Saturday, January 31, 2009

You should be watching Friday Night Lights

If you aren't watching Friday Night Lights, all I have to say is you're missing out. Everyone says this is a show about football, but its so much more than that--its really a great show about people and a great small town. I love the way it is shot, like you are standing in the group or a spy. The relationships are complicated, the drama is there, and even though its not all about sports, you find yourself rooting for everyone on the show. Get those Tivos ready!

Oh, and there's one other reason you should watch....

Riggins, #33.

B&M Pick of the Day: Paisley Silk Tunic

Went to B&M with Rewards Card burning a hole in my pocket today and I found my favorite piece of the Spring Collection. I believe it is an actual Collection item, as I don't see it online or in the catalog--its a slub silk tunic in the pink and green paisley with a cording ivory trim, and its just gorgeous! Has a real elegant look.

Ah, these pics don't do it justice. I think my hands were shaking with excitement. It retails for $150 and I sized down to a size 6 (same size for me as Bria and Kya camis). Style number 11525.

Cannot wait to wear this in spring and summer with white pants or the Mossy Shadow Saturday pants.

Update: I got a few comments on the price, haha. Since it is still too cold for this item, I am going to hold on to my receipt and keep an eye out for a markdown, which I always do. I just wanted to grab something I like and keep an eye on it...if the price goes down I will switch it out!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Time for a Change: Hair

So, I think its time for a change.

I have had the same long, somewhat layered hair for...hmmm. 20 Years? Thats scary. I guess starting from age 9 I wanted to have my hair in a ponytail daily, and now here I am, having never had my hair shorter than my shoulders. For a long while I was really highlighting my hair to a sad unfortunate "yellow" level, I habit I have since nipped in the bud. My last hair appointment even involved an all over evening back to my natural shade of "bronde" which I like, but all of a sudden its like a lightbulb has gone off--I need something new, I need a style, I need my hair to not take 5 hours to air dry.

What I am envisioning is somewhere between my chin and shoulders, NOT a triangle, NOT a mom haircut, NOT at my shoulders since I will look 12 years old. Want it to work with waves but yet be great smoothed out. I want to look put together and professional, but fun. I want it to take a little effort but something that I also look forward to putting all together.

Good luck, right? I know. And for YEARS people keep giving me the "oh don't cut your hair it will look poufy" comment--clearly not inspiring comfort. But the time has come to go for it--its just hair, it will grow, got to experiment.

I have a few inspiration pictures, I know its kinda lame but I have been gathering them. If anyone has any input I would love it!

Christina Applegates hair looks great many ways...

I really like Mandy's hair, but its a little long?

And of course, the effortless Reese (I know, I know, my hair is thicker)

And the MARVELOUS Betty Draper...please ignore her sullen look in this pic.

Most of all, can anyone give me any advice or stories about big hair changes? I need some courage!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please send help: LOST Brain Exploded.

NOTE: If you are a fan but haven't watched yet--do not read!

AH! The episode last night was great: the Widmore reveal, the Charlie tribute, etc. Loved the interactions: Locke and Alpert, Ellie (young Mrs. Hawking, I think) and Faraday, Juliet and the gang, etc etc. Penny and Des remain my favorite couple on the show.

And while I don't want to bore non-LOST-fans, here's just one little thought/theory from last night.

Here's my crazy idea about the Hawking/Faraday/Widmore link. Widmore and Ellie Hawking hookup. She gets pregnant. They have to leave island. She has twins--Daniel and Penny. Hawking takes Daniel and Charles takes Penny after big falling out. They live separately with different approaches to finding the island, how, and why...Hawking with Science and time travel, Widmore with money and power but keeping Penny in the dark. I remembered that LOST book Bad Twin...and even though the brother/sister thing has been done I think its possible as both Penny and Daniel seem early 30s. And thats why Widmore knows where Faraday's mom is--they agreed to always be able to contact in a big emergency, but she won't be happy to see Desmond as they had an agreement to live life separately.

What did you think of the episode?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New LOST Tonight: Jughead

Its just ridiculous how much I love this show, and friends will tell you that I can drone on for hours with the crazy theories I read on message boards and articles from the time the show ends until the next one begins.

I have been trying to avoid any spoilers if possible, because I have heard that tonight's is supposed to be a great episode. I loved last week's double-installment, but many felt it was mostly set up for the season (to be expected) so I think we will really get into some great reveals and mysteries tonight.

So turn down the lights, silence your cell phones and get that pause button ready!

Recap chat tomorrow:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shoe Dreams

I really am working on not buying new things if I can help it, but I may have mentioned my love for things Cognac (the color).

