi Panel Sexy Boot Distressed Jeans
I got these on Wednesday with the 45% off coupon with using the BR card. Gosh, I will miss those coupons. I am still figuring out this whole panel business...I now have bought some "no panel", "full panel", and "demi panel", I guess I will figure out which ones work best! The Demi is nice on these jeans cause it feels more like a regular jean with a little give at the top. The fit is really nice through the leg on these and I think for about 30 bucks with the coupon, they are a big savings from something designer.

I tend to be looking for long, fitted tops as opposed to the flowy tent shirts that tie in the back. So far I have a few favorites:

Vintage V-Neck Tee, Gap
These are a nice slubby texture and have a little ruching at the belly, great fit. I got the navyish blue in Medium and the White in Large so it wasn't too see through (plus white tees always shrink on me). Great deep vee on the neck, really cute. Thumbs up!

Twist-Front V-Neck Top, Old Navy
I tried this on in store and liked the deep V and proportions of this top. Good value.

I am intrigued by the Oversized VNeck Sweater from Gap as well as the Drop-Waist Ponte Pant. I may order them before the coupon code expires. If anyone else has any favorites, please post them here!

Sorry this one was heavy on the maternity items, but it is great to find some good basics at good prices. Any others I should try? Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lookin' a little different...

Things are looking a little different around here. Not only are we in our new house, but we have different things in the fridge...can you guess why?

Baby is due December 31, 2010...New Years Eve! Hubs and I are very excited. I am feeling fine, getting bigger by the day at about 22 weeks in, but overall not feeling sick and mostly just hungrier and more tired than usual. I don't have tons of friends with babies yet so I am feeling especially clueless as we navigate the waters of Baby Gear, Maternity clothes, and not succumbing to BBQ takeout every night. Any and all advice is appreciated!

I promise this won't turn into a blog all about baby, but I will be posting on some adventures in pregnancy over the coming months. I hope you'll keep reading!

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is what....

...a Room and Board couch looks like, being hoisted into a 2nd floor condo. Just wanted to pass along as I know it was a sight not many get to see.

Moving Day went well! Time to feather our nest!

Friday, July 16, 2010

We've Been Busy...

There's no excuse for how long its been since I last posted. But! Excuse! We've been busy.

We bought a house! Well actually, its a condo, the second and third floor of a house. Behold!

Its the top two floors as seen below...

LOOK! We have a fireplace, and a mantel! And trim!

We have spent the past two weeks at the new place each evening...taping, cleaning, scrubbing, painting, imagining. So far the first room that is done is the kitchen. We painted the trim and beadboard Benjamin Moore Simply White and the walls are Bar Harbor Beige. Here you can see a glimpse from the kitchen through the elegantly named "Butler's Pantry", really just a hallway with the fridge, washer and dryer and cabinets containing the fancy stemware we never use. We have ROOMS! and a BUTLERS PANTRY!

The project is all consuming and also so so exciting, to be putting together our first real home where we can paint, and envision staying for years instead of months. After putting my collection of Domino magazines in a box for the count-it-five-yes-fifth time, I swear I will never move again. That thought also crossed my mind as I scrubbed the goo from the drawers in the kitchen and gagged about having stranger-goo to go through. Soon it will be our goo! The JOY!

More later....:)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The End is Near...

I can't believe a week from tomorrow (Sunday) will bring the end of LOST. For those of you who don't watch, I can only imagine the reaction..."its a freaking TV show!" But for me and millions of other LOSTies, this show has consumed many conversations, dreams, and thoughts over six years and I can't believe it will be OVER! I really think that this show will stand the test of time as being something really unique in network TV.

This video is FANMADE, which is awesome number 1, and I found it via a Tweet from DamonLindelof (show creator) with huge props, which is awesome number 2--just speaks to the cool interaction between fans and the show.

Who else will be watching next Sunday night?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looks Like Sad News for M+O

This morning I received an email for 30% off my Entire Purchase at Martin + Osa. Upon reading and clicking through, it looked like everything purchased with this promo is completely Final Sale. I finally found a "details" box only to find these sad words...

"American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. is closing its Martin + Osa concept, including stores and the online business. Thank you."

