Thursday, March 12, 2009

Product Review: High Heel Flare Jeans

OK, so I am STILL working on picture-taking of outfits. How can I achieve this? This time I got some great help from my partner-in-crime, Ms. Mer. Thats right, the truth is out--Ms. Mer and I are coworkers and hare an office, so the blogging and JCrew obsession really runs all day long.

Today I wanted to post a review of the High Heeled Flare Jean. I recently took a chance on these in the Sale section, and I ordered a size 30 in the Clean Indigo Wash which were on sale for $39.99, item 97106.

I had heard a lot about these jeans--that they were amazing for some and Mom jean to others. One thing I knew about myself is that I tend to like jeans with a higher rise, I hate feeling like when I sit down the jeans slide down too far, and the higher rise fit tends to fit curves a bit better. I clicked "Submit Order" and hoped for the best.

When the jeans arrived, I loved how they were a very deep dark wash, with little fading or whiskering. The stitching was also almost a red-purple, adding to the nice dressy dark look of the jean.

I am sure some of you ladies know that feeling when you are trying jeans on and your leg gets halfway in and you think "oh my god these might fit perfectly", which is so rare that its kind of the highlight of your month of paper-pushing and commuting. These jeans HAD THAT FEELING. They fit like a glove right out of the box, they were like made for me! Angels singing!

I have had this feeling recently with Martin + Osa jeans too, which I also wear in a 30. Most other designer jeans (Seven, Citizen Flare, Paige) though, I am definitely still a 31. Just this note on the sizing as I had worried about what size to order. The jeans are definitely long and for heels-wearing as advertised. And they are definitely higher in the waist--not uncomfortably but the fit is slim at the top, shades of That 70s Show there.

I have worn the jeans twice and they do stretch out a bit over the day. I prob will let these be in the dryer for a bit but air dry the rest of the way, cause I don't want them to shrink, just tighten back up. The denim is a thin stiff denim so it really holds you in without feeling "tight" or constricting. My sister and I agreed that they really make you feel skinny.

Overall, huge thumbs up on these--I think one more thing to mention is that they are different from other standard straight or bootcut jeans in my closet, so a good addition. I am hoping to get the white version for the spring and summer with I think will look great with navy and gold sandals.

Here are some pictures of the jeans:

Front and back...

Flare with heels...(prob about 2.5")

Side view of hem flare...

Do you have these jeans? Have you tried them? Thoughts? Should I go for the white or another wash? Look forward to hearing your opinions....


  1. oh, I have these too. I love them. So cute and nice looking. Does anyone have the white? I really want them, but I remember someone on JCA said the lighter blue fit differently. I worry that the white will too. If you get them, you'll have to let us know if they're similar.

    Love the blog BTW!

  2. I have them as well, and love them. I agree that they do stretch, and so I'm contemplating trying to soak them in really hot water and really high dryer temp to mitigate the stretching. :)
    They look gorgeous on you. :)

    Victoria, I think the blog Life and Times of Posey Ford had an IRL of the white (I can't quite remember). HTH!

  3. Yay! We definitely need to brighten up our office for wardrobe closeups/product reviews, hahaha! :)

    I'm trying on them flare jeans next time I am in a JCrew -- they fit you really well!

  4. Hi . . . I have two pair of the darker denim flares and love them. The second pair, ordered online, of course was a little tighter . . . and they haven't stretched out much at all.

    I tried on the white ones at the store. They didn't fit the same at all. . . they're higher waisted. didn't like them. I thought the boot cut whites were much more flattering.

  5. I own 9 pair of JCrew jeans. I tried all three washes in these and did not like the fit at all. I don't like jeans too tight across my thighs and these look too tight IMO. I know they might stretch but if they don't feel good to begin with it is a no go with me. Plus, I don't ever have jeans stretch on me...any brand. Never. Even the ones with spandex. Just my 2 cents on these jeans... no thanks:)

    Love your blog and thanks for the pictures in general:)

  6. I have these jeans and I love that my size is in a single digit (all my other JCrew jeans fit small or TTS, you decide). I have the dark rinse and washing them first is a must and I still have days where my hands turn blue from the dye. That's the price you pay for love, though.

