Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On Being a Fan...Good News, bad News

Went to the Red Sox//Oakland A's game last night in Oakland.

Good news: We got to see the Sox Live last night.

Bad News: They got beat bad. Lester got roughed up.

Good News: Towards the End of the 8th Inning, lots of people had left so we tried to move down along the rail to take a picture. Got really close, no one stopped us, game was about over and people moving around everywhere... Snapped a pic. Saw Youkilis getting ready to bat in the 9th.

Bad News: Youkilis hit a foul ball into the section we were taking the pic in. It rolled to the front where we were taking the picture and hit Hubs in the foot. Hubs picked it up and handed it to me. Guest Services there in five seconds as people start to boo us and kicked us out and people yelled obscenities ("Go Home Red Sox B*tch!!") at me as we left the area.

Good News: I kept the ball. Fluke foul ball from Youkilis who is hitting over .500 while the team is still dozing? Here’s hoping its a good luck charm.

I really felt bad--I should have handed the ball to a kid but we had been down there for literally 1 minute and I had no time to react or look around when the Guest Services lady asked us what we were doing there (she didn't care til the ball rolled into us!). I am going to have to repay Oakland and the baseball gods somehow.

In the meantime, I am choosing to embrace the amazing luck that we happened to be taking a pic right where the ball stopped rolling at the exact right moment for Youkilis' foul to make it into my hands. With the team having a slow start--I am hoping this is a sign. Honestly I have to tell myself this in order to push away the sting of being taunted :( For over six years living here, Hubs and I always find ourselves as "Away" fans everywhere we go--football, baseball, etc--and there are many moments that make me miss New England but this was another one--being amongst your fellow fans.

I hope the team can pick it up and I hope I am forgiven haha. I know its silly but the taunting bothered me.

Now ball--bring some good luck! Go Sox!


  1. I wish my hubby was here so we could take a road trip to watch the Sox...as long as we get to see them, it's ok! Though I do understand what you mean about being with fellow fans. There's nothing like being in Fenway and seeing everybody else wearing the "uniform", and of course, being there for the seventh inning stretch!

  2. I'm actually shocked that you got such a ridiculous response from people. Perhaps you ought to have reminded them that it was a family game. ;)

    Great luck getting a Youk-ball!

    And the boys need to pick it up a bit. I know they're getting in the swing of things, and they still have 5 months, but I'd rather have them ahead, comfortably so, for the rest of the season.

  3. that is very cool you got the foul ball! i would have kept it too :)

    and yes the boys will pick it up eventually... it's early, we'd all like to see them get ahead now, but they'll break out of this soon.


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