Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Look: Haberdashery Shirt

Wanted to provide a quick look at the striped pleat neck short sleeve Haberdashery shirt.

I tried on the 8, which fit pretty well except I felt it pulled a bit on the buttons...but I didn't try on the next size.

I think this shirt would be great with a pencil skirt, but its a little "polished" for my current casual work wardrobe. Something about short sleeved blouses also makes me feel like camp or that Victorian look. Not sure this will be on my list but I do love the neckline detail!

I do like that JCrew has these very specific fun office shirts currently, and in a sleeve that will work for spring and summer.

Have you seen these shirts? What do you think? How would you style it?


  1. I actually like it undbuttoned; I plan on using the one I bought yesterday as a light short jacket over a tank.

    I do like this on you...very cute.

  2. I bought the lavender. Since I'm a teacher, I don't have to get too dressy for work. I tried it on with the dark charcoal summerweight capris and really liked the look. I would steam the collar open, and possibly wear a "heavy" necklace to help keep the neck open.

  3. It looks really cute under the linen holly jacket.

    Not sure if the jacket is your style but the rounded collar compliments the collar on this one.

  4. I bought the blue & white stripe and love it with a navy cardigan and a black suit as well. Very versitale and feminine too!

  5. Thank you so much for your review. I bought three of these and a navy Jackie today and I am so pleased! However, the colors and quality of the overall spring collection greatly disappoints. I like bright deep hues and everything in the store looked highlighter yellow or orange or simply washed out. BOOO. I'm blonde and pail and this won't work with my skin and hair tones. I am hoping they turn things around once the summer collection roles out. I was so happy with the fall and winter colors as they were bright and cheerful.


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