Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please send help: LOST Brain Exploded.

NOTE: If you are a fan but haven't watched yet--do not read!

AH! The episode last night was great: the Widmore reveal, the Charlie tribute, etc. Loved the interactions: Locke and Alpert, Ellie (young Mrs. Hawking, I think) and Faraday, Juliet and the gang, etc etc. Penny and Des remain my favorite couple on the show.

And while I don't want to bore non-LOST-fans, here's just one little thought/theory from last night.

Here's my crazy idea about the Hawking/Faraday/Widmore link. Widmore and Ellie Hawking hookup. She gets pregnant. They have to leave island. She has twins--Daniel and Penny. Hawking takes Daniel and Charles takes Penny after big falling out. They live separately with different approaches to finding the island, how, and why...Hawking with Science and time travel, Widmore with money and power but keeping Penny in the dark. I remembered that LOST book Bad Twin...and even though the brother/sister thing has been done I think its possible as both Penny and Daniel seem early 30s. And thats why Widmore knows where Faraday's mom is--they agreed to always be able to contact in a big emergency, but she won't be happy to see Desmond as they had an agreement to live life separately.

What did you think of the episode?


  1. Hi Liz, it seems that we love the same things: JCrew and Lost (although I have delopped a passion for House recently). I have to say that the whole time-traveling island thing of the new season annoys me a little bit (btw: I love Donnie Darko too, the time-travel theory was much more interesting in that movie)
    Re. the last episode, let me just say that I LOVE Desmond, he's my ideal man (don't tell my husband), so I was happy to see him for half of the episode. As of your theory I have to re-watch part of the last season, I feel I'm a little bit behind on all the Widmore saga, but congrats on the blog.

  2. Oh Gosh...twins! That's a great theory! :)

    Lost and JCrew my favorites also!

  3. Me too, me too- J crew , Lost and House ( a must!)!!!:))))
    B/c I am not watching Lost in real time ( we rented previous seasons and record current to getvto it whenever) I have lost track of finer details. Is there a great recap of all seasons soemwhere on -line?


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