Friday, January 23, 2009

JCrew Spring Arrivals

This evening I headed to my local JCrew to see if they had any of the new arrivals and see if I could find some cute new things. I tried to get a few pics of the things I found, also so I could remember anything I like for when it inevitably goes on sale :)

Two things you should know about my recent JCrew tendencies--first, I have a slight addiction for their ringspun/candy/applique tees, and second, I find that I love wearing ivory and neutral tops. When I got back and reviewed the pictures of my dressing room, it looks like a neutralpalooza. Oops. Have to mix some color in there!

Excuse the amateur nature of the photos and how I obviously don't look my best (even chubby, ack!). For reference in sizing and proportions, I am about 5'9", size 8-10 on bottom, size 6-8 on top. I feel a bit silly posting all this, but I always find it SO helpful to see items on a real person, so I hope this helps someone!

On Sale: Kaia Cami
Found this in white on sale. Really like all these camis, and I think this one will look really fresh all the way into summer with navy pants. I have a cami on underneath, and I sized down to a 6 so hopefully it won't be too low cut.

Puff Sleeve Tee:
I really liked the way this fits, this one is a Medium and has a longish length (which I love) and a great shape. My one question is the colors. The two colors were like a brownish gray, and a grayish brown. Really, haha. Both were sort of bland and all-natural looking. I waited on this one...also maybe it will come in a slate or navy!

THE Keegan Jacket
This jacket was cute on the hanger but I was nervous about the boxiness. I sized all the way down to a 6. The touch of the fabric was soft--I believe it could be the exact same fabric as the Tuesday Trench from last year. My store didn't have the white. I had already told myself it would be too boxy, but as I look at the pics--it might be pretty cute! What do you guys think?

Cute Gray/Sun Pencil Skirt
This was really cute in a hefty stretch cotton and ran true to size, or at least not loose. I tried on a 10 but wasn't ready for a summery skirt like this yet!

Cotton Cashmere Shawl Cardigan:
Just saw this on the front table and hadn't heard of it before. Really liked the feel, fit, and shape. Seemed to come in just a light pewter and a light camel color. I grabbed a small in this as I like a long cardigan to fit snugly to avoid any frumpy factor.

Cute Cardigan
Styled like the Melanie with unique buttons. Too shrunken for my frame, but love the print! I think there was a Miniskirt in this print as well.

Ringspun Tee with Applique Floral Design, Bright Ivory
Here I am trying it on in a Medium--really fitted, but the large is baggy. Really loved this design but it was a bit subtle. This one didn't come home with my but I would definitely recommend it as an evolution of the basic white tee.

Brown "Cherry Blossom" Tee
This tee has small satin flowers applique onto a natural brownish tee. SO Pretty. I believe this picture was a large, so its a big looser.

That "Twist Sleeve" Top
This shirt is a bit like a refined version of the Zoey tank with a cute cap sleeve and a little less glitter to the fabric. It comes in Ivory, a light pewter, a bright pink, navy...

Ruffle Tank
This tank scared me a bit. Not sure if it looks bulky or just too haphazard. Also, it runs big, this is the Small size on me.

I ended up coming home with the sale Kaia blouse, the Cherry Blossom tee (I was so weak!) and the Twist Sleeve top, which I know I will wear ALL the time to work from now through summer.

Please let me know what you think of the new arrivals and thanks for looking at my crazy pics!


  1. Thanks so much for the pictures. I don't have a store nearby and these help so much! I am 5'10" with a 36 A bust so don't know how the later compares to you:) hee hee for comparison on sizing...but I wear an 8 on the bottom in JCrew and usually an 8 on top--sometimes a 6 too.

    How much was the sweater? I love it:) Thanks.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to show real life pictures. It helps so much. I thought the Keegan jacket looked great on you. I know everyone is worried about it being boxy, but it is a short jacket and that is somewhat the nature of it. I think the key is to get it more on the fitted side like you did. Again, thank for all the reviews.

  3. Thank you for posting those photos! I think I am pretty close to your sizing as well, so it was wonderful to see how things looked IRL. I really liked everything on you... good "check-out" choices though! Thanks again!!!

  4. Thank so much for sharing! Great choices. You looked really great in all of it. I loved the ruffle tank on you. Thanks again!

  5. Ooh I LOVE the keegan jacket- it looks cute on you. I really love the double breasted style with ruffle collar. I also love how the Kaia blouse looks on you. I just may have to run down to my nearest B&M and try them on....

    By the way, which B&M did you find these items at? I'm also in the bay area too.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your pics. I think the Keegan jacket looked good on you. I also bought the twist sleeve top and agree that it can be worn now under cardis and jackets and later on its own. (I got the tea rose color.) I agree, I'm not sure about the ruffle tank, although I'll try it on simply b/c I like ruffles.

