Thursday, February 26, 2009

JCrew New Arrivals IRL

This evening I visited a B&M store on a whim and found they have received many new arrivals...but no catalog! I tried to take some pictures of what I saw. Granted, not all of them worked for me, but I thought it would be nice to see how the items looked on a real person.

I will try to note what size I tried on. My standard size is 10 on the bottom, 8 on the top but lately I have often been sizing to a 6 on top if I want something really fitted.

Merino VNeck Ruffle Cardigan $118, size Small for really fitted
This is cute. But is everything gray? Seriously. No other colors at my store. And not for $118. But I like the length on this.

Jayne Dress in Tea Rose, Tried in size 10.
Eek. I don't love showing this pic...I had high hopes for this dress but it seems to fit me wrong...the bottom seemed dangerously clingy but the top far too drapey. The real reason I wanted to show was because the color was different than I expected--I had envisioned more of a dusty rose, but this was brighter or even coral-ly?

Gateau Skirt, Tried an 8 with the A-Line Shape.
Gah. Not for me. A-Line Skirts just make my pear shape look too much like a triangle. I did like that the skirt had a nice feel and sleek horizontal pleats.

Charmeuse Pencil Skirt, Tried an 10.
OK I am starting with the funny items first haha. This skirt sorta baffled me. It has the feel of comfy silk pajamas, but its like a tube of fabric with the elastic waistband. It is comfortable, but I just don't know if I am cool enough to rock it. Was also a bit longish.

Vintage Slim Distressed Jean, Tried a 30R.
These are cool--I have not had light or distressed or slim for that matter, jeans in a long while. And I love the idea of rolling these. But I just keep thinking that I don't want to pay $100 for jeans that will be just for fun or a trend...I do have my gears turning about maybe distressing a pair of jeans I already have, will keep you posted!

Sateen Pencil Skirt in Pink, Tried Size 10.
This skirt was on the sale rack for $29.99 (?) already. I really don't know why. It was really cute but the light color made me worry a bit about showing lumps and bumps. I left this one but a nice springy piece.

Slub Cotton Ruffled Scoopneck Tee, Tried on M
Nice Tee, love a scoopneckline, but this will have to wait for a sale. Overall I think the tees are really nice.

Boyfriend Miliary Jacket, Tried in Small (sized down from medium)
This jacket is cool, but a bit big and boxy. Even the small and later the XS were too square on the body, but I really liked the concept.

Here is the SMALL:

Here is the XSMALL: (note I have never worn an XS in anything)

Keegan Trench in Coal, size 6.
This jacket is still on my mind....I just keep thinking that it will get lower and it might be a bit too short. Jury still out, but I really like the coal.

Canvas Atelier Jacket, Tried on in Size 6.
I really liked the cut of this jacket, but the color was a bit pale on me. I ended up liking the Crocodile Cocktail jacket better, which I will review in a later post.

Scalloped Shell in Size 6.
This is so much cuter in person--I love the satiny finish of the scallops. It fits well and is not too short or revealing. It does seem a bit wider in the shoulders--not cap sleeve, but wider than a regular shell. Thumbs up, I have my eye on this one!

I'll post some more later! I like some pieces, but none that I need right now--I had one favorite that I will post about soon.


  1. Great pics & reviews! I didn't see the pencil skirt in pink. Maybe we didn't get that in our area (west coast).

  2. I love this post! My favorites were the keegan trench and the scalloped shell. I really think the Jane dress could work for you if you had it nipped in the waist. That color is stunning on you.

  3. Thanks for all the pics. I'm with you on teh Keegan Trench - I ,ove that coal color!

    If you are interested in distressing your own jeans, Fabulous Florida Mommy had a great post a while back about DIY, and her results looked great.

  4. Thanks for posting these! I'd been eying the Jayne dress, but,'s so shapely on top and then it looks like it just drops off and hangs there. Plus it looks too long for me. How tall are you? I'm afraid it would hit me mid-calf. Thanks for the IRL pics! They are very helpful!

  5. P.s. I agree the Keegan trench looks awesome on you!

  6. the scalloped shell is super cute, didn't look that cute online, but now that i see it on you, i will have to reconsider :)
    i like the ruffle scoopneck too... had my eye on that one, and i like the way it looks on you.

  7. Great pics! Thanks so much for posting, it really helps me get an idea of clothing better if I can see it on an actual person.

  8. great review- I tried the keegan in the warm coal color and I like the cut but the color did not do anything for me. I love the merino ruffles on you!

  9. The coal looks great with your hair/skintone (and I think it fits you well! :)

  10. Keegan trench and scalloped shell are my favs! Thanks for the reviews - I haven't been able to see any thing in person yet.

  11. so helpful! i found your blog from the jca blog. anyways, i love the IRL pictures. the cardigan looks interesting (though i agree...more grey!). might have to stop by the store...

  12. Thanks for the pics/reviews. i don't think there is one thing in that whole slew that is all that cute or flattering. J Crew is really missing the beat this Spring. Good for the wallet but not for their business.
    I would not wear that croc jacket if someone gave it to me. Very unflattering fit, shapeless and bad color-washes out every person that has taken pics of themselves in it.

  13. LOVE THE KEEGAN on you! I have the keegan in khaki (I am wearing for the first time today.)

    I also own that pencil skirt. I bought it a bit big to compensate for its sheerness. That color is to die for... I think it may be a bit long on you, but otherwise looks like it could work with the right "support," if you get my drift. :)

    Also, scalloped shell, so so pretty on you!

  14. Love the Keagan trench on you as well! I actually just bought this yesterday in the coal color - I was so excited that they finally got that color in at my store. And I agree on the Crocodile jacket vs. the Atelier - Crocodile is just cuter in my opinion. The scalloped shell is really cute on you, and I also like the military jacket in the XS on you as well. It's so not J. Crew to me, but kind of fun and different. I tried it on in a small and was just swimming in it, but they didn't have the XS in stock.

  15. 2 things 1. I like those jeans alot.2 I think you have wonderful hair!

  16. i tried on the same stuff at my jcrew store in b'game the other day! loved the grey cardigan but it was too much at $118. i got the v neck flower tee and a scarf.

  17. Thank you so much for ALL of your reviews! They are very helpful to me because it sounds like we are exactly the same size(s)!!! How fun... I really liked the distressed jeans on you- I actually ordered them but after trying them on I still could not justify the $100 price tag so they went back! I recently found some at the Gap that are very similar & half the price! Good luck w/ distressing a pair. Let us know how it goes! Thanks again for the reviews. I L-O-V-E your blog, keep it up!!!

  18. The distressed jeans looked awesome you!!!!! I am also in love with the crocodile coat.


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