Friday, January 23, 2009

Polyvore Paper Dolls

One of the things I have been thinking about a lot with the recent tightening of budgets is thinking of new ways to wear the clothes that are ALREADY in my closet. I find myself reaching for the same things over and over instead of creating new combinations and making old things new again.

Polyvore is an AMAZING tool for putting together outfits online. I found myself a bit lost in the pages and pages of items--in other words it sucked away hours of my life and I still put on a black turtleneck with jeans the next day--one of my default uniforms.

So, one day I got some inspiration to put together my own polyvore sets right with my clothes that I could touch and combine. I tried on different outfits and then tried to build multiple sets around one item. For example, I took a sweater dress and made a casual set, a dressy set, and a layered set:

Then I just snapped a photo of my outfits so I would feel like I had tons of options right at my fingertips.

I have been so inspired by other bloggers great Polyvore sets and seeing them in real life. Does anyone have any great ideas for how to be inspired by the items currently in their closet?


  1. Love what you've done! The same thought has crossed my mind recently after seeing everyone's cute polyvores (especially FFM's) but I find myself seizing up in a bit of paralyzing shock everytime I open the closet doors and attempt it! I don't think I've got any more clothes than the avg girl on here (okay would probably help if I could actually see everything i have), but its like I don't know where to begin! Outside of the basic pairing (top, bottom, shoes), I'm not quite sure how to add that extra oomph to take it to the next stylish/glamorous step.

    So I usually end up reaching for my fave outfit, jeans & t-shirt with cardigan, even while I continue to stock up on beautiful JC items.

    I also have a problem with not wearing enough of my 'good' stuff at home, choosing to lounge around instead in the same ol pjs I've had for years (to my DH's dismay), and saving the better part of my closet for work / outings. Except I find myself staying at home more in this current economic environment...

    Would love to hear any advice / tips!


  2. P.S. Which sweater set (casual, dressy, layered) is shown in the photo? Would you be able to post an example of all three? Thanks!

  3. I like your irl outfit looks. I have that BR sweater dress also. I simply love it as it is so very soft. I thought the little gold buttons were different on heather grey. It made me do my accessories a little different.

    I went with green and gold jade accessories,multicolored tweed belted blazer and tan boots/purse combo. I was shocked at the turn out and several friends said they loved the green with the heather grey.
    Keep doing those irl sets. I really enjoy yours and polyvores.

  4. In the top photo towards the left side you have an adorable pair of black shoes (with gold insole), can you tell me who makes them? I adore!


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