Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Joining the Crowd

So. I'm doing it too. I am doing a March Shopping Ban.

I had been thinking for a while that this was something I should do, even before I saw the term "Shopping Ban" cropping up on blogs and the news. For me, I started to realize I had all sorts of clothes that I hadn't even had the chance to wear yet--either because it was too seasonal, or I hadn't taken the time to think of how I would put together an outfit, or because I got a feeling my credit cards were getting ahead of me, which I never want to happen.

I love shopping--not just "getting new stuff", but the activity of seeing whats new in stores, taking a look at how the retail landscape changes, and just being on the lookout for what brands are doing next. Lately online shopping has joined this interest as well in browsing sites, looking for deals, looking for new merchandise, looking to place an order with a great promo code. But I wanted to focus on some other things. I wanted to work out more and step away from my computer. A little bit of a deep breath to catch up and enjoy what I have.

So I'll be on shopping hiatus this month, but I am going to take the time to use the items I have, get outside as the weather gets a bit warmer, and hopefully learn a bit about myself too. Not to worry, there will still be talk about the latest reviews and store sightings, but for now I will be waiting to see if the items are on sale and still appealing after a month. I'll still be posting and I hope you will still be reading! I have a few items that were purchased last week that will still arrive that I will be sure to review. This isn't a huge grand deal for me, more like a learning experience at an appropriate time.

Are any of you trying something similar? Any tips? I'll update everyone on how it goes.


  1. I like your perspective and reflection on a shopping ban very much. Thank you for posting. I have been considering a similar thing. I have cut back drastically this month. I haven't done an all out ban but for 6 weeks I have cut back. It has been successful--now, an all out ban is my next step in 2 weeks time. I do occasionally look but that seems to make it worse so for my ban I will not even look. I am walking and exercising more as a result!

  2. ITA about the 'experience' of shopping, just like to do 'research' to see whats out there, look for good deals. But, yu are right, there are clothes in my closet I haven't even worn yet. Just like to 'look'. I guess the closest thing I've come to a ban is to limit myself to buying like one 'item' a month or so from Jcrew or others, but hasn't been entirely successful. I like in the bay area and am soooooo tired of this rain.

  3. I started my shopping ban for Lent. I really like all the points you make above. It is a good way to refocus thoughts, energy, and time.

    In terms of support, the best support I have found is on the other blogs, Slastena's in particular, and Gigi's also.

    Best of luck to you!

  4. It's easier to get motivated when other peple around support you!We are here to help you ( and ourselves , lol!) in a process. Welcome and congrats !

  5. Good for you! It's truly amazing how much extra time there is to do other things when not shopping or even *window shopping*! Good luck! :)

  6. Yes I am on a shopping ban too, but more due to necessity than anything! I tend to spend lots of money in the fall, leading up to the holidays and in Jan I have tons of friend and family birthday gifts to purchase. So, since Feb, I have been cutting back a lot. It doesn't help that property taxes and regular taxes will be due soon!

    Of course I will allow myself some new items but just a few! :) I'll be looking for deep discounts and stuff on ebay!


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