Thursday, April 16, 2009

Favorite LOST Tibbits: 4/15/09

I loved this episode because it made me laugh, made me think, but didn't make my brain feel like a puddle on the floor. If you haven't watched yet, don't read below as it may be a Spoiler!

Now for some of my favorite tidbits from the all-wonderful Doc Jensen!

"if you recall, last season we had that business about an Oceanic 815 cover-up, with a plane loaded with corpses found at the bottom of the ocean. In ''Meet Kevin Johnson,'' Mr. Friendly showed Michael all sorts of stuff — including photos of an exhumed cemetery — that he claimed was proof that Charles Widmore was behind the hoax wreckage. So: Did Big Tom kill Felix and swipe his stuff? Or is it possible that Charles Widmore wasn't behind Oceanic 815 cover-up at all, that it was actually Ben who was behind it, and that Felix was killed to prevent him from reporting the scheme to Widmore?"

"Miles was abducted en medias fish taco by goons led by a guy named Bram, the same gung-ho creep who was seen assisting Ilana's Hydra Station take-over last episode." ( I KNEW it!!!)

"Last season, when Ghost Charlie visited Hurley at the mental hospital, he was sporting a cool T-shirt with a scary-looking fish on it. Did you catch the image on Miles' flashback T-shirt? A shark. Interesting that the episode would go out of its way to make a distinction between Miles and Hurley — and then include a detail that links Miles and Charlie. Now, assuming the Miles/Hurley thing wasn't just pure comedy (which it probably was) and that the Miles/Charlie thing wasn't just a coincidence (which it probably was), then what exactly was Lost trying to imply? Could it be that one of Talks-To-Dead-People guys can do what they do because one of them is actually (gulp) dead himself? If this was The Sixth Sense, then which one was Bruce Willis and which one was Haley Joel Osment?" (NOT sure about this one.....)

What did you think about last night's episode? Are you sad there is no new episode next week? Can you believe there are only 3 episodes left in the season? Sound off here!!


  1. I am loving Lost this season!
    I love how everything is connected and people reemerge and story lines that you have forgotten about, come back. It can make you feel really smart and really dumb.
    I try not to theorize too much, and just enjoy it. Having said that, I meet every Thursday with my friend over coffee so we can analyze each episode!
    Only three more sad.

  2. I am also loving Lost! I had stopped watching in Seasons 2/3 but came back season. I loved how Hurley and Miles play off of each other. BUT I am pretty sick of longing silent stairs with corny dramatic music right before every commercial break.

  3. I love the show but feel sometimes sooo confused.. I think I have to start reading the blog on Lost just to comprehend everything that's going on. I am definitely not so attuned to details as you are, so thank you so much for pinting the little things out.


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