So sad! I loved a lot of what M+O was doing and will miss their options, great denim, pretty cardigans, etc. I am planning on trying one last order if I can...I have my eye on the Silk Jersey Mixed Media Tee in particular, as well as the Jaspe scoopneck tee.

Will you place an order before M+O is gone? We'll miss you and your original perfect Cashmere Scoopneck!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hubs and I are going out on another tour of house-searching this evening, and I dream of finding a closet like this one. Actually, I just dream of finding a place we like. In the meantime, I can drool over this little scene, including the darling JCrew Elizabeth Halter in an orange color I sadly missed. I will use it to inspire me to have a sunny outlook on the searching process!

How are your weeks going? Any home-hunting tips?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boston, Let Me Tell You...

Spring is looking really good on you! It was 88 degrees yesterday with bright sun. It feels amazing to walk around outside in a tank top!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Opening Night

Great weekend for work and family. 75 degrees and warm sun heating things up. Long walk with a breeze. And best of all, baseball kicking off with an awesome game tonight. I was giddy to watch the Sox again with the windows open and hear our favorite announcers voices lilting through the innings.

SPRING IS HERE! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Visit to Lands End Canvas at Sears

OK, my Catching Up post was boring. You guys want SUBSTANCE! I hear you.

The other day I was killing time at a local mall when I saw a banner for the Lands End Canvas line at Sears, now showing! I took a walk over there to check out things and see the clothes that I have been hearing a lot about on the blogosphere.

The Canvas department was right inside the mall doors and well done. It was front and center! This is the display that greeted me....

The colors were really summery and the displays were sort of rustic preppy.

I grabbed a few things to try on, and I wasn't sure about the sizing. I mostly wear Medium on top these days, but I had heard some things might run big.

First was the Boyfriend Scoop tee. Here is the Medium, it was too big and boxy....


Next I tried a small, little better but not a perfect fit...

Nice basic tee but size down.

Next I wanted to try the heralded Heritage Cardigan, much loved by others. I started with the Small in the Bold Sun (awesome color!) was a little small on me. Definitely short, but I loved the long sleeves!

Closeup of the color and seaming..

Next I tried the medium in the brighter orange, but it just didn't fit right. I have this problem with the JCrew Jackie cardigan too--I just can't wear this crewneck cardigan style well.

Too short? Too drapey? Not sure, but not workin for me.

OK next I tried the Boyfriend cardigan. The SA said this one runs big, so I started with small again and it was a baggy mess on me.


I then tried an XS. NEVER have I been an extra small. The off-shoulder seams did me in here, it didn't work.

Overall, I didn't find anything that fit me well but I loved what they were doing with the line--preppy classics in great colors at good prices. I hope they keep going! My favorite item was the Women's Chunky Horn Link Necklace, but at $89.50 it was too expensive for me right now. Hope I can find a deal!

As a bonus, I snapped my OOTD in the dressing room. This is a "borrowing from the boys" look--I layered my gray silk Victoria ruffle top under a small Men's Flannel shirt in blue plaid and then belted it with a pink belt. This felt cozy during our monsoon this week!

Thanks for reading and your patience with me! What do you think of Lands End Canvas? Have you purchased anything?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching Up

I have been gone for a long time. The last month or so have been filled with trips and adventures all over the country as well at home.

Skiing weekend in the COLD with the family. Enter Darth Vader.

Seeing sunny warmer days in Boston...

Our trip to Arizona was SO much fun and we spent the last day looking at this view...(more pics in next post!)

Running the O'Hartford 5K with my whole family...great experience!

And a whirlwind trip to Virginia for a conference for Hubs and a visit to our Alma Mater, William & Mary! Here's a pic inside one of our favorites there, Paul's Deli....

Other than that, we have been looking at places to buy for our first home. Overall I am a positive person but I have to say so far this process has been no fun and frustrating. We are looking at many surrounding towns and trying to keep an open mind, but we just haven't seen anything that will work for us yet. We also are struggling with picking the right area to make our next move. I know you all are from all parts of the country and many of you might have tips or stories about buying your first home and I would LOVE to hear them. How did you pick where you would move? How long did you look for a place? Please chime in!
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