Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Answering a few of your questions...

I looked through some recent comments and wanted to answer a few of your questions here as I sometimes find they get lost in the Comments of old posts...

RE: The Maisey Faille Jacket
Anon asked about the fit in the shoulders as well as the colors. I thought the fit felt fine across the back and shoulders--I always err on the side of fitted on jackets, because I often wear them open and don't like to have them feeling baggy. Regarding the colors, the store I visited only had the Champagne but I am keeping an eye out for others! I will let you know if I see them. Leaderboys also asked about the material--I believe this material will hold its shape and resist wrinkles pretty well as it is almost a corded sateen instead of cotton. I would hope it would hang out any box wrinkles and do really well after that.

RE: The item number of the Ruffle Skirt in the Spring booklet is 11625 Laura!

RE: Friday Night Lights--YES that guy is that hot!

RE: Bra Size--I am a 34DD size after finally figuring out the right size to wear!

RE: Hair Choices--THANK YOU all for your encouragement and ideas--I think the chop is on the horizon!

RE: LOST Synopsis/Info--The craziest repository of all things LOST is on and I love reading Doc Jensen's articles on LOST at He posts a great article the morning before the show airs, and then the morning after for a debrief!

RE: My Shoe Dreams--I ordered those Frye boots (sigh!) and they were gorgeous leather. For me though, they were a bit too snug, too short, and too much of a rounded toe--they just weren't perfect. BUT thanks to all of your for recommending Revolve's great customer service--they were helpful!

RE: Polyvore Paper Dolls--a few of you asked to see more outfits--I am working on the logistics of this and will post more soon! Also, someone said they adored my shoes in that one--they are actually a slate gray patent round toe pump from ReportShoes. I saw these in a magazine and then later found them on the Nordstrom sale rack--meant to be! They are fabulous! The only trouble is--they are the tallest shoes I own and I need work on walking in them. One coworker called me out saying I looked "teetery", um thanks? LOVE the shoes though.

I am having so much fun sharing information and I thank all of your for your advice and questions. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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  1. Thanks for the answers:) Appreciate them.


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