Right now the cognac love has brought me to lusting after two new pairs of shoes. First, I love cowboy boots and I have deemed them the ideal shoe. They are so comfortable, I could walk miles in them, they have a pointed toe for leg lengthening, a slight heel...awesome! Until now my "old reliable" pair has been a pair of Luchesses--Tan Mad Dog Goat is the color. I have worn them almost into the ground (please read this as my justification for searching for a new pair)...

Enter--the object of my affection:

Frye Carson Boot in Brown

Look at the cognacy goodness! With jeans! With skirts!

I REALLY need a Revolve coupon code! I have not bought from them before but have loved looking at the site recently.

The other shoes are Cole Haan Penny Loafer pump. I have never owned any Cole Haan shoes..what do you guys think?

They are on sale at for $108 which I think is a great deal. Thoughts?

Please help me with my cognac addiction. Thanks for your support. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Work in Progress: Martin + Osa

I didn't mean to make this blog so clothes-focused, but more variety is sure to come. I wanted to take a moment for a quick post about Martin + Osa. M+O is a fairly new brand by American Eagle, sort of a "refined classics" with a preppy casual vibe. Plus, they were a couple that were American explorers. Who wouldn't want to hang out with Martin and his gal Osa? Plus that means the dressing rooms have a rustic lodge feel--bonus.

I first noticed M+O a little over a year ago, and there is a store in a mall near me, as well as a great website (, natch). I feel like they are still working on their product line and sizing, but there have been some really great things I have noticed over the last year:

Free Shipping (I noticed this is now only over $125)
Free Returns
Great Website
GREAT Promotions--30% off Everything, 30% off Sale, Friends & Family

I have found a few favorite items there as well. One favorite--Cashmere ScoopNeck Sweater...comes in great colors and Great lean flattering shape. Through sales and stuff I have picked some up for under $40...original price is $140. They always have lots of colors and I believe I have amassed three of these as basics. I have worn with JCrew Elizabeth Cami in Clover under the navy scoop with brown Tenley boots, its one of my favorite outfits. Current price $79.

I also just got their Wool Trench Black Coat, marked down and with a promotion for about $70, which is a steal for a black wool coat. The fit is again long and lean with pewtery buttons and epaulets (is that what they are called??) and is belted. The one funny thing--this coat has no pockets. There are flap faux pockets, but no place to put your hands. Let me tell you you will never realize how often you use coat pockets until they aren't there. Where to put your money on the way to the Taco Truck? Where to slide your ipod in as you commute? Where to jam your hands as you wonder how SF is so much colder than advertised? Quite the situation. This is just a little part of things I know M+O will work out.

Apparently there is only a Large in Red left, but its cute and $79!

**Just noticed the website says there are "front flap pockets"--I will check but if there are those things are really sewn tight.

Other faves to check out in the sale section:

Starry Midnight Peacoat
Wool Herringbone Washed Scarf

A note on the sizing--I have been more of a Medium over the last 6 months, but I definitely need a Large in the Cashmere Scoop. On the other side, I ordered the Osa Straight jean on a whim when they were under $20 (GREAT by the way) and fit in the 30 when all my other jeans are 31. Might have to try some things out but there are deals and fun styles to be found!

JCrew Rewards Card

I love getting little cards in the mail, and today I had a JCrew "note"! I received my Rewards Card this evening with a small Spring Collection booklet. I wouldn't call it a "Lookbook" but a nice little booklet.

Inside, there is a little note from Jenna Lyons, the rewards card, a blurb about the Personal Shoppers.

First outfit has a Golden Foil Agnes Jacket (kind of a spring Aubrey shape) for $478, a $55 Tissue Tee with Applique that looks to be a slatey navy, and Colored-chambray Cocktail Capri that looks like a blush color (pretty!) for $79.50.

Second outfit has a draped neck silk Milla Tank in a vibrant pink print that is $175, and a Cotton Linen Seaside Short that is $55 again in a blushy pink with a ribbon-like drawstring.

Third outfit has a Boyfriend Military Jacket in a gray (almost like a hip lenth cargo jacket with 4 pockets on front), $118 and a Tiered Ruffle Skirt in white (almost looks like a grown up Crewcuts) for $148. Accessorized with a $125 Pearl Cluster necklace in white (pretty!!).

Fourth Outfit is Keegan Trench, interestingly called "Washed Curator Trench" here--$158 with the Editor Tote in a Saddley leather which is absolutely one of my weaknesses!--does have the plasticy chain strap though and its $395. Distressed Vintage Slim Jean for $148. Beaded Zebra Tee for $68 looks like a light gray shirt with black and white beaded zebra.

Last outfit: Sorbet Stripe Cardigan (like Michelle Cardigan) in a slatey blue/white for $79.50. Linen Jersey banded Silk tank (need to see more of this) for $58. Small Leather Gallery Hobo looks yellowy in this picture, is $250. Also chino shorts for $39.50 and some pretty necklaces.

