Friday, January 15, 2010

Martin + Osa Spring--Delightful Navy

Navy blue is one of my favorite colors, and I love seeing how it is used during Spring Collections. Right now I have my eye on these two great pieces that just showed up on the M+O website:

Chevron Maxi Dress

I think the Chevron here could be very flattering and be beautiful with a tan. Would like to try this on to see how it looks IRL.

Polka Dot Scarf
Love the ombre effect with the dots.

Seeing Navy this way makes me look forward to warmer weather!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Foray...Leggings

Do you ever have a style you really want to pull off but seems to elude you? I have been wanting to do the whole "effortlessly chic and comfortable in leggings and a slouchy sweater with boots" trend for a few months. I wanted to look put together, cozy but not sloppy. I see women all over of all ages wearing this and they look really nice, and a bit different than the jeans and sweater look with a coat. I am kinda self conscious about how the leggings look but I am trying...


Sweater: BR Ribbed V-Neck (no longer online, check sale racks!)
Leggings: Hue via Nordstrom
Tee: Target Tissue Tee
Boots: Steve Madden Intyce

This sweater is something I would never pick up unless I was looking for this particular style. I realized the short sleeve look would allow for a tighter tee underneath, maybe making the look a bit sleeker. Also covers the butt, not too tight or too swingy. Who knows if I pulled it off, but I feel like I can stop the quest for this look. Now I just need the courage to wear it!

Do you wear your leggings out? How do you wear them?

New Year...

Hello all, once again its been far too long.

So sorry for my absence, I haven't had much new to tell but I have been thinking a lot about the changing of 2009 to 2010.

I started 2009 working with one (fabulous) coworker in one little room in San Francisco with a parrot nearby that ate fried chicken and made more noise than an elephant. I ran a 5k (slowly). I cut off 9 inches of hair that hadn't changed in 20 years. I planned a move to a city I had always wanted to try 3000 miles away. I entered a lottery for a half marathon when I had only ever run for 40 minutes. I GOT IN the lottery, much to my surprise. I started this blog. I quit and winded down my job of three years that had been a part of me. I started running up to 10 miles (!) I packed up our California life. I moved east and right away started to see the great things that can happen from being in a place you are excited about closer to your family. I let go of a lot of the stress that used to bog me down daily. I saw a game from teh Green Monster at Fenway. I celebrated six wonderful years of marriage with Hubs. I met my best friends back in California and ran a half marathon. I met new people in Boston. I realized a third floor walkup has a lot of stairs. I job searched. I walked my new city. I checked the scale and realized I was lower than I could remember. I found my family a short car ride away for holidays which was a true joy. I rang in the New Year with my college roommate to end 2009 and begin 2010. What a year, so many changes!

As we begin a new year, I am not so much making resolutions as I am committing to keep trying to live happily and simply. I have loved this blog and the friends and community I have found in this "blog neighborhood" and I am going to devote more time to it! Thank you for sticking around and I promise to keep working on it!

On we go...
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