Thursday, March 19, 2009

New JCrew Line Spotted in New Emeryville Store

Hello all, I visited the new Emeryville store this evening to check it out. I found the new store clean, bright, spacious, and well-staffed. The SAs were eager to help, knowledgeable about the merch, good experience. I tried on many items, which I will post about soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to mention the most notable thing I saw in the store tonight. As I walked around, I noticed a few shirts that I hadn't seen or or heard about, sort of Anthropologie looking. Then I noticed the label, marked "JCrew Vintage Closet":

Here's the shirt that I brought into the dressing room, had sort of a prairie/frilly/feminine thing going on. This was a gray blue but there was also a white on white version...

Here is the size 6 on me (I prob could have worn the 8), I popped the collar cause otherwise I felt a little Laura Ingalls Wilder...


Here's the only other Vintage Closet top I saw, a cute white eyeletty tank:

I asked an SA about it and she said its a new line that they are getting cause they are a new store. Not sure how far this line will expand or if there will be many more items, but I found it REALLY interesting to see a new "personality" coming out of JCrew. I think these ventures can really help the brand reach different people. I like the idea! While I didn't love the shirt I tried on, I think the white tank could be really cute, I might try that next time I am in store.

Really liked visiting Emeryville! What do you think about "Vintage Closet"? Have you seen any of these items? Sound off!


  1. I looooove that first top. How does it fit? I am typically a 0/xs at J.Crew, but this seems more fitted than most tops there. I am guessing since you said these Vintage Closet items are specific to this store that I will need to request a We'll Find it For You. Ya think?

  2. Thanks for the pictures. I don't like the first top either...the rounded collar kills it and looks too old fashioned. I have lots of true vintage clothes as I love to go to NICE thrift stores. The one I go to actually irons the clothes first! I think I will stick with real vintage but this a fun and exciting thing to know about from JCrew. Thanks again for letting us know about it!

  3. I think that eyelet voile top from last summer was also a "Vintage Closet" item - it was short-sleeved with kind of a square neckline (and elastic-trimmed sleeves, maybe?), and was available in hot pink and navy, I think.

  4. More info pretty pleaseMarch 20, 2009 at 4:05 AM

    I am overseas and can't get into any stores... I am afraid that cute eyelet tank is an instore only item from the way you describe the line... if you go again could you PRETTY PLEASE get the item number?! thanks!
    i love looking at your blog to see irl pictures of jcrew stuff! :)

  5. Yes, Silver_Lining - I have the Eyelet top from last year and it also has the 'Vintage Closet' Label - I think it is nicely made and I hope they make more of these things and have them in more stores. They had that top everywhere last year incl online...I'm going to a store today so will try to find an item # for the eyelet top :)

  6. The white top that you tried on was in my store in FL yesterday, too! It is definitely a different look for J Crew. :)

  7. You say you could have gone up to an 8, but then the shoulders would have been too big. I think the fault of the gaping button (just one...the others looked flat and perfect) would be a design flaw. I have nothing on my upper body (and I am a nursing mother, to boot) and sometimes buttons lay weird on me...and I know it isn't because I am too chesty.

    I actually really loved the top on you (the rounded collar one) look so pretty!

  8. Thanks for sharing! I love that eyelet tanks!! I am very curious to see if any of this line shows up in my B&Ms.

  9. ooh! i'm intrigued! Thanks for sharing...I like both of those tops. So pretty and light for warmer weather :)

  10. I posted this on Gigi's blog, but since the top was reviewed here as well, I thought I'd repost here for thos who wanted more information.

    I actually bought this one in the grey.

    I normally wear a size 8, and the 8 fits me perfectly. However, it is much more fitted than other shirts are one me. I have a curvy hourglass figure and the lines of this shirt fit me just right. There is a small gap between two buttons, but nothing that doesn't normally happen and can't be fixed with fashion tape.

    I carry my weight in the hips and thighs and I wear a 34 C bra. If you carry your weight in the mid-section, this might not be flattering on your body type. You would have to try it on to see.

    I was happy to see a button-down that was not too long on my 5' tall body. The Kelly's have gotten too long, even in petite, to be flattering on me.

    There is something about this shirt that I find very buttoned-up sexy. Part of it is the sheerness, and part is that it fits my body perfectly, but part of it is the thought of wearing it with a pair of stillettos and a fitted pencil skirt. The juxtaposition of the two styles intrigues me.

  11. Wow Liz, thanks for the breaking news!

  12. Hey there! I've seen your blog before but need to tag it as a favorite so I don't forget to visit as it is FABULOUS! Great reviews!


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