  7. I still don't get why people are calling these mom jeans. If you buy the right size (which you obviously did), then you can look smoking hot (which you do)...

    Not exactly "mom" jeans!!!

    :) You would look so nice in white jeans, too!

  8. You and Ms. Mer are coworkers?? That is so awesome! I wish I had a JCowoker!!

    The HHF jean in indigo wash is my all-time favrite jean. Like, evaaaaar! I tried the other HHFs, hoping to repeat the awesomeness, but I really did find that each other wash fit differently. Makes no sense, I know. Some other people have mentioned the same thing. Maybe it is a fabric difference. Anyway, the clean indigo wash was almost keepable, but seemed to fit tighter through the thigh. Not in a good way. The white denim version seemed to fit a bit big. The rise seemed to be even taller, and it sort of made the crotch hang...I don't know...they were ok but something was a little off. Kind of keepable, but...not enough.

    None of the other washes measure up to the indigo wash - maybe I'll just buy another of those!!

  9. I finally tried on the HHF a couple of weeks ago and immediately fell in love! I tried on the white, as that's all my store had. Okay, since I'm 5'4", they're WAY TOO long and I'm going to have to hem them or wear 6" heels (NOT!), but they're fantastic. And, I bought the white and bought my "new" normal size. :)

  10. I tried the white pair on at the B&M. They only had regulars so they were too short for me. I had to size up to a 30. I do want to order them next week in a tall 30 in the dark blue. You look great in yours by the way.

  11. Thanks for the review! From your other reviews, I think you're probably about the same size/height as me,so I'll definitely be trying the HHF on my next J. Crew visit! They look fab on you!

    P.S. -- I'm also still trying to figure out how to take pictures of my outfits in a're lucky you had an assistant for this post!

  12. I love these so much I have eight pairs (most purchased at the B&M with a HUGE discount). I LOVE THEM! I've gotten SO many compliments every time I wear them out - and yes indeed, they do make you feel skinny (unlike so many other jeans, which make you feel sloppy and fat regardless of how thin you may actually be). So glad you were able to find joy in the HHF. Welcome to the club! :)

  13. Thanks for the review! I've been going back and forth on these. They look AMAZING on you!! Really, they could be $200 jeans the way they make you look so sleek and skinny. What a great buy!!

  14. Sorry, totally OT but I wanted to let you know in case you missed it that the Fresco tunic that you bought FP is on sale for $89. I bought it FP as well and could exchange mine for the lower price, yeah!!!

  15. ooh, helpful review! thanks :) good to know about the sizing and stretching. i wonder if the high heeled flares in the japanese cotton denim (the ones on sale for 59.99, i think) would stretch differently? even though they look similar on the website, a CSR told me that the fabric is a bit thicker and the dye a bit darker.

  16. I have two pairs of these as well in the same clean indigo wash in size 29. The overall fit is fantastic and very flattering through the thigh/leg/backside. I found the length too long even in 3" heels though and thought they mistakenly sent me the talls since the inseam was so long. (I can wear BR's Jackson wool slacks with a 33" inseams in heels with no inseam problems whatsoever but these HHFJs were way long on me.) JCrew offered to return them with free shipping and exhange if I wanted but, ultimately, I had them altered at the hem and absolutely adore the fit now. Goes great paired with my Wool Herringbone Astrid and Velvet École jackets. They've held up well in the wash for me with no stretching (cold wash with Woolite).

  17. everyone's rave reviews are making me seriously want to try these jeans! one question - I've heard that they hit ABOVE the belly button. Is that true? I looked for them in-store this weekend, but couldn't find a pair to try on.


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