Tuesday, April 14, 2009

JCrew Bow Skirt Real Life Pics

These pics are from a couple weeks ago, but I realized I never posted them. Here are some real life pics of the new pencil "bow" skirt currently in stores.

I chose to try on the blue which is more of a tealy blue than a straight turquoise. It has a lot of green in it--moreso than the pics indicate. I tried the skirt in a size 10...I don't think I would go smaller in the skirt. I liked the fabric, but it does have a wrinkle effect.

For me the skirt was cute but a little too "precious" for me, made the bow look like a bow on a present (not the look I am going for). Also, at over $100, it would be too pricey to add to my wardrobe.

Scary back view....

What do you think of this skirt? Have you tried it on? Look forward to your opinion on this skirt in general!


  1. I am new to reading your blog and love the mix of topics!

    I have tried on the skirt in a size 8, but in the orange, and loved the color.. Just not the fabric or the 'back end' effect either. I have the gladiola print pencil skirt and love it's structure, along with the fact that the print hides anything I don't like!

    You can do better =)

  2. The skirt looks great on you! I really like the whole outfit, too, so fresh and pretty. A Keagan jacket would complete the look.

    I love this skirt, got it in the Tropical Aqua, but I agree the backside would have benefitted from a lining.

    It's funny, but I really like the color of the skirt as it appears in your pix, almost more than the actual color. I'd like to see JCrew crank out a few more color choices for summer, maybe a Bright Tulip and a Fresh Mint.


  3. I think it looks very cute on you. Thsi color and orange are my faves. Agree on teh price though, might pick it up when the $$ comes down.:)Thank you for the pics- fun to see things IRL.

  4. I love the skirt, but just think it needs to be a little bit shorter. My hubby says I look like an accountant when I try on knee length skirts like this. :(

  5. I think you look lovely!! I am thinking very covetous thoughts about this skirt...

  6. It's such a cute skirt, but the wrinkle factor could totally deter me - i would be constantly worrying about how it looked every time I stood up and that would totally make me self-conscious. Like the idea of waiting for sale, though.

    So excited to find another member of the Tribe! I was Class of 1993, so thanks, I feel old now. :) Drop me a line at heidigblog at verizon dot net, and we can chat Cheese Shop and DOG Street...

  7. I love it. I got it in the tropical aqua in a size 4, usually wear a 6, but it seemed to run large to me. Looks cute w/ white cami, and michelle cardi in dark taupe. Love how the orange looked on Joyce's blog. Its super cute.


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