  7. Thanks for taking pics! The two that stood out for me are the Keegan, which looked great on you. It looked boxy on other women. The other item was the cream color tee shirt. The medium didn't look bad on you! But wow that ruffle tank....stay away from that!

  8. Hello there! I've totally bookmarked your blog, so please keep posting! ;) LOVE the twist sleeve top-- I too would wear the heck out of that all the way through the end of the summer. Oh, and I think the jacket looks fab on you!

  9. Thank you! I appreciate you taking a picture of the ruffle tank. It does look a bit haphazard. I think the ruffle right by the breast that flips up would drive me crazy. Its also great to know it runs big.

  10. Thanks for the pics. Very helpful since we are close to the same size.
    I love the Kya cami (ordered, but hasn't arrived yet and the Keegan jacket (looks cuter on).

    Is that the lattice pencil skirt I see in the dressing room? How was the fit?

  11. You made some great quality choices for mixing into what you prob already have. Sounds like your goal is to add necessity pieces--not more just to have more:)
    I did not like that jacket on you at all. It is TOO short and it is too boxy IMO. It does nothing for you (or anyone if I were to bet. It will be on sale due to fit, no doubt.) I like the tees but jcbellemarie had that flower tee on and it didn't even look like a flower to me--just scraps of material. I don't mind the med on you, though. I don't love the twist sleeve blouse--it's meh.

    Enjoy your finds and thanks for posting these IRL pics!

  12. Thank you for posting these pics! I live in Canada so it's hard to get to a store to see things in person. You look great in all of the items! For myself, I'm not too keen on the spring items I've seen so far but can't wait for more to be released.

  13. I LOVE the shawl cardigan!!! It looks so cute on you.

  14. Hi, all items looked fantastic on you, but Keegan trench and cashmere cotton cardi were my favorite!
    Thanks for the great pictures!

  15. I followed you over from JCA... Thanks for posting these lovely pics! It's always nice to see what the item looks like ON a person than online. I adore that twist sleeve top on you. It didn't work on me so much :( But I love the simple detailing on the sleeve. You will get so much use out of it!

  16. Thanks for posting these pics! You had some things I hadn't seen on other blogs before, such as the cardigans (which look great and I can't wait to try on). I also love your idea of the Kya with navy pants...I might just have to pick one up, since they're on sale in store.

    Thanks again and look forward to reading more from you!

  17. Thank you for the pictures! I bought the white cami you tried on in the first picture, and I like how you have a tank top underneath it (because it is cut pretty low). I wore mine today with the tank top underneath and it looks great.

    You look great in the shawl cardigan. And I think the T-shirts are really cute! Thanks for sharing your pics.

  18. I think it's actually called the 'Teegan' Trench.

    It's super cute on your frame... alas not everybody.

    I have the NEW catalog! It's absolutely FABULOUS! I can only say, don't spend all your mulah yet! I'm ecstatic Lauren Hutton is back!

  19. Great blog! I like the shawl collar cardigan on you & it sounds really comfy. LOL, you made me laugh w/the comments about your photos. It's great to have so many blogs w/different people posting photo's. Thanks again! :)

  20. Thank you for sharing the photos! The shawl cardigan is fantastic on you. I saw it yesterday, but skipped trying it on. I think I will give it a try. I like the Keegan, however, I think it would be better if it were a bit longer...perhaps they will add some tall jackets online. At almost 5'9 too I usually end up with the tall jackets.

  21. I love the gray/yellow skirt! Can't wait to see it on the website...

    You look great in everything but the Keegan. Way too boxy and hits at a funny spot.

  22. I love the Kya on you! I have the same cami in the white color, as well - it looks really cute with the tank underneath. I tried it on several times without a tank underneath and it's just a little too much boob to share with the general public:) I thought the Keegan jacket was cute on you as well. I struggled with how boxy it looked as well, but I think it makes your legs look really long. And I also tried on the ruffly tissue tank the other day in the dark grey and actually bought it. But I think I might be crazy for doing so. It's really not very flattering on me at all, but I've become so obsessed with ruffles recently that I let my better judgment get a hold of me. One last thing - I LOVE the shawl cardigan on you! I tried that on at the store the other day and it's one of the most comfortable sweaters I've tried on in awhile - definitely love it. Nice choices!

  23. Love the puff sleeve tee and the twisted sleeve top on you. I tried the last one in navy and it looked gorgeous but it's a little too elegant for me, especially for the summer. Not sure that the Keegan looks so good though, a little bit short?
    Re. the "cute print cardigan": I've just tried a silk tunic (@ $150) in the same print at the Madison Avenue Collection store. It was fabulous, you might want to wait for it instead.

  24. The Keegan jacket is so cute, and I really liked the shawl collar sweater as well. Thanks for posting all of these pics!


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