Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jeremy's Finds--JCrew Shoes

After hearing many legends of JCrew shoes at TJMaxx over the last week, I had a hunch that I might find some stock at Jeremy's. How do I describe Jeremy's? Its like a designer overstock store, and the one near me in the Bay Area has just a CRAZY amount of JCrew merch. When I first went in there I almost hyperventilated with how much stuff was there. Since then, I have taught myself to look for only things I really wanted but missed. Sometimes the stuff is a floor model, so you have to look carefully.

With this in mind, I headed to the shoe section--sure enough, BOONDOGGLE. They had Lulus, Juliets, Alessia, a few Penelopes, botos, ah ah AH! Calm, Liz. Any way, I tried on about 5 pairs, and here is the verdict:
  • Blush Pointy Pumps--too much toe cleavage and pinchy
  • Cloud Lulus Peeptoes--too much like my silver metallic pumps
  • Burnt Sienna Lulu Peeptoes--wasn't hooked
  • Bronze Driving Mocs--one of the feet felt tight, wasn't sure
  • Gunmetal Lulu Flats--The bow was almost a brown satin--loved these
  • Juliet Pump in Blanched Almond--shown above, liked! I feel like this is a new kind of shoe for me so an adventure
The catch--these shoes were $59 plus a 20% off special today, not $20 like at TJMaxx. But I felt like I would have bought these for $50 online if I had found such a deal.

If anyone is really desperate for a JCrew show that I can look for for you, and you are interested at the $50 range, please let me know, I am MORE than happy to be a personal shopper for readers!

A few more pics, and to show the prices and how Jeremy's shoes look.


  1. Ooooo, I am envious!! Those Lulus look really cute - and great price!

  2. How exciting. I am definitely looking for the following all in size 9.5: Lulu heels (any color other than yellow and metalic); Lulu flats (any color); Juliet midheels(any color + serengeti); Trixies or other patterned pumps. Please email me with terms and conditions at laleh000@yahoo.com.


  3. that's remarkable! I'm so jealous. If you see the juliets in 10-11 please let me know.
    If it's easier to just text me once you're there, just email me & I'll give you my number. TIA!

  4. Were the Dark Cloud Lulus size 7?? If so, I would love them! If you see them and don't mind, please pick them up for me, I will pay all expenses!



  5. You are so lucky! Any Lulu heels in size 10 would be appreciated.

  6. Aw man, I was up in the bay this weekend, didnt think of Jeremys!

    If you go again, lemme know if you find any flats in pink/dusty rose/blush in 7.5 or any flats for that matter.


    erumkhan at gmail dot com

  7. Wow! Great finds! Are you referring to the Jeremy's in SF or Berkeley? Thanks!

  8. Oooo! Great find! Are there any more of those flats in 8.5???

  9. hi, it would be awesome if you could pick up some lulu peep toes for me in size 6 (if they're available of course). I'm looking for the metallic ones and also a pair of the honey glaze or burnt sienna. Whatever you can find!

  10. Wow Liz, amazing finds!! My holy grail shoe is the Alessia in spearmint. If you found that in a 7 I would be eternally grateful.


  11. I know you said that they only had the lulu flats in gunmetal, but if you go back and they have them in platinum gold size 6.5, I would be happy to pay you for them. It is so nice of you to offer to do this for us! :)


  12. Hi! If you find any of following in a size 7 I'd be so grateful: Lulu metallic gunmetal flats or leather dark cloud, Alessia flats in root, city flats in brown suede. My email is shop316@gmail.com. Thank you so much!!

    p.s. I love your blog. I'm a huge lost fan too! :)

  13. i'd love a pair of dark cloud lulus in a size 9.5.

    starla729 at yahoo dot com

    and i agree, great blog. glad i stumbled over here. i like the post below about the gap stuff because i stop in there a lot too. love that ruffle tank, i'll have to check it out!

  14. OOh I can't wait to go visit Jeremy's again. Did you find things at the Berkeley or SF store? I've only been to the Berkeley store but the SF store is much closer to me.

  15. Hi Liz!

    You are so nice to offer to do this for everyone! There are NO jcrew items at my area tj maxxs (DC), and I am dying for a cheap shoe fix!

    And want the same exact ones you have! If you found the almond juliets and/or the gunmetal lulus, both in 8.5, I would definitely pay your costs! My email is katherinerieder@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much!

  16. ha ha ha ha - I forgot another of my holy grails - the dusty rose perfect patent pumps in size 8.5! I can send you a link if you aren't too overwhelmed by all this! :)

  17. How do the Juliets fit? I would LOVE the exact pair that you got! I'm usually an 8.5 in j.crew but I heard these run small. What did you think?

    I just started reading your blog and I love it! My email is lolalovesfrank@gmail.com

    Have a great day!

  18. I would love a pair of Lulu's in Metallic Gold in a size 6 or the flats in a 6.5. You can email me at kat3805@gmail.com

  19. Oh how great! Im dying for the Perfect Patent Pumps in dusty rose (the pink!) in a 9...id be so grateful! starjm03@aol.com

  20. Hi Liz,

    I would love a pair of lulu flats in 6.5 if you happen to go to jeremy's again. My email is diyor_bawel[at]yahoo[dot]com. Thank you so much!!--Issy

  21. Hi!

    I would be forever grateful if you could get me lulu heels in size 7.5 in burnt sienna or dark cloud!

    My email is

    env79 at hotmail.com

    Thank you!

  22. I just discovered your blog through the Aficionada site. I would LOVE a pair of the Juliets in blanched almond, size 8.5 if you see some. Thanks so much!


  23. ooh, nice! I picked up dark cloud lulus in 6.5 (heels and flats) way back in the fall when they were still $150 online - love them to pieces. They were the only lulus they had and in my size : ) Didn't know they got more lulus in!

    If you see gray spectator peep toes in a sz 6 or 6.5 can you put them on hold & let me know? my email is jcbellemarie at gmail : )

    The last few trips to Jeremy's have been eh, nothing at ALL, glad to hear you found something!

  24. I am desperate for the Juliets in almond My email is wendysoles@yahoo.com thanks so much!!!!

  25. Liz, I just sent you an email.


  26. Hi Liz,
    Just saw your post and noticed you mentioned blush pointy pumps--are these the perfect patent pumps in Dusty Pink????? If so, I'll give up my first born if you could get me a pair in size 8 or 8.5??? And I would gladly compensate you oodles for doing so.
    Thank you!!!


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