I loved getting this little book although my Rewards Card is a reminder to how much I spent in the last few months--eek! Will be great to use on some nice season-transition pieces.
What do you think? Did you get your rewards card?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Few Other New Arrivals...

Popped into another B&M store today to do some returns and saw a few more of the new arrivals that I hadn't seen earlier this week....

First, random cotton tank dress...
This one had a pretty pleating on the tank straps. I didn't even put it on as I knew I would look pregnant in it, ha , but wanted to pass it along to you guys! It also came in a pink, and I believe it was under $100.

Travel Trench in Navy
I tried on the 8 in this jacket, leading me to believe the jacket is fairly true to size. I really liked the shape and length of the jacket. I think I am going to keep an eye on the price of this one as I imagine it will come down. One funny thing was the belt for the jacket seemed almost comically long. Once I buckled it the tail end of the belt wound almost all the way around to my back--at least i knew it wouldn't flap around, as it slipped into one of the loops, but it was a bit odd.

Here it is open with the belt looped in the back...

Belted ( sorry for the weird pics, the lighting makes me look ghosty!) the buttons a lot...

Annie Cami
When I first saw this on JCA from the magazine page, I really was looking forward to seeing it. I really like the neckline petals, but something about the shape just didn't work for me. The narrowness at the shoulders widened into sort of a square shape on the body. Oh well they aren't all winners! This is not the spearmint, but more of a light clover. Sorry I didn't get the color code!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Crewys--JCrew Beloved Items, Winter 2008

As I go through my closet looking for ways to reinvigorate the items that are already there, I find myself noting a few certain items that have become my favorites from Winter 2008. Some are very popular and mainstream, some are more random, but there are a few that really standout.

Shoe Award--Lulu Metallic Peeptoe Heels
These shoes are cute, amazingly comfortable, and got many compliments. I kept finding reasons to wear them and found they really had a chameleon factor--I could make them look gold or silver. The gray satin bow really helped. I found I could stay on my feet in them and they looked great with pants and skirt...bravo!

Random winner--Acorn Necklace
I adore this necklace. Love the use of wooden acorns, the length, and how it seems to go with anything. My husband actually teased me to STOP wearing it over the holidays as I slung it around my neck for the umpteenth time--he said "hey, aren't acorns more a fall thing? like, should you stop wearing them?" Can't blame the guy for trying. I ordered this on a whim and had it shipped to my family home so it was there when we arrived for our Christmas trip, and as I look through photos of that week I am wearing it more than 50% of the time. Oh well. Love those acorns.

Ivory Victoria Cami
I have sort of a more-than-average love for turtlenecks. I hate being cold and also I found them to be "slimming" when I was even heavier. So when the Victoria cami came out that was sort of like a silky cami with a turtleneck effect, I knew it was going to be on my favorites list. I have work this alone, under sweaters, under cardigans, and generally been giddy anytime I pull it out--makes me wonder, do I need a backup?

With apron for Christmas party...(CREEPY photo)

With Heather Wheat Merino cardigan...

Ivory on ivory sweater with weird hair...

Sorry for all the photos but it was funny to look through pics and realize how often I wore certain things!

Honorable mentions go to: Dream Open Cardigan in Heather Graphite, Zoey platinum tank layered with almost anything, and cashmere turtlenecks in Blade Green and Dark Peony. Also Academy Pants!

What items are your favorites? What items did you find yourself reaching for time and time again, even as a surprise?

JCrew New Arrivals Update

Thanks to everyone for your comments on the new arrivals! I wanted to post an update that answered any of your questions.

The Shawl Collar sweater was $98. I really liked the sweater and I will be keeping an eye on it--it had some great heft and I think it would look cute with shorts even on a summer evening. When I first put it on, I thought it was all cotton (which made me worry it would stretch out), but with cashmere blended in, it seemed to have a nicer feel and stability.

Overall the price points seemed slightly more reasonable--I didn't seem to notice any prices over $100, which could be both a switch for the current economy or also because spring items are lighter than winter items--what are you all noticing on pricing?

I found these at the SF Center store--I switch between that and the Walnut Creek store. Both I think are great with kind salespeople! Always have fairly good stock as well as good sale items.

The pencil skirt I tried on was a floral print, but it appeared to be the same fabric and cut as the Lattice pencil skirt. I would say its similar to the Double Serge pencil, maybe cut a bit slimmer, but the fabric has some give. The other skirt I had in the dressing room was the Gold Lame pleated skirt on sale. I have to finally admit that pleated a-line skirts are tricky for me. Just a bad look on me. Oh well. good for my wallet!

