Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New LOST Tonight: Jughead

Its just ridiculous how much I love this show, and friends will tell you that I can drone on for hours with the crazy theories I read on message boards and articles from the time the show ends until the next one begins.

I have been trying to avoid any spoilers if possible, because I have heard that tonight's is supposed to be a great episode. I loved last week's double-installment, but many felt it was mostly set up for the season (to be expected) so I think we will really get into some great reveals and mysteries tonight.

So turn down the lights, silence your cell phones and get that pause button ready!

Recap chat tomorrow:)

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  1. Liz, I am so excited that you love the show!I can ask questions and we can speculate. I wish I could read the Lost blogs, but that's unattainable dream, so if you can post recaps from time to time- I'd love that. And I'd love to hear all your theories!:))


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