Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gap Give & Get Promo Finds

Fall is my absolute favorite season for clothes. I look forward to cozy sweaters, boots, and tweeds as summer winds down. Its been really interesting to switch gears this year as I know my body will be growing big time as fall arrives.

I have tried to make a game plan and stick with simple basics because I don't want to spend tons on maternity styles or on things that won't be really versatile for me. I wanted to build a collection of things that will help me feel cute without feeling like I am in a MuuMuu as well as go the distance for a few months. I wanted some leggings, good boots, long sweaters, jeans, black pants, and good fitting tanks and tees to layer.

I have felt pretty lucky to find some great styles at Gap and Old Navy. I haven't shopped at ON in a long while, and Gap has been hit or miss. But both have maternity lines and I even found that a local Gap carries maternity instore, which has been great for trying things on.

Here are a few of my recent favorites, at great deals with either Give & Get or the magical Wednesday 40% off coupons...

Gap City Flat

I had seen these in store a few times and I ordered my regular size in the dark red. When they arrived, I had read up on a few blogs to size up, so I went in and traded them for a size 9 in the in-store only color Bronze. I think these are great, comfortable, portable, and versatile with jeans and leggings too. Highly recommend, especially with a percentage off!

Skinny Stretch 5-Pocket Pants//No-Panel Ponte Pants
These pants have different names in regular and maternity, but I believe they are the same concept. I LOVE these. They are like a heavy thick legging material--opaque, not show through--and they have 5 pocket styling like a jean, but much more comfortable than a jegging since its all stretch. Its a great hybrid so you feel put together and not too much like you are wearing leggings-as-pants. I bought the maternity version after the regular version was hard to find in stores. I am a solid size 10 right now, but the Large was too big, definitely needed the Medium, so you can head toward your smaller size.

Over the past month or so I have gone to Pea in the Pod and "visited" some awesome designer maternity jeans like Joe's and Citizens. While I would love to treat myself to these, they are each about $200--more even than regular designer jeans, ouch! I just can't pay that for something I can't always wear. I'll have to keep an eye out for sales. In the meantime, I found two great pairs:

Old Navy Full Panel Skinny Jeans

These are a thin denim, and $25 in store. Deal! While the panel isn't perfect for me, they are really comfortable and will fit well into boots or keep a slim line with flats and heels. I bought my normal size 10 in these and they fit great right out of the box. I went back to get a second pair since I think these will be great throughout the next few months.

Gap Demi Panel Sexy Boot Distressed Jeans
I got these on Wednesday with the 45% off coupon with using the BR card. Gosh, I will miss those coupons. I am still figuring out this whole panel business...I now have bought some "no panel", "full panel", and "demi panel", I guess I will figure out which ones work best! The Demi is nice on these jeans cause it feels more like a regular jean with a little give at the top. The fit is really nice through the leg on these and I think for about 30 bucks with the coupon, they are a big savings from something designer.

I tend to be looking for long, fitted tops as opposed to the flowy tent shirts that tie in the back. So far I have a few favorites:

Vintage V-Neck Tee, Gap
These are a nice slubby texture and have a little ruching at the belly, great fit. I got the navyish blue in Medium and the White in Large so it wasn't too see through (plus white tees always shrink on me). Great deep vee on the neck, really cute. Thumbs up!

Twist-Front V-Neck Top, Old Navy
I tried this on in store and liked the deep V and proportions of this top. Good value.

I am intrigued by the Oversized VNeck Sweater from Gap as well as the Drop-Waist Ponte Pant. I may order them before the coupon code expires. If anyone else has any favorites, please post them here!

Sorry this one was heavy on the maternity items, but it is great to find some good basics at good prices. Any others I should try? Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lookin' a little different...

Things are looking a little different around here. Not only are we in our new house, but we have different things in the fridge...can you guess why?

Baby is due December 31, 2010...New Years Eve! Hubs and I are very excited. I am feeling fine, getting bigger by the day at about 22 weeks in, but overall not feeling sick and mostly just hungrier and more tired than usual. I don't have tons of friends with babies yet so I am feeling especially clueless as we navigate the waters of Baby Gear, Maternity clothes, and not succumbing to BBQ takeout every night. Any and all advice is appreciated!

I promise this won't turn into a blog all about baby, but I will be posting on some adventures in pregnancy over the coming months. I hope you'll keep reading!
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