Monday, January 26, 2009

Work in Progress: Martin + Osa

I didn't mean to make this blog so clothes-focused, but more variety is sure to come. I wanted to take a moment for a quick post about Martin + Osa. M+O is a fairly new brand by American Eagle, sort of a "refined classics" with a preppy casual vibe. Plus, they were a couple that were American explorers. Who wouldn't want to hang out with Martin and his gal Osa? Plus that means the dressing rooms have a rustic lodge feel--bonus.

I first noticed M+O a little over a year ago, and there is a store in a mall near me, as well as a great website (, natch). I feel like they are still working on their product line and sizing, but there have been some really great things I have noticed over the last year:

Free Shipping (I noticed this is now only over $125)
Free Returns
Great Website
GREAT Promotions--30% off Everything, 30% off Sale, Friends & Family

I have found a few favorite items there as well. One favorite--Cashmere ScoopNeck Sweater...comes in great colors and Great lean flattering shape. Through sales and stuff I have picked some up for under $40...original price is $140. They always have lots of colors and I believe I have amassed three of these as basics. I have worn with JCrew Elizabeth Cami in Clover under the navy scoop with brown Tenley boots, its one of my favorite outfits. Current price $79.

I also just got their Wool Trench Black Coat, marked down and with a promotion for about $70, which is a steal for a black wool coat. The fit is again long and lean with pewtery buttons and epaulets (is that what they are called??) and is belted. The one funny thing--this coat has no pockets. There are flap faux pockets, but no place to put your hands. Let me tell you you will never realize how often you use coat pockets until they aren't there. Where to put your money on the way to the Taco Truck? Where to slide your ipod in as you commute? Where to jam your hands as you wonder how SF is so much colder than advertised? Quite the situation. This is just a little part of things I know M+O will work out.

Apparently there is only a Large in Red left, but its cute and $79!

**Just noticed the website says there are "front flap pockets"--I will check but if there are those things are really sewn tight.

Other faves to check out in the sale section:

Starry Midnight Peacoat
Wool Herringbone Washed Scarf

A note on the sizing--I have been more of a Medium over the last 6 months, but I definitely need a Large in the Cashmere Scoop. On the other side, I ordered the Osa Straight jean on a whim when they were under $20 (GREAT by the way) and fit in the 30 when all my other jeans are 31. Might have to try some things out but there are deals and fun styles to be found!


  1. This is a really cute store! I have never seen it before. There isn't one near me, and I'm a little nervous to order online from a store that is brand new to me, but the stuff looks really cute and the prices are good. Maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks for introducing me!!

  2. I've ordered a few things from M+O (some for me, some for hubby) and I have to say the quality is fantastic!

  3. There's a M+O not too far away but I've never checked it out. I think I will have to try it later this week if the snow/ice ever melt. Thanks for the great info!


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