Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

It has been raining here for four days straight. Even though it is a part of Spring, this rain has been cold and windy and makes me want to just bundle up completely.

The rain does give me a chance to wear my new Hunter wellies. Funny story about those--I love rubber boots and I had latched on to the Hunters as something that looked timeless and classic while that "Hunter" brand had just a small element of style. I was cruising Zappos.com when I realized that they now make a Hunter "Huntress" style that is for wider calves. Since I usually take the Extended Calf in JCrew boots, and I wanted to tuck jeans in to the boots. I decided to give them a whirl.

So the box arrived, and they were great! Pine green color, and they fit around the jeans as I hoped. But I looked closer for the cool cute modern "HUNTER" logo, and I realized these wide calf Huntress boots were branded "HUNTRESS" on the front. Hmm I thought. Is this an advertisement for "Hey I have fat calves" or "Hi, my boots might be knockoffs" or "I like to traipse through the woods with a bow and arrow"? I realize this is total shallow thinking, I mean they are just rain boots to keep water out. But it did give me pause. In the end, I ended up keeping them because they are comfortable, protect my feet, and look cute! Love the green.

I may end up traipsing through the woods with some bow and arrows though if the occaision comes up...I have got the boots for it! :)

Whats your favorite rainy day outfit?


  1. well I guess huntress is better than tigress. But I digress. :)

    Have a great (albeit rainy) day!

  2. I'm actually wearing my hunters today and I was just thinking that I wished they were a little wider around the calves. :p

  3. Embrace the Amazon within! ;-)


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