Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Favorite: Michelle Merino Cardigan

This winter, there were two great Merino cardigans that JCrew released, Portland and Michelle, that had similar shapes but different feels. I have realized that people seem to fall into fandom of either the Portland or the Michelle, depending in personal preferences.

For me, I find myself being a Michelle fan. The merino is thinner than the Portland, but I like the way the cardigan comes down to mid hip (not as long as the Library cardi, but lower than the hip), and for me the thinker trim makes it lie much better on me. I like that when buttoned its almost like a longer VNeck, but unbuttoned or belted it has a nice line to it.

Right now some of these are $29.99 or $39.99, and over the past month I have picked up both a Blushy Champagne and the Citron yellow...really great layering color that hopefully will carry me through the cool summer here.

Blush Champagne:

Citron yellow:

For me size-wise--I buy a small in these and they fit slimly but I wouldn't want them baggy. I am a 6-8 in JCrew tops these days...for me I don't want any pulling at the buttons but I also want the sweater fitted in the shoulder and upper arm.

I think both will go well with navy, jeans, and white pants as the weather warms up. I also think they look really sleek with a skirt.

Do you have Michelle (or Portland) cardigan? What colors? What do you wear them with?


  1. I have the Portland Cardigan in Melon and love it! Every time I try on the Michelle, I feel like it's too thin -- just my preference. I think both of them are really cute and great for layering over JCrew's sweet little tanks and tees. :)

  2. I have Portlands in navy and desert brown. I should've bought the melon too but missed out. I was considering the Michelle in Melon but it's looks so big. Could try sizing down I guess. Thanks for your thoughts on the Melanie!

  3. I have the cardigan in short sleeve in the yellow and love it. Perfect for spring!

  4. Hi, I have to say that I never noticed the Portland in store. I have the Michelle in putty and just bought the dark charcoal on sale (I have been eyeing it for a very long time). I've tried the citron yellow too because as you I thought that it would do a good transitional sweater for spring but the color is really not for me. Lucky you if you can pull it off! Considering the blush but only if I can find it at a even lower price. Great sweaters!

  5. I have both cardi's. I like the Portland the best. I wear my Portland, Lea and Melanie button up cuffed too death. I regret not getting more colors in all of the styles. LOL

  6. I have the Portland in black, navy and snow. I haven't worn the snow color yet. The darker colors I've worn over some of the ruffle camis by J Crew. Looks cute belted for some people so keep that in mind.

  7. I have the Michelle in a sandy beige color and love it! You can't beat $29.99, and the colors that you picked up are very pretty!
    I also love the crewneck Michelle cardigan which may only be online.


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