Friday, January 30, 2009

Time for a Change: Hair

So, I think its time for a change.

I have had the same long, somewhat layered hair for...hmmm. 20 Years? Thats scary. I guess starting from age 9 I wanted to have my hair in a ponytail daily, and now here I am, having never had my hair shorter than my shoulders. For a long while I was really highlighting my hair to a sad unfortunate "yellow" level, I habit I have since nipped in the bud. My last hair appointment even involved an all over evening back to my natural shade of "bronde" which I like, but all of a sudden its like a lightbulb has gone off--I need something new, I need a style, I need my hair to not take 5 hours to air dry.

What I am envisioning is somewhere between my chin and shoulders, NOT a triangle, NOT a mom haircut, NOT at my shoulders since I will look 12 years old. Want it to work with waves but yet be great smoothed out. I want to look put together and professional, but fun. I want it to take a little effort but something that I also look forward to putting all together.

Good luck, right? I know. And for YEARS people keep giving me the "oh don't cut your hair it will look poufy" comment--clearly not inspiring comfort. But the time has come to go for it--its just hair, it will grow, got to experiment.

I have a few inspiration pictures, I know its kinda lame but I have been gathering them. If anyone has any input I would love it!

Christina Applegates hair looks great many ways...

I really like Mandy's hair, but its a little long?

And of course, the effortless Reese (I know, I know, my hair is thicker)

And the MARVELOUS Betty Draper...please ignore her sullen look in this pic.

Most of all, can anyone give me any advice or stories about big hair changes? I need some courage!


  1. I have the same problem! I've had pretty much the same haircut for years, many, many years. I've never gone above shoulder length. I've ofen thought about going shorter but I always chicken out. Good luck to you!! You should go for it. I like Christina Applegate's haircut, it looks flirty and fun but I bet you could also smooth it to make it look more profesional. I like Reese's hair but it looks a little boring. Mandy's hair is cute but not really short. I'm sure whatever you decide will look great.

  2. I just got my colored today going from my bleach blond highlights more back to my natural dark blond/light brown shade and love it. Also, got a new cute...Like Emily Dechanel. Best of luck.

    I like all 3--you can't go wrong....

  3. P.S. if you google her and go to the wikipedia you can see a picture of her hair. I think it would look great on you...a change but not a drastic one:)

  4. I know what you mean. I had long hair for years, then just suddenly chopped it off. Now I try things all the time. It is crazy how quickly your hair grows (though it feels like forever at the time). I have found the most flattering/adult/sexy/versatile cut to be sideswept bangs, layered, to the collarbone.

    Please show before after hair pics!!

  5. I'm in search of a style too, same qualifications as you, except I have thin hair. I like Christina Applegate's first pic. alot.

    Do you have the October JCrew catalog with the white lettering "IF you only knew..." on the black cover? If you do, go to page 083. This models style could work at a shorter length. With thick hair the stylist can thin it out.

    I went really short (to bottom of neck) a few years ago & my dh got mad at me. :( It felt like forever to grow out but I must say it was the best hair cut ever. I did not get it cut again for almost 2-3 years because it was such a great cut!

    Good luck & hurry up & let us see what you end up with...I need to make an appt. next week! :)

  6. I have fine hair and the Emily Deschanel cut works great on me.....

  7. Go for it! I love the inspiration pics you've put up. About 2 years ago, I had shoulder surgery and needed a cut that was more non-fuss than my other long do. I got it cut right below my chin in sort of a bob style, and I will NEVER go back! It's fabulous and is so much easier to style than my longer hair. Of course I don't even know you, but from your pic, it looks like short hair would really flatter your face shape. Just make sure you go to a stylist you trust! Good luck!:)

  8. I think shorter hair will look great on you. Very flirty. I got my hair cut very short in 2001 and have never looked back. Sometimes I long for longer hair, but I know it would be a PITA with flat irons and all of that. No thanks. I just put product in it and go. It can be a really good lifestyle change (more time!) so I say go for it. Plus, you will look modern w/a swanky cut.


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