Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick Jeremy's Update

Just wanted to post an update that I visited Jeremy's last night, list in hand, and only found a few matches. If I haven't emailed you with good news, I am sorry I didn't find the shoes!

I have my list (nearly a page long!) in my purse and will keep it with me if I pop into Jeremy's again soon. Thanks to all for your interest and for reading! I hope to help you guys find other treasures in the future!


  1. it is still so wonderful that you tried! thank you so much, I will always appreciate at!

    ps - my red sox hat is pink...:)

  2. yes thanks so much for your efforts :)

    and yay to fellow sox fans!!

    i have sox hats in 5 colors - red, navy, pink, light blue, and purple :)

  3. Hi! Jeremy is having a 50% sale this Sat (2/14), by the way, is parking easy near the one in Berkeley?

  4. No worries - thanks anyway! I overcompensated with other shoe purchases anyway. (:


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