Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm baackkk!

Wow that was a long absence from My Favorite Things. Sorry Everybody!

I have plans for some posts, but here are a few quick tidbits:
  • We had a fabulous trip even though it was rainy on the east coast
  • I tried your packing tips and THANK YOU! I kept with a color pallette: yellow, navy, white and touches of gray and it worked so well, helped me pack, plan, and smile as I got dressed on my trip. Also I rolled my clothes as I packed and used areas of my luggage to remember where things were. Overall, it was a MUCH better packing experience than usual!
  • I bought my first bottles of ACV this morning and am joining the bandwagon. Thanks to Gigi for the inspiration--I am hoping this helps me start a quick detox from my vacation which included Fried Scallops, many drinks, Clam Chowder, and cupcakes.
  • There are some changes coming up for Hubs and I that I am really excited about, more to come on that! (Not a baby right now! Thats what I know people will think haha)
  • I visited some JCrews as well as a few favorite vacation boutiques this trip and I will try to post some shopping info/pics from those soon. As Hubs says, "some people travel to see America's Greatest just want to see the JCrew wherever we are going." So true!
It's great to be back. What did I miss? Do you have any questions for me? More later, thanks all for still reading after my hiatus!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This Friday Hubs and I head off for a 10 day trip to all parts of the East Coast: New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Boston, and Cape Cod. I cannot wait as we will be seeing MANY family and friends and that is such a special treat.

However, when trips approach, I panic for one reason--packing. I am simply horrible at it and just dread the task completely. I start out all right and at the end I am piling anything desirable into the bulging suitcase.

Sorry for the quick post, but...Do any of you have any packing tips? Calling all help here! Please post your methods for great (or even non-horrible) packing in the Comments. Thanks in advance!

Friday, June 12, 2009

JCrew New Arrivals June

Good morning all. Much better day today without a deposit from a flying friend. Sorry for that rant yesterday. And it looks like it WAS good luck for my Sox last night! Woot!

Moving on. I went to the B&M last night to do some returns and I wanted to pass along some more looks from the new items. So far I have only seen some navy items and I tried to take pics of stuff I hadn't seen yet. If you have questions, please let me know!

First, the Navy 60s Dress. They only had a size 4 (couldn't fit that around my thigh, ha) so I wanted to take some detail pics so you can see more of the dress.

Pattern closeup, pretty navy dots that are not perfect circles, some have some "watercolor" effect around the edges of the dots. Has a folded bodice with stitching around the natural waist...

The belt is prob about .5 to .75 inches in width in the dress fabric, with the buckle being wrapped in the fabric...

Some pintuck pleats on the sides of the waist. I liked the dress, but would have to see it on. I am not sure if its me, but it is a super cute dress if you can find one!

Next up, new suiting dress with the scallop like was on the Broadcloth Scallop shirt. Named the "Super 120s Papillon dress" for $195 on the website, here. I tried this on in a size 10 for the sheath like fit as I didn't want it to be too tight on the hips. It was slightly roomy, but I think an 8 might be too slim, so not sure. Hits at the knee.

Liked the detail on this, could wear to work or dress it up.

Boatneck tee shirt, really cute. There was a white with gray stripes version and a white with navy version (seen later in post). This is a medium. Boatnecks are not a shape I usually wear, but I liked the long and lean feel of this shirt. It retails for $29.50, 3/4 sleeves.

On the gray.

New beaded tee, creamy color with blue beads. This is a medium. I would say it is a bit longer than some of the crewneck tees they have had recently. I liked this, but the beads were a bit heavy so you would have to treat it with a bit of care.

Pretty beading!

Next item is a cotton linen scoopneck...I have only seen this in stores, not online. I have seen it for a few weeks but hadn't picked it up til now. This is a medium. It has a deep scoopneck, two small pockets at the hip, and a long and lean fit with a bit of slouchyness. You could wear a cami underneath or not.

Neckline twisted detail...

Tag info, retails for $88. This was actually my favorite item of the night, sort of a dark horse option. I believe it also comes in a brown and navy along with natural.

Cotton Silk Strapless Top with Flower
$128, sort of a Carrie Bradshaw thing going on. I tried this mostly for fun but I kinda liked it! The flower is pins that you can move around. I tried on an 8, but it sort of hung away from the body, so I would try a 6 if they had it. It has an inner corset thing like they have had in some dresses. Floaty feeling though, a fun top!

Closer, not too see through.

This is the Next Generation of the Rumpled Terry, I think. A cardigan that is a bit thinner, v-neck (no shawl), comes in a few colors, lighter weight, stripes and solids.

The Coal Miner Shirt (until we have a better name)...I liked this! This is a 6, didn't have an 8. I would probably go up to the 8 as the 6 pulled a bit at the buttons. Really well tailored, at last not a JUMBO man shirt.

