Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RockBand Widow

I adore my husband. I really do. But one thing thats frustrates me about him is that anything he tries, he picks up really quickly and becomes good at. This is a true blessing in life, DON'T get me wrong I know this, but there are about a thousand examples over the nearly 12 (!!) years we have been together that show this and it sometimes gets under my skin. Examples include:

--His getting into the college that was BOTH of our favorites Early Decision while I had to wait for the waitlist--I swear I will hold this grudge to the grave....no, no, I'm over it.

--I started training for a 5K hugffing and puffing for weeks, and he had no interest, 2 months later he started with an ipod Nike+ and was jogging along with Tiger telling him he had a personal best...

--I get my dream camera and so far some of the best pictures come from his tinkering...

Anyway--the latest. DH got RockBand for Christmas and though a series of events, he only got it in his hands on Sunday. Since then, he has been playing when any available minutes arise, which has been extra challenging as my parents are in town and staying nearby so we have been hanging out with them. He of course got my mom and dad on the instruments, but thats for another post.

What I am talking about here is the spring in his step as we head into the apartment, and I know what that means--an hour of drum solos that he has seemed to learn overnight. I woke up Monday morning, a holiday, and I could tell he had been playing for about an hour. As I speak he is working on Drum technique to "Float On".

Now I love RockBand too, its really fun, but I knowingly am medicore at best. These songs are already haunting me in my dreams and now I have a new lovely piece of furniture for my living room, a plastic drum set that is about knee high and multi colored. Though I love that DH has such instant muic passion and ability I ask you...

Whats a girl to do?


  1. That was really funny.

    You have the Nikon D40? Did you read the manual, take a course or just start shooting with it?

  2. OT but I wanted to tell you the Lulus are here! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  3. O/T: did you get your haircut yet?

  4. I bet you could rock his socks off in a shopping competition! :)

    I hear ya...I am surrounded by men who can pick up something as easily as possible. I bought a mandolin a few years ago and can still only pick out (slowly) tunes like "happy birthday"--my bro picks it up one night and starts jamming away like a pro. I wanted to kick him in his shin. My hubby is the same way. Not fair.


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