Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LOST Day Special

A big THANK YOU to EWOnline for their ridiculous amount of LOST content. And thank you especially for these pictures that made my day.

The boys of Party of Five have had my heart since about 1994 when I watched my first episode, and Bailey and Charlie will be the names of Scott Wolf and Matthew Fox forever to me. This was definitely tricky when LOST began and Matthew Fox=Charlie but did NOT equal Charlie Pace. These days Jack/Charlie sometimes gets on my nerves (WHY do you have to run off into the jungle without talking to everyone first?) but he makes it hard for me to chose Sawyer over Jack, I am always torn.

Love the gray at the temples on Matt here. Love these photos. Can't wait for the episode tonight!!


  1. Great pics, thanks for sharing. Matt looks thinner than Jack is in the current season. I have to say that I got a little tired of him during the show but these photos are fueling up my interest again...
    And now let's go watch the new episode!

  2. For the first few seasons my husband and I called Jack "Charlie" and Charlie was "The Hobbit". It helped to keep things really confusing.


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