Thursday, April 23, 2009

Loving my new: Lovely Links Bracelet

Lately I feel like a dealhunter...always looking for things on sale, using my JCrew Red Card, not paying full price. Its saving me money as well as making me really excited about certain purchases.

A few weeks ago I saw the Lovely Links bracelet at my Jcrew, and sadly heard it was $78. No can do. I was really smitten with the rosy pink link in it. I'm not sure if any of you have gone thru this, but I feel like I NEVER wear pink anymore, whereas 4 years ago pink was like my signature color. I think I simply OD'ed on it and now I scale much more towards to blue, green tones with forays into orange and yellow.

Anyway, something about that pinky link was like a beacon from my Rosy Days, and I really.wanted.that bracelet. Last week I discovered it was on sale for supposedly $39.99...I called many stores but everyone sadly said "sold out!". I was visiting a store this weekend, one that I had called, and there it was! For $29.99 + 25% off! Wahoo!

I decided to wear it today with the Persimmon Merino cardi--I love pink and coral together. Here are the outfit elements:
Tee: Puff sleeve slub tee in Natural
Jeans: JCrew High Heeled Flares
Cardi: Merino Glass Button in Persimmon (Fall 08)
Trench: BR Trench on Sale
Shoe: BR Selma Stripe Gray Flat shown here (polyvore has a substitute)

I know I really am a Polyvore amateur, but I wanted to show how I built an (albeit basic) outfit around the Lovely Links.

Do any of you have this bracelet, or the coordinating necklace?


  1. Love the orangey coral sweater with the pink and mauvy-brown(?) colors of the bracelet!

    I am stalking the lovely links necklace... I don't have it yet but hope that it can be mine in the near future. Of course I need to try it on in real life to make sure it looks good on me, but I can't be bothered with those details just now! ;-)

  2. The Polyvore looks great! Love the outfit, love that you built it around the bracelet!! Enjoy it - fantastic deal!!

  3. Yes i bought it too on sale :)
    the necklace is on sale debating whether i should get it


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