Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Few Other New Arrivals...

Popped into another B&M store today to do some returns and saw a few more of the new arrivals that I hadn't seen earlier this week....

First, random cotton tank dress...
This one had a pretty pleating on the tank straps. I didn't even put it on as I knew I would look pregnant in it, ha , but wanted to pass it along to you guys! It also came in a pink, and I believe it was under $100.

Travel Trench in Navy
I tried on the 8 in this jacket, leading me to believe the jacket is fairly true to size. I really liked the shape and length of the jacket. I think I am going to keep an eye on the price of this one as I imagine it will come down. One funny thing was the belt for the jacket seemed almost comically long. Once I buckled it the tail end of the belt wound almost all the way around to my back--at least i knew it wouldn't flap around, as it slipped into one of the loops, but it was a bit odd.

Here it is open with the belt looped in the back...

Belted ( sorry for the weird pics, the lighting makes me look ghosty!) the buttons a lot...

Annie Cami
When I first saw this on JCA from the magazine page, I really was looking forward to seeing it. I really like the neckline petals, but something about the shape just didn't work for me. The narrowness at the shoulders widened into sort of a square shape on the body. Oh well they aren't all winners! This is not the spearmint, but more of a light clover. Sorry I didn't get the color code!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Personally, I like the tank on you. What size is it, plesase?


  2. Just an FYI about the trench. It isn't meant to be buckled, but tied. That is why the belt is so long. Hope that helps!

  3. I just found your blog and I love do a terrific job of offering lots of insight, but remaining entertaining and down to earth!

  4. Fun new blog! Thanks for posting great pics. FYI, the travel trench is $148 online and I read (on the JCA blog) that the 30% off *is* working on "sale" items, such as the trench. Might be a good time to snatch it up for $100. HTH!

  5. Hi everyone! Forgot to say, the tank is a 6 on me--I instinctively sized down on this one....

  6. Liz: I picked up the Travel Trench & absolutely love it. B&M is honoring web price & my store was almost sold out of navy. I noticed this a.m. it's basically gone in Dune on the website. Thanks for the pictures!

  7. I also tried on the dress in the store, and it was pretty awful! I looked pregnant, as you mentioned. The bust line was not flattering for the belly or the backside. Definitely pass! Just though I would pass that along :)

  8. Thanks for posting the pix, you are very helpful and your blog is entertaining too.

  9. Love your blog! We are about the same size, and I love seeing how the clothes look on you! Keep posting!


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