Thursday, February 5, 2009

Orla Kiely Housewares for Target!

Dream! I just found out (and maybe I am the last to know) that Orla Kiely worked with Target to create a line of housewares. Let the cuteness begin! Love the cups with the pear design.

Orla has a special place in my heart as my mom gave my sister and I Orla wallets years ago that I am still carrying. Its a checkbook sized zip up wallet and for some reason its just pure genius. It works as a clutch if you need to zip your cell phone in, is coated in laminated canvas so its nearly indesctructible, and has a bright and cheery lining so I can always find what I need inside. Plus, its kind of like a mom-sister-sister Best Friends necklace...whenever I see mine I know two other great wallets are living it up in New England.

Orla--thanks again for the wallet, and can't wait to buy a pear plate!


  1. I want the apron...I emailed 2 friends and hope they can find one for me as I am living overseas. Cute stuff. I just found this out myself yesterday!

  2. OMG I want the apron too! I had no idea Target carried her line. I was planning a trip to Target today anyway so I will definitely check it out. Her designs are so cute!


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