Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol Running Diary

Stream of consciousness thoughts from Tuesday Night American Idol...

Randy Travis' teeth are so fake, and his gaze is just a little too intense.

Go Michael Sarver, country is in your wheelhouse. Crazy Harmonica player. Hubs says: "whether or not the judges say its good, he's clearly in his element."

Allison sounds good--I like her. Little scratchy...Hubs says: "I think she's owning this one."

Kris--I'm always scared when they are sitting on the stool. Questionable. Hubs says: "I mean, that was good...I wanna fall ASLEEP, but good"

Lil--wasn't sure about her style and that song, I really like Lil but I wasn't sure about the connection with the song.

Adam--you scare me. Too much staring into camera and screaming. I was really wondering what the judges could POSSIBLY say. Simon, voice of reason. Randy--shameless plugging. SHAMELESS. Hubs says: "I gotta give him credit, that was messed up though"

Scott--similar to last week, I hope he makes it one more week because his performances really do intrigue me. Seems to have tried to tame the curl in his hair....

Alexis--I like her. Hubs says, when she said she was gonna dirty it up..."I mean, if I had my phone, and I was typing in her number, and I heard her say the word 'dirty', I would stop dialing"

Danny--looks like the Michelin man in that jacket. Hubs says: "What the hell is up with that jacket, he looks like a house in that thing, I can't even concentrate on his performance."

Anoop Dawg--LOVE YOU ANOOP. Hubs says: "solid."

Megan--Hair and makeup looked AMAZING tonight, even with the flu--dress not sure about. Hubs says: "Her boobs are really on display...probably will get some flu sympathy points...her performance was just so-so for me."

There you have it folks, right from our couch to you. Stay tuned tomorrow for the LOST recap--its back!

Did you watch Idol last night? What did you think? Please weigh in!


  1. I have to say, I pretty much agree with your assessment. I was lovin' me some Anoop. Randy Travis' fake teeth, hahahaha!!

  2. Anoop was sexxxxxxy! I also really love kris because he reminds me a lot of my husband :) awwwww. Scott is really, really talented, but he needs to switch it up a bit next week. Adam scared the jeebies out of me!


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