I liked the roll up sleeves. I think this could be really fun with a pencil skirt as something unexpected, or with white pants, or even as a modified "cardigan". Really liked this too!

Closeup of the fabric and detail.

There was a swiss dot/tuxedo top. It was a bit boxy and had a lot going on. This is a size 8. I didn't love this one but it could be fun for work.

Tag detail on this one...

Navy version of the boatneck...

PHEW! Ok thats it. Thanks for getting through that with me. Amazingly, I walked out without having bought anything--yay for money back in my wallet! I am going to keep thinking of the Cotton Linen Scoopneck, as well as the Coal Miner's Shirt.

What do you think of the new arrivals? Can I answer any questions for you? Happy Friday, chime in here!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tale of Woe

So, readers. This morning I had planned to write a post about my part-time job as a Sherpa, that is, ferrying all of my belongings to and from work each day. Every morning I pack up my laptop, gym clothes, various need for errands, snacks, wallet, makeup bag etc etc etc and schlepp it on my 45 minute commute. Its not so much the commute I hate but the heavy 60lb monkey on my back in the form of all my daily accoutrement.

This Sherpa post will have to wait however, dear readers, as this morning I suffered one of my greatest fears. What would that be, you say? Nuclear war? A giant earthquake in the Bay Area? No no no. My worst fear comes in the form of getting a GIANT dump on me from the heavens above in the form of being a victim of a bird crap.

I really do not like birds. Look, I have love for all creatures great and small, and I know birds are loveable to some. I just don't like them fluttering above me or squawking or divebombing or pecking or whatever it is that birds do on a daily basis to give me the creeps. My friends love to tell the story of a trip where we were in Paris for a whirlwind trip, and somehow a family of pigeons had made their way down into the tunnel of the Metro. As we walked down this tunnel, they took flight, about waist high soaring towards our heads. While my friends laughed I screamed and flattened myself against a wall. I mean, it was a confined tunnel! They were coming right for us!! On a trip to Italy, probably one of the best weeks of my life, I still shudder remembering stepping onto St. Mark's square and seeing a see of birds amongst the tourists, taking flight in huge swarms as most people squealed in delight. (Why are all my bad bird experiences international? Those are my only trips out of the country, too...hmm)

This morning I was walking to work, on the last block leading to my office. I was on the phone with my mom, chatting about the day ahead. I had paused to slow down before getting to my destination, feeling optimistic about the morning ahead and trying to have a sunny outlook despite the cloudy skies. All of a sudden, I heard a PHWAP, PHWAP PHWAP pappapap. Wha?? And I looked down and ALL over my trench coat sleeve, laptop bag and as I quickly realized--MY HAIR--was a thick, yellow, brown, crazy large deposit from up above. Everywhere everywhereeverywhere.

I would like to say I remained calm, but I yelled, hung up on my mom, and ran to my office where I shouted to Ms Mer that I had had a huge commute tragedy. She is a saint and helped me with some paper towels and commiseration, I then went to my gym to shower (paper towels and water didn't work!) and dropped my coat at the cleaners.

I am really hoping this is good luck, sign from above, or omen of great fortune. (Can anyone vouch for this idea?) (If so, please forward good fortune to the Red Sox, thank you.)

Needless to say, the day took a different turn. Sherpa post will be later. Until then, my friends, I am thankful for my coat, a nearby shower, and the knowledge that I knew all along that THOSE BIRDS ARE ALL OUT TO GET ME.

Love, LizPoms

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pants Recommendation: GAP Pants

Some other great bloggers have been reviewing pants recently, so I wanted to pass along a couple favorites from the Gap that I have found.

First, the Boyfriend Jeans that I bought about a month ago are now available online! I love these and recommend sizing down as they have a slouchy fit and stretch. They are really comfortable! I purchased a size 8, where I am normally a 10 in pants these days. Only a bit of rippage and whiskering, no huge slashes, wear, or tears.

Vital Stats:
Here is the link to them on the website.
Item #655446

Here is the web image:

And here is my old picture of the jeans in action. I love them rolled or unrolled, and they look great in contrast to a preppy or feminine top.

Next, the Hip Slung Pant fit is really nice, they have many fabrics and colors and they are mostly on sale right now. They have a little stretch and a low rise fit. The "regular" length is doable for wearing flats for me at 5'9". I take a size 10 in these, I recommend ordering true to size.

Vital Stats:
See all Hip-Slung Pants at the top of this page.
Price: Range $39.99 to $54.50 (saw for $30.99 in store)

Here is a pair I like for my next pair, the Pinstripe Slub version:

And here is a dressing room pic of a size 10 Regular in the cotton linen fabric. These do not have as much give to them as there is no spandex, but they have a sleek fit and have relaxed since wearing them.