And thanks for the different opinions on the Keegan and the ruffle tank. Its so great and interesting to hear that some liked and item and some didn't. I think I will put these items on my "watch list"--things I keep an eye on in price and in the store, and even on other blogs. This way I found out if they come down in price and how people are wearing them. Regarding the Keegan, I do like the details, but the length is a concern for me--my bottom half has always been my problem area and cropped jackets are in the category of items that make me nervous.

Overall I liked the items at the store but there were very few that I HAD to have. I am more of a fall/winter clothes lover, but I like seeing how I can make items last through multiple seasons.

Thanks everyone for your input!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Polyvore Paper Dolls

One of the things I have been thinking about a lot with the recent tightening of budgets is thinking of new ways to wear the clothes that are ALREADY in my closet. I find myself reaching for the same things over and over instead of creating new combinations and making old things new again.

Polyvore is an AMAZING tool for putting together outfits online. I found myself a bit lost in the pages and pages of items--in other words it sucked away hours of my life and I still put on a black turtleneck with jeans the next day--one of my default uniforms.

So, one day I got some inspiration to put together my own polyvore sets right with my clothes that I could touch and combine. I tried on different outfits and then tried to build multiple sets around one item. For example, I took a sweater dress and made a casual set, a dressy set, and a layered set:

Then I just snapped a photo of my outfits so I would feel like I had tons of options right at my fingertips.

I have been so inspired by other bloggers great Polyvore sets and seeing them in real life. Does anyone have any great ideas for how to be inspired by the items currently in their closet?

JCrew Spring Arrivals

This evening I headed to my local JCrew to see if they had any of the new arrivals and see if I could find some cute new things. I tried to get a few pics of the things I found, also so I could remember anything I like for when it inevitably goes on sale :)

Two things you should know about my recent JCrew tendencies--first, I have a slight addiction for their ringspun/candy/applique tees, and second, I find that I love wearing ivory and neutral tops. When I got back and reviewed the pictures of my dressing room, it looks like a neutralpalooza. Oops. Have to mix some color in there!

Excuse the amateur nature of the photos and how I obviously don't look my best (even chubby, ack!). For reference in sizing and proportions, I am about 5'9", size 8-10 on bottom, size 6-8 on top. I feel a bit silly posting all this, but I always find it SO helpful to see items on a real person, so I hope this helps someone!

On Sale: Kaia Cami
Found this in white on sale. Really like all these camis, and I think this one will look really fresh all the way into summer with navy pants. I have a cami on underneath, and I sized down to a 6 so hopefully it won't be too low cut.

Puff Sleeve Tee:
I really liked the way this fits, this one is a Medium and has a longish length (which I love) and a great shape. My one question is the colors. The two colors were like a brownish gray, and a grayish brown. Really, haha. Both were sort of bland and all-natural looking. I waited on this one...also maybe it will come in a slate or navy!

THE Keegan Jacket
This jacket was cute on the hanger but I was nervous about the boxiness. I sized all the way down to a 6. The touch of the fabric was soft--I believe it could be the exact same fabric as the Tuesday Trench from last year. My store didn't have the white. I had already told myself it would be too boxy, but as I look at the pics--it might be pretty cute! What do you guys think?

Cute Gray/Sun Pencil Skirt
This was really cute in a hefty stretch cotton and ran true to size, or at least not loose. I tried on a 10 but wasn't ready for a summery skirt like this yet!

Cotton Cashmere Shawl Cardigan:
Just saw this on the front table and hadn't heard of it before. Really liked the feel, fit, and shape. Seemed to come in just a light pewter and a light camel color. I grabbed a small in this as I like a long cardigan to fit snugly to avoid any frumpy factor.

Cute Cardigan
Styled like the Melanie with unique buttons. Too shrunken for my frame, but love the print! I think there was a Miniskirt in this print as well.

Ringspun Tee with Applique Floral Design, Bright Ivory
Here I am trying it on in a Medium--really fitted, but the large is baggy. Really loved this design but it was a bit subtle. This one didn't come home with my but I would definitely recommend it as an evolution of the basic white tee.

Brown "Cherry Blossom" Tee
This tee has small satin flowers applique onto a natural brownish tee. SO Pretty. I believe this picture was a large, so its a big looser.

That "Twist Sleeve" Top
This shirt is a bit like a refined version of the Zoey tank with a cute cap sleeve and a little less glitter to the fabric. It comes in Ivory, a light pewter, a bright pink, navy...

Ruffle Tank
This tank scared me a bit. Not sure if it looks bulky or just too haphazard. Also, it runs big, this is the Small size on me.

I ended up coming home with the sale Kaia blouse, the Cherry Blossom tee (I was so weak!) and the Twist Sleeve top, which I know I will wear ALL the time to work from now through summer.

Please let me know what you think of the new arrivals and thanks for looking at my crazy pics!
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