Friday, March 20, 2009

Budget Find: Target Merona Elizabeth Wedge

On my trip to Target this evening for exciting purchases such as toilet paper and soap, I cruised by the shoe section--a habit I have had since college when I first visited a Target.

Ever since the Isaac Mizrahi line ended, I have had a hard time finding anything, but tonight I saw a shoe with great potential, the Merona Elizabeth Metallic Wedge.

I snapped a couple of pics, but you can also see more info here.

Retails for $24.99. These had a slight platform, a real sturdy wedge, and felt pretty comfortable on, I had to squeeze into the 8 for the try on--there was no 8.5 but I noticed that they felt nice on the foot.

I think these could really be a great spring neutral shoe--cute with jeans, skirts, even capris or work pants.

What do you guys think? I thought this was a nice find! I am keeping them in mind for April!


  1. they are cute. next time im in Target i will have to check them out.

  2. Those are so cute. I love the subtle metallic. I imagine they sparkle just a bit more in person. I'll have to cruise the shoe aisle. Thanks for posting! I prefer leather shoes but for summer shoes I don't mind man made for the most part. I usually only keep them one or two seasons.

  3. Very cute! I saw them in the store, but was worried that, being canvas, they may get dirty too easily. But I guess the subtle hue and sheen of the gold metallic would hide that. I'll have to give these another look. Thanks!!

  4. I saw these this weekend too -- tried them on and thougth they were very cute, but couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger for $24.99. I will be keeping an eye on them to scout for a sale!


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