Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hubs and I are going out on another tour of house-searching this evening, and I dream of finding a closet like this one. Actually, I just dream of finding a place we like. In the meantime, I can drool over this little scene, including the darling JCrew Elizabeth Halter in an orange color I sadly missed. I will use it to inspire me to have a sunny outlook on the searching process!

How are your weeks going? Any home-hunting tips?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boston, Let Me Tell You...

Spring is looking really good on you! It was 88 degrees yesterday with bright sun. It feels amazing to walk around outside in a tank top!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Opening Night

Great weekend for work and family. 75 degrees and warm sun heating things up. Long walk with a breeze. And best of all, baseball kicking off with an awesome game tonight. I was giddy to watch the Sox again with the windows open and hear our favorite announcers voices lilting through the innings.

SPRING IS HERE! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Visit to Lands End Canvas at Sears

OK, my Catching Up post was boring. You guys want SUBSTANCE! I hear you.

The other day I was killing time at a local mall when I saw a banner for the Lands End Canvas line at Sears, now showing! I took a walk over there to check out things and see the clothes that I have been hearing a lot about on the blogosphere.

The Canvas department was right inside the mall doors and well done. It was front and center! This is the display that greeted me....

The colors were really summery and the displays were sort of rustic preppy.

I grabbed a few things to try on, and I wasn't sure about the sizing. I mostly wear Medium on top these days, but I had heard some things might run big.

First was the Boyfriend Scoop tee. Here is the Medium, it was too big and boxy....


Next I tried a small, little better but not a perfect fit...

Nice basic tee but size down.

Next I wanted to try the heralded Heritage Cardigan, much loved by others. I started with the Small in the Bold Sun (awesome color!)...it was a little small on me. Definitely short, but I loved the long sleeves!

Closeup of the color and seaming..

Next I tried the medium in the brighter orange, but it just didn't fit right. I have this problem with the JCrew Jackie cardigan too--I just can't wear this crewneck cardigan style well.

Too short? Too drapey? Not sure, but not workin for me.

OK next I tried the Boyfriend cardigan. The SA said this one runs big, so I started with small again and it was a baggy mess on me.


I then tried an XS. NEVER have I been an extra small. The off-shoulder seams did me in here, it didn't work.

Overall, I didn't find anything that fit me well but I loved what they were doing with the line--preppy classics in great colors at good prices. I hope they keep going! My favorite item was the Women's Chunky Horn Link Necklace, but at $89.50 it was too expensive for me right now. Hope I can find a deal!

As a bonus, I snapped my OOTD in the dressing room. This is a "borrowing from the boys" look--I layered my gray silk Victoria ruffle top under a small Men's Flannel shirt in blue plaid and then belted it with a pink belt. This felt cozy during our monsoon this week!

Thanks for reading and your patience with me! What do you think of Lands End Canvas? Have you purchased anything?
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