Friday, April 3, 2009

Need Help: Bria Cami

Hi all,

Quick post to ask for suggestions. I actually own two Bria camis, the Champagne and the Pink. They are so pretty and I really love the stiffer silk. I think these will look really pretty in the summer, but I am struggling with how to layer them in chillier weather.

The neck ruffle is gorgeous, but the line of it kinda makes it difficult to wear with a cardigan. Do you think I should pair with a crewneck cardi? A VNeck cardi like the Michelle? (I have tried this and took it off cause it didn't look right to me) What colors with these? Should I try a shrunken blazer instead? Or even a pullover sweater?

What are your ideas? Am I out of luck til summer?


  1. I love the look of this top with a tartine cardigan (the merino ones with the chiffon ruffle at the neckline). It looks nice under the cardigan. :) Good luck!

  2. Hello, I own the pink one and love wearing it with the navy blue dream tie cardigan. HTH
    I enjoy reading your blog!

  3. - What about under a scoopneck sweater, like one of those M&O ones?
    - Under a wrap-sweater (the kind that fits like a robe and you tie with a sash)
    - Under the Library shawl cardi -- I think either could look cute under the pewter with white or reg. blue jeans.
    - Under one of the deep v-neck pullover wool sweaters... think the pink could look cute under Navy or Grey and the champagne would look great under a Black one.

    Those are all the ideas I have for now... good luck. :)

  4. Good ideas from MsMer. You can also wear it underneath a blazer with the ruffles peeking out or not.


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