Monday, March 23, 2009

Crewcuts: Prettiest Dress Ever Seen

Just a quick look at the prettiest dress I have ever seen...from Crewcuts. A friend and I were out looking for a gift for her friend's daughter, and came upon this in the sale section. It was like an ivory silk painted with BEAUTIFUL oranges, pinks, yellows, greens. Of course, any person who has been an actual parent would probably tell us this is not a practical dress for a 6 year old, we thought it was precious.

LOOK at this pretty print. JCrew, make this into a pencil skirt! Or a pillow! ANYTHING!

What do you think?! Sigh...


  1. Love! So cute!! But yeah, not so practical. Would be beautiful on my 6-y.o. though.

  2. I too love this dress for my niece. However, my sister was not too thrilled with dry clean only. But, they make a skirt in the same print that's washable - yea! So, I ordered it last Thursday and it came today. It. is. so. pretty! I can't wait for my sister to see it IRL. Anyway, for those who love the dress and have a little one in your life, give the skirt a consideration.

  3. I love this dress and would love to get it for DD but it's silk and just won't do. Lately, I have been loving crewcuts so much that I wish JCrew would make some copies for us.

  4. i bought the dress for my daughter and the skirt, which is cotton. I couldn't resist and both were on sale :)


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