Thursday, March 5, 2009

LOST Thursday Review

In the interest of spending more quality time with the things I hold most dear...lets turn to some LOST recapping!

OK. I know I am in the minority--I just can't get behind the Sawliet thing. I mean, really? THIS?

AH! My eyes! I spent last night squirming at these Sawyer and Juliet moments. For me, I just don't see Juliet as a romantic character at all. I love Elizabeth Mitchell and her portrayal of the role, but her as a love interest--I don't get it. Not with Sawyer, not with Jack.

But I really loved seeing Sawyer in his ELEMENT in this episode, very refreshing. I love when we focus on the characters just for a bit. And the moment at the end when Hurley, Kate, and Jack got out of the was so poignant. Almost...sad. And foreboding.

Jeff Jensen's LOST article was really great again this week, all the credit goes to him for the blurbs I loved, which I wanted to pass along in case anyone doesn't have time to read the article:

"I think that 1974 is when/where the castaways were always and immediately supposed to have gone when Ben turned the donkey wheel last season. They didn't because of two mistakes that required elaborate course correction: Locke not turning the wheel, and the Oceanic 6 (plus Desmond and Lapidus) leaving. From there, ''LaFleur'' toggled between separate arcs in separate time frames: 1974, which showed how the Left Behinders came into contact with The Dharma Initiative; and 1977, which revealed that the Left Behinders had seamlessly integrated into Dharma society. We shall deal with each year separately — after this slight digression:

Note how 1974-1977 = the 2005-2008 (the off-Island/Oceanic 6 years) years. I wonder if we can/should tease out that symmetry even further. The Left Behinders' Dharma drama very much echoed the O6's off-Island ordeal, complete with cover-up lie, a dead body to haul around, and a con man-turned-shepherd. (Ben = Sawyer here.)

Moreover: Have you noticed how Season 5 of Lost resembles Season 2 of Lost? Season 2 emphasized the Man of Science/Man of Faith conflict and introduced us to the Dharma Initiative mythology. Season 5: Lots of faith/reason; lots of Dharma. When you consider that Season 4 mirrored Season 3 (split group story lines; a climactic attack on the castaways; similar Coffin/''We've got to go back'' cliffhanger), what you have is a saga that's doubling back on itself.


Does this mean Season 6 will emulate Season 1? And given that we're now dealing with time travel and paradox, might Season 6 literally follow in Season 1's footprints due to some looming reboot of time? Will Season 5 culminate with an event that will alter all of Lost chronology, setting up a Season 6 that will reveal the scope of those alterations by retelling the entire saga from the very beginning?

One final thought: You know my Season 5 = Season 2 theory? Check this out: Episode 5.08 (''LaFleur'') corresponds with episode 2.08 (''Collision''). The final scene of that sophomore season outing? The much-anticipated Island meeting between Jack and his intended love interest, Ana Lucia, which was played out in the form extended, silent gaze across yards of distance. Coincidence?"


Lastly...where was Daniel in Dharma Funland? He can't be spending ALL his time underground in the Orchid, can he?

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  1. Shopping and LOST! 2 of my favorite things. lol. I am going to have to keep an eye on your blog. I missed last weeks, I'm still getting used to it being back on (I was so disappointed when I realized I'd forgot). I'll have to read your recap after I watch it. :)


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