Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Real Life Pics: Corsage Tee

Just wanted to post these couple of pics of the Perfect Fit Corsage Tee from the dressing room a few days ago. I liked this tee but I wouldn't say I adored it as I originally thought I would. I think that the reason there was no adoration was that I didn't have a standout favorite of the colors I tried on. The ivory color was really more of a Natural/Putty than I thought it would be--had a more antiquey feel than the crispness I was looking for.

I also was in between sizes on this tee--the medium, which I tried on, fit pretty well but I would have to never put it in the dryer and be careful with how I layered it. The Large was a bit loose but I would probably be able to dry and be a bit more comfortable in it. I ended up picking up the Beechwood color seen here on my way out--I will take pics of this one and post.

The Breeze blue was pretty but I wasn't in love with the color.

I brought home the Large in the Beechwood and the Medium in the Natural (slated for my sister) to try on again at home once more this week. Have you tried on this shirt? What do you think?


  1. I was between sizes too so I went w/ the larger one so that I can wash AND dry it w/out the worry of it shrinking & being too tight/small! The tee looks great on you~ I always enjoy seeing your IRL pictures because we are about the same size(s)!

  2. I really like this tee on you! I ended up getting the size small (i have pics on my blog too). Even though it isn't as substantial as other tees, I wasn't disappointed in the fabric. To be quite honest, I'd prefer it in a thinner fabric during the hot Southern summers :) Would've loved for this to come in some other, more VIBRANT colors. A teal perhaps? Yellows? Blues? The lavender is nice but still too pale for me!

  3. I picked up the Beechwood, Dark Mushroom and Navy colors at my B&M over the weekend - and I haven't tried them on yet (maybe I should do that!) It looks super-cute on you! I actually love the breeze color...mayhaps I'll have to go back and make an exchange. Thanks for the IRL pics!

  4. I have the Breeze in Small, which was a bit snug initially but stretched quite nicely to fit perfect. I am in love with the scoop neck on this! It's pretty universally flattering.
    The only real downside for me is the fact that if you wear a cardigan or anything at all, it completely covers the corsage detailing!

  5. I love the shirt on you...and actually just went out to J Crew to try it on. Didn't like it nearly as much on me! I would go for the smaller size. They always stretch!


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