Saturday, January 24, 2009

JCrew New Arrivals Update

Thanks to everyone for your comments on the new arrivals! I wanted to post an update that answered any of your questions.

The Shawl Collar sweater was $98. I really liked the sweater and I will be keeping an eye on it--it had some great heft and I think it would look cute with shorts even on a summer evening. When I first put it on, I thought it was all cotton (which made me worry it would stretch out), but with cashmere blended in, it seemed to have a nicer feel and stability.

Overall the price points seemed slightly more reasonable--I didn't seem to notice any prices over $100, which could be both a switch for the current economy or also because spring items are lighter than winter items--what are you all noticing on pricing?

I found these at the SF Center store--I switch between that and the Walnut Creek store. Both I think are great with kind salespeople! Always have fairly good stock as well as good sale items.

The pencil skirt I tried on was a floral print, but it appeared to be the same fabric and cut as the Lattice pencil skirt. I would say its similar to the Double Serge pencil, maybe cut a bit slimmer, but the fabric has some give. The other skirt I had in the dressing room was the Gold Lame pleated skirt on sale. I have to finally admit that pleated a-line skirts are tricky for me. Just a bad look on me. Oh well. good for my wallet!

And thanks for the different opinions on the Keegan and the ruffle tank. Its so great and interesting to hear that some liked and item and some didn't. I think I will put these items on my "watch list"--things I keep an eye on in price and in the store, and even on other blogs. This way I found out if they come down in price and how people are wearing them. Regarding the Keegan, I do like the details, but the length is a concern for me--my bottom half has always been my problem area and cropped jackets are in the category of items that make me nervous.

Overall I liked the items at the store but there were very few that I HAD to have. I am more of a fall/winter clothes lover, but I like seeing how I can make items last through multiple seasons.

Thanks everyone for your input!

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