Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear American Idol,

Dear American Idol,

Thank you for filling my evenings with mindless entertainment.

Thank you for making me laugh before a minute was even up by introducing the judges in that ridiculous way.

Thank you for adding crazy features to the stage, like a projection screen between the stage and the judges that the contestants then stand on--so they are standing on themselves (?!)

Thank you for making me dust the cobwebs off my memories of obscure Michael Jackson songs.

But mostly, thank you THANK YOU for giving my husband something to analyze as fiercely as an issue of The Economist. Hearing him say..."Frankly I think Lil' Rounds could be overrated, maybe Jasmin is as good as her" or "not sure about the song choice, I see more blues coming out of him" just provides me with endless giggles and for this I am forever grateful.

Keep it up, I love you AI.
XOXOX, LizPoms

Do you guys watch American Idol? Are you horrified to know that I do? Does anyone else have a husband that pretends not to be in to it but analyzes every minute and then suggests who to vote for? Love to hear your comments!

Edited to add some sweet Hubby quotes:

About Adam: "I mean look at that, its all about the rock look, but there's no substance there...I mean, he thinks he is doing great right now, but I don't like it" (he didn't agree with the judges)

About Megan: "I mean, coming off her video promo piece with her kid, then singing this song about the birds...I mean, she is coming off as completely G-Rated but yet she has tattoos"

About Matt: "Pretty solid"

About Alexis: "I mean this is really good. She's got like a Tina Turner thing goin on..."

I love him.


  1. Oh man, I don't watch American Idol, but I love reading your husband's analyses of it -- I watch Top Chef with my SO and he gets the same way, so funny.

  2. I love American Idol and so does my daughter. My hubby could care less--he actually cannot stand it. Sometimes I force him to watch a contestant or two that I have taped.

  3. I love Top Chef!!

    I am an occasional AI watcher, but I made a point of watching last night because my sister told me that one of the contestants looks just like my hubs. It turned out to be kind of true!


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