Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Leaf

Well. You guys sure told me. I had NO IDEA that all over the country, you all were planning your outfits in the evenings or even WEEKS before you were going to wear them. Who knew? Not me. For years I have been throwing together bleary-eyed haphazard outfits at the last morning minute.

Well no more. I made my first attempt at Polyvoring an outfit and then putting it together this morning. I just didn't manage to pull off the night before thing. I will definitely be working on that over the next few weeks. I so so appreciate all of your tips. I am a listmaker at heart, and so I believe I can definitely modify these ideas into an organized system I can use. Thank you for your help!

Here's the outfit on Polyvore...

The sweater is supposed to be the Heather Wheat one that was in stores only, but they don't have that one on Polyvore--that is one problem I always seem to run into on that size--I can't find something comparable, so I have to work on that. Also, the messenger bag is not a fashion statement, it is a necessity for carrying my heavy laptop back and forth on the commute.

Here's my top half IRL:

Thanks AGAIN for all your input. I am committed to making my mornings more fashionable and stress-free! I will keep you all posted on this endeavor.


  1. Your outfit looks great!! I love the way it pulled together. I just may have to try polyvore one day...

  2. Great outfit. I love the cardi with the tee underneath and the acorn necklace really makes it!

    Tell me, how was using Polyvore? I've never used it before, but I love seeing everyone's sets. I keep thinking I should try it. Any tips for a newbie?

  3. Yay! First attempt is truly a successful one - great combo. :)

  4. You are doing great and I found taking the pix to be really helpful in giving you a better sense of what looks good on you so that you keep repeating that. Keep it at it. I admit it seems kinda weird at first.

  5. Great outfit! Thansks for all your fashion tips. Just wanted to share something (albeit unsolicited) for your hauling your laptop try a Sumdex She Rules™ bag. I love love love mine;
    Better for your backtoo , and on sale at ebags dot com



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