Saturday, January 31, 2009

You should be watching Friday Night Lights

If you aren't watching Friday Night Lights, all I have to say is you're missing out. Everyone says this is a show about football, but its so much more than that--its really a great show about people and a great small town. I love the way it is shot, like you are standing in the group or a spy. The relationships are complicated, the drama is there, and even though its not all about sports, you find yourself rooting for everyone on the show. Get those Tivos ready!

Oh, and there's one other reason you should watch....

Riggins, #33.


  1. I love Friday Night Lights!! which is so ironic because I don't watch sports AT ALL. (Lets put it this way, I'm going to a party at my brother's place for Superbowl Sunday but I have no idea who is playing) But you said it, its the relationships and the drama. I love the characters- all of them.

  2. That guy is HOT! Look at that smoldering gaze, I'll be hooked if I start watching it, LOL!


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