I like finding pants for less than $40 if I can as I find my tastes change on pants and I never know what I "love". Have any of you tried the Hip Slung pants? What do you think? Any other recent Gap finds?

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PSA: Go see Up!

I just adored this movie. First, I love the work Pixar does--the animation, the detail, the characters, it is a true art form that I have loved since Toy Story. This new story was so great and whimsical...I didn't know much about it going into the film, but it was great.

Beware though--I cried! Quite the tearjerker backstory of Carl and his earlier life (hes the old guy in the pic above). Beautiful story. But you know what they say--I laughed, I cried, I loved it! Hubs and I also laughed out loud throughout the movie, and the 3D was really fun. I love to feel like a kid again and this movie perfectly fit that bill.

I would love to hear about any summer movies you all have seen! Have you seen Up? Any others? What did you think?

I think my next movie will be "Away We Go" with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph. And I will be saving the date for Toy Story 3, coming next June!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A few new JCrew Items...

Some disclaimers...

...This was late last week and I only saw these couple of items on the floor, there are sure to be more new items and posts to come!

...I didn't love these items. I just saw them as new and wanted to pass them along for the blog.

...I don't like the way these look on me, eek. Just passing along for sizing and blog IRL purposes only.

...I hope there are more new things and I can find them soon. More to come!

First, the Burnished Linen Cropped Trouser, shown here.
Tried on in size 10. On the hanger--you can see the sheen but also some wrinkle effect.

Bad photo of the tag, with special tag for the Crespi mill.

These fit a bit higher on the waist and tighter than the Cafe Capri...not much give to the fabric. Cringe, these look too tight. Not for me. Cropped and Cuffed.

Next up, a short I haven't seen online. Didn't try on as they didn't have my size. Its a textured chocolate/ivory linen in a Bermuda Short style. $68.

Full view.

Last, the Cotton Eliza Skirt, shown here online for $88.
Tried on in size 10. Too full for me. I can't have a fully pleated skirt like this hehe...scary!

View on hanger of the fabric and the color.

Tag closeup...

None of these items even crossed over to "consideration" level for me. But this was my first snapshot of the coming new arrivals...and I wasn't excited, very hopeful for more. Also, I was really amazed that the three newest items heading into the peak of summer were all dull brown neural colors. I don't mind this color, but I couldn't believe this skirt wasn't in a bright color.

Have you seen any new arrivals? What do you think?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Visit to Edition, BR's new Accessories Store

I wanted to share some pics and tales from my recent trip to Edition, Banana Republic's new Accessories-focused store. This store is located in the Westfield City Centre shopping mall in downtown San Francisco, and opened in May.

I have visited this store a few times since the opening, and I have to say I am impressed. There is something about seeing only the accessories in one place that really makes a great shopping experience. The staff are helpful and friendly here and eager to explain how the concept store works without being pushy at all.

Here's the entrance in the apparently very dim mall.

I sighted some cute sandals that I hadn't seen from BR before...

The store is set up with a wall of jewelry along one wall. The jewelry is arranged in vignettes by stone or theme. I love the way you can touch all the jewelry, mix and match pieces, etc without it feeling like its behind glass. They also feature a line of charms in initial letters which can be added to a bracelet or a chain necklace--cursive, block, or set on a disc. When I was there last they had just added a line of zodiac charms.

The rest of the store is set up in small "rooms" to peek into. Here I was looking into the center room with handbags, scarves, and the understated cashwrap that is more like a desk.

Another view of the front of the store, showing the front room that showcased summery clutches, sunglasses, rings, etc.

I really recommend a visit to this store if you are in the Bay Area--the SA said they would be getting new merchandise every few weeks. I liked that it was almost a curated collection--the best of regular BR accessories in one accessible place, while adding some unique pieces. The other thing is since its BR, the prices stay the same at doable price points. Last great feature? Its accross from JCrew!

Have any of you heard or been to the store? What do you think? Do you like the idea of a BR accessories-only boutique?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home Inspiration

Hubs and I are dreaming of owning our own home soon, and every once in a while I allow myself to look for home inspiration where there is actual freedom to paint our own walls, and when I do I find myself 15 minutes later with drool on my keyboard and stars in my eyes.

Here are a few recent pics that I love. All are completely from Apartment Therapy and I credit them for the awesomeness.

Where do you find your inspiration? What has inspired you in decorating your home? What is your favorite room?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Favorite Thing: Ork Posters

I adore these graphic city posters from I have 3 of them hanging in my living room--Brooklyn (where I lived after college), Boston (where we hope to end up and home of my beloved sister and Red Sox), and San Francisco where we are living now. Each poster divides the city into its neighborhoods and cool typography to outline the areas of town. I have hung them in a bit of a tryptych over the couch. I love the simplicity of them and the colors.

They seem to be adding more cities all the time and they recently did a special edition of the human heart that I thought was really cool.

Check them out!
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