Wednesday, March 25, 2009

JCrew White Tee RoundUp

I really love a basic white tee shirt and jeans--its almost my uniform, though often its covered with a cardigan or a jacket here in SF.

On my recent trip to a B&M, I realized I hadn't really been trying on JCrew''s basic Ts recently--I had been focusing on bigger pieces. I decided to take a little time to try on various Tshirts as they are such an important staple during spring and summer.

The first is the Ruffle Henley Painter Tee, which I tried on in Aqua (no white in my size). I tried on the Medium in this, as the was very thin and see thru, I was afraid it would be kinda clingy. Its seen here online, where it looks effortlessly cute. Its too flimsy for me, especially at $39.50. This is a pass for me.

Next up, the Slub Cotton Ripple Ruffle Scoopneck Tee. I loved the way the layers around the neckline were a bit champagne on this white tee. But the scoop was very deeply scooped on this one, a Medium. It had great length and texture. I was intrigued, but I wondered if it was just too big? Medium here...

And then I tried the small, which fit better in this one...(with and without tank)

This one is the Slub Cotton Ruffled Scoopneck Tee. Sorry, is this boring? haha. This one is seen here. This one is thinner and slubbier.The ruffles are pretty flat, not as fluffed up as they are online. Honestly now I can't remember if this was a small or medium! I think Medium, it ran more true to size, it wasn't too big.

And lastly, the Ruffly VNeck Retail Tee... this one is a bit baggy and I just like the scoop line better. Here it is in a medium.

What do you all think of these tees? Have you seen them in stores?

I like the Ripple Scoop the most I think, I have my eye on it for a sale. I think the Warm Blush in this would be really pretty too.

Tell me your thoughts...whats your favorite tee this Spring?


  1. Thanks for posting IRL pics of the painter ruffle henley! I've had my eye on them and wondered how the fit a "real person" and not a photoshopped model :)

    I really liked the last one on you...the ruffle v-neck one. all were cute though, even the one with the low scoop. I agree...white tees are so classic and can make a simple outfit look great.

  2. Thank you for the great IRL pics. It may seem boring, but all such basic pieces that I live in. I liked all the ruffle ones on you - the ruffled scoopneck was definitely better in a small - I found it to run very big when I tried it. Loved the last two as well. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Amen to the jeans and white T-shirt uniform! I just got J. Crew's slub cotton ruffled scoopneck T in gray (like you said, the white was kind of see-through), and I love it! Don't get me wrong...$39.50 is normally out of my T-shirt price range, but this is an exceptional T-shirt. Perfect about of scoop and ruffles and a really nice fit. Ended up with a size small (I'm usually a medium). Highly recommend!

  4. hi there! first time posting on your blog but have been following...thanks for posting pics! i just bought the Ruffle Henley Painter Tee and at first i was pretty disappointed because of the loop/button HAVE to wear a cami under it or you can see everything underneath when the wind blows that ruffle out of the way. BUT with the cami under it, it has grown on me. i bought the navy, grey and white ones online and love them all. i live in mostly jeans and t's too. i think it's really pretty on's something a little different (all the t's look nice on you).

  5. This is my first time posting on your blog too but I have been following it! I'm from the Bay originally also so it's nice reading another 'local' girl's :) I've recently rediscovered my need for tees also. I've been stocking up on cant beat V-neck painters for $4.99!

  6. ok, I know you passed on the ruffle henley tee, but can I just say...hello! your boobs look fantastic! If I had your bod I'd get it, that's all I'm sayin :)

  7. Loved your review. I agree. I had received a ruffled henley via internet, but it will be going back. Was in the store Wednesday, and got a new t w/some ribbon embroidery on a graphic flower (kind of a faded version of the bright colored tee's w/flowers along the bottom) in lt. pewter. It also came in white and a pink color. Love that one much better.

    Also, have the ruffled V, picked up in store last week in charcoal. Wore it this week, loved the fit/color/neckline and fabric thickness.

    Great review! Love your blog!

  8. I like the ruffle scoop on you best. I liked the ruffle v-neck on me. First time a tee from JC has fit TTS on me! I usually have to size up at least once for it to fit my chest. Not the ruffle v-neck, it was perfect. Btw, have you tried Ann Taylor Loft's flower tee? It's super cute and has flowers all around the neck, and it's scooped, but not low like JC's. Plus, it's not quite as thin as JC's tees.

  9. i agree with kate and heidig - i personally like the ruffle scoop neck and sized down from a medium to a small - i'm never a small! i liked them all on you... the ripple ruffle scoop is cute, i'll have to check that out next time. and i'm glad others are disappointed with the painters henley. i tried it on and thought it was just me...

  10. I just discovered your blog yesterday and I love it!! Your JCrew reviews are great!!

    I ordered the Ruffle Painter Tee online (it wasn't available aT my store) in light chartreuse. It looked like a deep mustard-y yellow online but when I got it in the mail it was a yucky green-y yellow instead. I was so disapointed in the color I didn't even bother with trying it on. I just sent it right on back. But after seeing how darn cute it is on you, I'm having seconds thoughts!! I think this time I'll order the Crisp Celery instead. ;o)

    So happy to have stumbled upon your blog!

    Take care,


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