Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Crewys--JCrew Beloved Items, Winter 2008

As I go through my closet looking for ways to reinvigorate the items that are already there, I find myself noting a few certain items that have become my favorites from Winter 2008. Some are very popular and mainstream, some are more random, but there are a few that really standout.

Shoe Award--Lulu Metallic Peeptoe Heels
These shoes are cute, amazingly comfortable, and got many compliments. I kept finding reasons to wear them and found they really had a chameleon factor--I could make them look gold or silver. The gray satin bow really helped. I found I could stay on my feet in them and they looked great with pants and skirt...bravo!

Random winner--Acorn Necklace
I adore this necklace. Love the use of wooden acorns, the length, and how it seems to go with anything. My husband actually teased me to STOP wearing it over the holidays as I slung it around my neck for the umpteenth time--he said "hey, aren't acorns more a fall thing? like, should you stop wearing them?" Can't blame the guy for trying. I ordered this on a whim and had it shipped to my family home so it was there when we arrived for our Christmas trip, and as I look through photos of that week I am wearing it more than 50% of the time. Oh well. Love those acorns.

Ivory Victoria Cami
I have sort of a more-than-average love for turtlenecks. I hate being cold and also I found them to be "slimming" when I was even heavier. So when the Victoria cami came out that was sort of like a silky cami with a turtleneck effect, I knew it was going to be on my favorites list. I have work this alone, under sweaters, under cardigans, and generally been giddy anytime I pull it out--makes me wonder, do I need a backup?

With apron for Christmas party...(CREEPY photo)

With Heather Wheat Merino cardigan...

Ivory on ivory sweater with weird hair...

Sorry for all the photos but it was funny to look through pics and realize how often I wore certain things!

Honorable mentions go to: Dream Open Cardigan in Heather Graphite, Zoey platinum tank layered with almost anything, and cashmere turtlenecks in Blade Green and Dark Peony. Also Academy Pants!

What items are your favorites? What items did you find yourself reaching for time and time again, even as a surprise?


  1. Love the victoria! I have the exact same one, but haven't worn it. I kept thinking how I will wash it without ruining the pleats. I don;t know if my drycleaner would be able to press the pleats. Can you tell me how you wash it?


  2. The Victoria is fantastic on you!


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